Run, Mario, Run!


It’s been almost a month since Nintendo debut the app “Super Mario Run” on all iOS devices and it’s time to finally put down my feeling and views on it. So let’s run deep into the first mobile game that the Japanese gaming empire has made.

“Super Mario Run” is your average Mario game just simplified due to how much space is on a phone compared to an actual gaming system. It’s also the same story that you would expect because the storyline is decades old. Princess Peach can apparently do more than get kidnapped and baked a cake. She invited Mario to come get a piece, which is code for she was a thirsty. So Mario runs because he’s so excited to taste her “cake” and the dumb bitch ends up getting kidnapped by Browser, who is obsessed with her. This is all happening in the tutorial by the way. At the end of the tutorial, Browser blows up the kingdom and ends up sending all of Mario’s help somewhere that wasn’t explained.

The goal of the game to rebuild the kingdom, bring all the mushroom people back as well as Mario’s brother Luigi, and to save the goddamn princess. There is two different modes: Tour and Toad Rally.

Tour Mode is where the game is familiar. You play through all the levels, first three are free, and make your way through to save the Peach. There are six worlds with the goal of each level to is to collect the 15 colored coins, which you have to get in groups of five. The only benefit to this, besides it’s the most fun, is that all the levels you pass go into Toad Rally and you can play as the bitch that can fight off Link in Smash Bros. but can’t stop Browser from kidnapping her ass.

mobile_supermariorun_ipadpro_screenshot-only_05Toad Rally is where you collect mushroom people as fans by beating other from all aroundthe world in a race to collect coins. The more mushroom people you collect, you unlock the other three characters (which Browser isn’t one of them!) and level up your Kingdom. Oh yeah, you can purchase things to make your Kingdom unique. You can by mushroom homes, poles for the mushroom to play on and no, I’m not making that up.Sure it’s a flag pole, but you can’t keep those mushroom off the pole.

The game is a very fun game, it just gets boring after a while. There’s nothing there to keep you playing once you save Peach. Sure, you can collect colored coins and unlock special levels when you collect them all, but that’s rather difficult sometimes and it’s annoying. The Toad Rally is fun to a point but then all the levels are all the same. Literally, there are times when you will play the same level back to back.

The idea is there and it’s a fun game when you are bored but other than that, it’s not really that fun. The fact that Browser isn’t a playable character but a newly introduced character is hurts the game. I don’t play as the female toad and mainly play as Luigi because let’s be real-he’s the true badass of the game. “Super Mario Run” is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. 2: The North American Release, which wasn’t a very fun game. Overall, the game is suffers from lack of content that keeps people coming back.


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Gaming Corner: G4, Xbox One, PS4….OUYA?

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I know what you may be thinking- What the heck is this doing on here? Well, welcome to gaming corner! The one spot online where we are talking about the gaming news that matters to me and probably only a few of you. While most of this is a few weeks/months late, it’s still news!! Here we go!!


Announced on May 21, The Xbox One is the successor to the extremely successful Xbox 360. It is pretty much the most confusing console at the moment. From the fact that it may/may not/probably does have to be connection to the interwebs to how the heck is the used gaming marketing going to work when each game have to be installed to be use, the gaming community hasn’t appreciated that Microsoft has been so secretive(aka confusing) with the deets on this console. Many people have dissed the aspect of the Xbox One because it seems like more of an entertainment console and not a gaming console due to its capability to be a DVR,and a Blu-Ray Player. People also didn’t even like the fact that the Kinect has to be connected at all time. They also stated at the press conference that you wouldn’t be able to play 360 games on the Xbox One, which is pretty much a deal breaker for most people.

I find some of these things to be pretty sweet but I want to know more about before I decided on whether I want to spent my hard-earned money on it. I was hoping that they would announce more with it but I was somewhat happy with what they did. I’m not a big fan of the look of it though. It looks like they took the body of the Xbox 360S, flattened it, and called it a new name. The paddle is something that I feel like you need to use to judge it but I think it would be a good move for Microsoft if they were to make a 360 style controller so they don’t alienate the people who like the paddle of the 360.


Announced earlier in 2013, PlayStation 4 has so far taken the excitement of the gaming community due it’s cool controller design and it’s basically being a totally remodel console with a new interface that used to suck. It will be able to broadcast games on Ustream (I’m not sure why that sounds exciting.)

Not a lot is known about the PS4’s actual look but so far it sounds cool. I used to have a PS2 but I think that so far, I’ll be looking into getting a PS4. Mainly so I can have the ability to stream games on a site that I will never ever use or go on.



OUYA (Photo credit: Urustar)

No, it’s not that board game that you use to talk to dead people. It’s actually a brand new game console that is pretty much a gamers dream. It can play ROMS, virtual version of video games, that you can install yourself or get in their extensive library. It’s due to be out later this month but it seems to be like the next generation on virtual gaming.

While this is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a while, I don’t think that this piece of hardware will be as cool as it looks. But one can hope that they can improve on this as times goes on.

G4 is No More

English: G4 logo

G4 logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While this is pretty much the oldest news in the article, It just hit me because I watch this channel when I’m not at school (Mount Union got rid of it and it made me sad). G4 is basically no longer a channel. It was turned into Esquire Network and was supposed to change in April 23, 2013 but it got pushed back to this month. Since it was supposed to end in April, All of their original programming was canned in January and all that is left of the channel is a bunch of rerun of Ninja Warrior and Cops (sounds like a wonderful time and there is a joke in there somewhere).

This pretty much breaks my heart because I actually enjoyed shows on their like “Attack of The Show!”. Granted you could tell that it was running out of steam, but it still had quality shows with people I didn’t want to punch in the face. I think that they shouldn’t have canceled all the original programming because I would have enjoyed hearing their on-air personalities opinions on the latest gaming news and what not. The channel that gave us Olivia Munn couldn’t have been that bad! I would also like to state that the fact that since all that is play is Ninja Warrior and Cop reruns, this makes me want to watch Esquire Network even more, especially when they run promos at least 3 times during a 30 minute show. Congrats goes out to you NBCUniversial, you pretty much made me hate you a little more. I still haven’t forgiven you for giving the world shows that are just utterly pointless like “Smash”!

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