Singing reality shows need to end


It was recently announced that NBC was looking into picking up the dead ship called American Idol and bringing it back up from its shallow grave. For those who have literally been living under a rock for the last year, American Idol ended its dumpster fire like show last April by crowning the last American Idol, who realistically wasn’t an idol because most Americans didn’t watch the show. This raised much questions into what will become of “The Voice,” who’s ratings are currently down to begin with. And I have the perfect solution to the both issue: Drop both shows and move on.

Ever since people realized that they can get famous online, singing shows like that have been becoming more and more obsolete. The only reason “America’s Got Talent,” which should be cancelled to begin with, is that it’s more than just singing. There is more to offer there. American reality shows like that aren’t popular anymore. Look at the United States’ version of “The X Factor,” it’s extremely popular in other countries. The U.K. Version has been going strong since 2004. But it was an utter failure here in the States. The reason the American version didn’t last because there was too many reality shows in the market of singing competition, also because it was rather confusing. There was multiple categories with each judge having one but yet there was one winner. Didn’t make sense if you had no background info into how it worked. There wasn’t a way to get the causal viewer flipping through the commercials to get into the show.  You go to “American Idol” and “The Voice” and you get all competing for the same goal with no categories. Simple and make sense to everyone, including people flipping through channels. The American version of “The X Factor” should have adapted more to fit the audience.

Perfect example is when Big Brother came over from across the pond. The first season was literally taken from the British version of the game. The rating sucked because there was nothing keeping the viewers invested into the show. So for the second season, they add the HOH, Head of Household, competition and such and it became a hit and so much more interesting. There was a reason to get invested into the show because it got more drama and you wanted to see the backstabbing and the gameplay.

NBC needs to cut their losses and just move on and forget about picking up the dead ship. They just to focus on making “The Voice” more interesting because let’s be real for a moment: how many times can you see them flip their chairs around before it gets old.  “American Idol” was a good show for a couple of seasons, but shows need to adapt and change it up in order to stay competitive in the ratings. “Idol” never did that. The concept grew old and it would never survive in this day and age again, no matter who is the judges.

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Rated R for Really For Kids


So apparently there was an uproar caused when parents decided to take their children to see the movie “Deadpool” without actually looking at the rating for it….yeah.

Incase you have lived under a rock for the past couple of week/months, the movie starring Ryan Reynolds has an Rated because it’s full of nudity, swearing, violence, and other things that maybe you shouldn’t be showing kids. It holds nothing back and it’s amazing, if you are 17+. So now the parents that are probably the reason that we have such strict ratings, are bitching a holy fit because they didn’t know what the hell they were taking their kids to.

So instead of just “taking one for the team” and pushing under the rug because it’s rather bad that you don’t know what you are taking your child to see, they started a petition to get a PG-13 version of the movies so their children can see it too.

I’m a 24-year-old adult who is tired of having watered down version of things because “it’s for the children.” It ruins many things because it alienates people and ruins the chance for great movies to get sequels because they didn’t make any money. Leave the freaking movie alone and let it be rated R. Your child will probably still want to see the movie when they are legally allowed to watch Rated R movies (there were movies that I wanted to see when I was younger but couldn’t because of the rating. I watched them as an adult.)

Moral of the Story: Stop ruining the world for us adults because your whiny children want to see something that isn’t for them.

American Idol won’t be making back to Hollywood


After a decade on the air, “American Idol” will be ending it’s decade run on FOX after it airs its 15th season next year.  But this really isn’t a shocker due to the lackluster ratings and it being a huge suck fest for years.  Can you name the last good season of American Idol? Can you name the recent winners? We can somewhat name the judges because of there is always so much drama between them and the American Idol judges seems to be the island of misfit judges.

There judges never seemed to make sense after the original three judges, which slightly made more sense because two of them where producers and one danced with a cartoon cat in the 80’s. They also blended well with each other. Their personalities complimented each other perfectly. Simon Cowell was brash, Paula Abdul was the kind one, and Randy Jackson was the calm relaxed one. Simon and Paula got into fights while Randy told everyone “Yo, dawg! That was tight, really tight!” It was magic–pure magic. That is one of the reason Idol lost it’s spark.

I hope the final season is something like “The Battle of the Idols” where all the previous idols compete for the title of “the American Idol.” That would be hardcore.


Glee goes in a “New Direction”

Glee 6x01-2

Well, the end is here!!! The countdown to the final episode of everyone’s favorite show to hate-Glee. FOX decided to move it to the Friday night death slot and give us two hours Glee to make up for it. Those two hours were very emotional. So let’s break down those two hours.

Hour 1: Loser Like Me
The show opened up with Rachel Berry pretty much becoming a failure and a laughing-stock of the entertainment world and Lima. From this point on, it became a sob fest. It’s pretty much a “Boo, my life sucks” Rachel episode on steroids. It’s just like 50x times more depressing because it’s not over a guy but because her dreams were smashed in a matter of a few months. But as the episode gets closer towards the end, it starts to get a little more preppier and then it comes to where Rachel takes over the Glee by using the money she earned from her failed TV show pilot…and Glee reboots itself again…but this time, it’s ran by Rachel Berry.

The music in the episode was okay. Lea Michele’s version of “Let it Go” was amazing. She slayed that song. It was really one of the only songs that stood out in the first hour. The other ones were ehhhhhhh.


Hour 2: Homecoming

The second hour was Glee at it’s finest. It was almost like season 5 never happened. Don’t get me wrong, Season 5 wasn’t the worst thing in the world. This episode was like it in like a wrecking ball with Season 1 and 2 riding on. It was rather good. It also for the first time since season 3 that they introduced characters that I didn’t want to face punch because they weren’t trying to recreate the characters that graduated (let’s be real: Kitty is pretty much the only likable one).  It also gave us a great looks at the newbies personalities. I just wished they would sing a little more than they did. It also gave us great hope in rest of the season. I also wish that it didn’t focus so much on Rachel and Kurt and their. It would have been nice to catch up with the rest of the cast as they were slightly featured in the episode for McKinley’s homecoming.

The music in this episode was pretty much amazing. I would highly recommend download it because it’s amazing. They are all stand outs.


Overall, Hour 2 of Glee was a way better episode than the first hour. Hour 2 just made me want to re-watch all of my favorite Glee episodes and such.

Rating for Loser like Me: 3.5 slushies out of 5

Rating for Homecoming: 4 slushies out of 5


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