Pop Project Explains: ‘Glee’ and how ridiculous it was


Don’t Stop Believin’…I didn’t know what else to put here

With the new show “Rise” bringing back a television show that focuses on musical theater, I thought it was time to reminisce and talk about the OG show.  No, I’m not going to discuss “Fame” because frankly, the only good part of “Fame” was the 1980 movie that starts it all. We are going to discuss “Glee,” or as I will be calling it “The Lea Michele Show.” Welcome to another edition of “Pop Project Explains.”


If you are new to how “Pop Project Explains” works, I pretty much just tell it like it is. I honestly look at something and just make fun of the ridiculous that it is. Click the link above to read more about them. If you are looking for my past “Glee” articles, click here because I did a lot of them. So let’s dive into it now.

What is Glee?

“Glee” follows an overly pushy Jewish girl with two gay dads named Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele. She has big dreams and is a borderline sociopath While she does get better and more likable as the show goes on, it’s all about her and what she wants. She steals the head cheerleaders boyfriend, only helps people in order for her to shine, sends a girl to a crack house because she’s worried about getting the spotlight over her; the list just goes on.

“Glee” takes place at William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. Apparently, no one on the show has ever been to Ohio because I’ve never seen a show less like Ohio. Like they have outdoor hallways and lunchrooms. How does a school have outdoor hallways when the weather is unpredictable like Cardi B? Also, how does a Ohio public school afford this?

The show is pretty much just built around Rachel. There’s plenty of other character but they just there. Sure, sometimes they get the time to shine but it’s not as much as Rachel. They even point this out repeatedly through the series but nothing happens about it. And the best part is that the teachers just let it happen. Sure, Rachel is extremely talented but let others shine. Even after she graduated it was still all about her.

The true stars of the show were the McKinley High Jazz Band and their Pianist. They must be a bunch of musical geniuses because they could play any sort of song or genre at a drop of a dime. They would literally just walk up to the front of the classroom and then start singing. The band just knew what song to play. Why are they wasting their talents on playing for a show choir?

For the majority of “Glee” existence, they complained about the budget they had but yet they did overly beautifully produce numbers that they never performed at any of the competitions. They did a mashup of the theme from “Singin’ in the Rain” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” It was full on raining on stage while they were performing. How can you not afford buses to sectionals? Also, where is the school board stepping in to look at this? There so much more money going toward useless performances that could have gone towards something else. 

I hope this helped explain “Glee” more to you. I also hope you realize how ridiculous this show was. Good show, just a bit too much. If you haven’t seen “Glee,” I highly recommend it.

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NBC’s new show ‘Rise’ hits some high notes…and some flat ones

Don’t Stop Believin’

It’s been three years since “Glee” ended it’s run. The show introduced the world into how cool it was to be different, and to be yourself. It also made everyone and their brother want to join either musical theatre and/or show choir. Now, we have a gritty show that shows what musical theatre is really about. Here’s a gif that shows my reaction when it reminded me of “Glee” within five minutes:

“Rise” follows a high school drama teacher that takes over the department and wants to break barriers and shake up the social ecosystem. The show itself is based on a true story but it felt too close to what “Glee” was. Literally, the first episode was set up the same as “Glee” first episode was. I noticed it within the first ten minutes. You’re going to get that because it’s literally the same premise. A high school teacher tried to get students to break out of social norms and follow their hearts. It also doesn’t help that both advisors for the groups are extremely passionate about glee club and musical theatre. 

As a fan of “Glee,” I think it was rather too soon to try to capture what “Glee” brought to mainstream media and pop culture. Where “Glee” shined, “Rise” doesn’t seem to rise up to all that it can be. The pilot was rushed and really didn’t make sense. There are parts that are you can really see happening and then there are parts that would never happen in high school. Would high school student start a full-on rap verse during a pep rally?

There’s also just too much going on. Every character in the show has some sort of drama. If it wasn’t all shown in one episode, it the premiere would have been way better. Literally, you got every single character’s back story. Because of this, there wasn’t any satisfying conclusion to the premiere. It just felt like “oh, this happened.”

When I watched “Rise,” it felt like I watched it all before because it was set up like “Glee.” It tried too hard to not be like “Glee” when it should have been somewhere in the middle. Sure, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting new singles every fucking episode, which was annoying and grand at the same time, but it would be nice to hear some of the songs and if they will be any good. “Rise” just feels like a more mature and adult version of “Glee.”

It doesn’t have the magic of what “Glee” gave us and it takes itself a little too seriously. It’s fucking musical theatre. There’s no need to have it be like overly cutthroat. “Rise” was a bit too overdramatic. I just wish it was there were a little less drama and more comedy. It just needs to stop taking itself so seriously.

The Verdict

“Rise” doesn’t seem like it’s a bad show, but the first episode did little to build up to excitement to what pretty much was a gritty “Glee” reboot. Hopefully, it finds its footing in its short 10 episode season. My biggest complaint was that it felt like I have already seen it. If you have seen or was a fan of “Glee,” then “Rise” is something you will watch just for the nostalgia of “Glee.” If you didn’t see “Glee,” you will more than likely enjoy “Rise.”

“Rise” airs on NBC at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, after “The Voice.” That just screams ratings. That was sarcasm by the way.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Don’t Stop Gleein’

final glee review banner

On Friday, March 20th, Glee aired its final episodes and ended it’s six years on Fox. By this point, if you are a true glee, you have read all the reviews of the finale but this review will be different. Instead of just focusing on the show’s finale, I’ll be reviewing the show. In a sense, remembering the good, the bad, and the amazing┬áthat this show had on pop culture as well as the million fans. So here are review of Glee (be ready for more Glee nods!)

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith took over Gleek’s hearts as the couple “Finchel” until Monteith’s untimely death before the filming of Glee’s fifth season

Glee was a show about a group of high school students that shouldn’t have gotten along nor hung out with each other. But because of their love for singing, they joined glee club where they were allowed to be themselves without being judge or made fun of. ┬áThen once the main characters graduated, it followed them into the early stages of adult hood. The show taught about how to be yourself and not to feel ashamed if you don’t fit in with the things as they are. It also taught that if you follow your dreams, everything will work out-eventually.

The show also introduced the masses to hundreds of different genres of music through its glee club performances and singles. While many people say that “Glee ruined great music,” it really didn’t. It introduced it to a new group of people. It showed the world that the classics can still be classics and that show tunes really isn’t as bad or a horrible as one may think.

The musically performances were overall good. Some where better than other. The music was extremely well until around season 3. The Songs started to sound a little kids bop-y. The singing of the lead in the song was good but the background music just sounded like they were a backing track (we knew that it was a backing track but it was obvious now). After the story of the show shifted away from the Glee club and more on the alumni in the middle of season 5, the music got better and was amazing in season 6.

One of the biggest flaws of the series was the story. Glee could really never tell a story right. It would either rush it or change it halfway through the arc. It also rushed a story. One major example was when Rachel was looking for her mother in the first season. It took place over two episodes. It felt rushed and just like they were trying hurry it up by the end of the season.

The final season was pretty much amazing and the perfect way to end the show. For my full opinion on season 6, click here to read my thought on it

Overall, the series was amazing. Some seasons and characters were better than others but the show will live on as being one the best musical shows on television. We will miss Glee

Rating: 4 Rachel Berry’s gold star out of 5

The End is Glee


Midseason thoughts

There is only three weeks left of Glee and I thought that I would share my thoughts on the newest and final season of American’s version of Degrassi, but Glee knows when it’s time to end.

Season Six of Glee is pretty much amazing. It’s so much better than the last two seasons. The story arches have been good and the music this season has been so good that you kinda want to spent money every week to buy it. Now my only problem with this season, and it’s a problem that the show openly makes fun of (which I love and despise), I want to know more about the lives of the newbies.

Unlike the failed attempt in season four, this new set of Glee kids are actually amazing and I want more of them. I really don’t care to see Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine anymore and I’m tired of dealing with their shiz. I want to know more about Jane, Spencer, Roderick, and the twins that I don’t remember their names (we will call them Jerry and Terry). I think I would care more about the alumni if they interacted more with the newbies. The last set of newbies were just bland and carbon copies as they tried to replace the alumni. The only I liked was Kitty. Her bluntness and evilness is adorable. Then I like that she has a male clone in Spencer who is an absolute dick, who just happens to be gay.

Sue Sylvester is also funnier than ever and well….being Sue. If you thought she funnier before, well she tops herself.

Overall, the season is good and I want more of Glee.