Single Review | ‘Mood Ring (By Demand)’


It’s been four years since the one and only Britney Spears graced us with a single. The last single we got was “Slumber Party,” a collaboration with Tinashe from Britney’s ninth album “Glory.” It is only fitting that her first single in 2020 would be the Japanese bonus track from “Glory.” Yep, you read that right. A track that was recorded five years ago is now released as a single.

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I’ve turned some hearts into stone
And I can’t hide it no more

“Mood Ring” was released as a gift to Britney’s fan after the campaign #JusticeForGlory successfully got Britney’s ninth to the number one spot on the iTunes pop album charts. Britney also gave the standard edition of “Glory” a new album cover, which was frankly much need. The release of the song as a shock to all as Britney posted about to her Instagram less than 12 hours prior to its midnight release.

New cover for “Glory”

The song was produced by DJ Mustard. “Mood Ring” was also now dubbed “Mood Ring (By Demand).” The song is a sultry and sex dance-pop number with a touch of EDM. Melanie Fontana and Jon Asher wrote the song with Britney in mind. Melanie and Jon channeled the energy that Britney’s 2001 classic and iconic song “I’m A Slave 4 U.”

“We consistently asked ourselves, “What would ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ Britney do in 2016?” Melanie said to, “That’s where our heads were at. And that shines through on the track.”  During an Instagram Live, Melanie showed off the demo that originally pitched to The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers sinned and turned it down due to it being “too girly.”

The vocals on the song are some of the best vocals that we have gotten from Britney in years. They were reminiscent of her early work. “Baby One more More time” and “Oops!… I Did It Again” was more vocal-heavy in comparison to what she released after.

“Producing her vocals, I went for the natural, nostalgic sound of Britney with a modern edge to it,” Jon said, “I was referencing “Oops!… I Did It Again” with the phone-like filter I put on her adlibs, some of her runs and the bridge.” “Mood Ring” is actually Britney’s favorite song off of “Glory.

“This is incredible! ‘Mood Ring’ is one of my favorite songs on Glory, it’s so vibey and sexy,” Britney told exclusively.

Thoughts on the song

I was hoping for a new song that we haven’t heard before and kicked off a new album, but I’ve come to expect things like this as a Britney stan. I’ve had this song part of my Britney catalog for years and it’s always one of those songs where I’ll listen to it but it’s not one I will seek out. I’m not big on this track. I do think it’s a perfect track vocally. I’m not a fan of the production. It feels like it should drop that beat and pick up but it doesn’t. It’s just a slow burn and it works for the feel. The lyrics are extremely catchy. Especially the chorus.

I do hope that Britney and her team actually give Mood Ring the full single treatment as “Glory” is one of the most underrated album in her discography. People slept on the singles and while “Glory” made it number three on the Billboard Hot 200, it’s often overlooked. “Mood Ring (By Demand)” made it to the number one spot on the iTunes chart on release date.


“Mood Ring (By Demand)” is a decent song. I love the vocals and the catchy lyrics from it. The production on it isn’t bad. I get it’s a slow burn sex bop but I just wish it would have a little more bark to its bite. The song does perfectly sum up the overall feel of “Glory” and I’m glad that it’s getting the light of day. I just hope that RCA Records, Britney’s label, actually gives the full single treatment to it and it’s just not something to keep Britney’s fans happy. I do recommend the song just for how catchy it is.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Britney has a slumber party

slumberparty sm.jpg

The queen has decided to throw herself a slumber party with Tinashe and boy, it is one big wonderful thing. On Friday, Britney Spears released the latest video for her second single from “Glory.” For the single, she also took the singer Tinashe under her wing for what is being called by many (mainly me) the birth of Tinashey. Yes, you read it hear first-I created the first ship for this:


The premise of the video is a very simple one: Britney Spear’s car drives her to a party in the mansion (fun fact: I’m pretty sure that mansion was one of her previous videos). Fire shoots around her as she heads in and walks through a sea of Ariana Grande wannabes, and don’t tell me you didn’t see the Ariana references with the bunny and cat ears. That is when it pretty much becomes one drunk night rager. She tries to seduce a gentleman in every way possible. She dances sexy, gets all dirrty with tinashe, and licks his spilled drink off his table right in front of him in the most iconic part of the video. The video ends with her pretty much giving the guy the middle finger and leaving with Tinashe.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room real quick. She’s not singing about the kind of slumber party that children has. She’s talking about having sex and making a sex tape. And from the lyrics, it’s sounds like she’s planning on having some freaky sex too. Especially with all the mask and such in the beginning. Britney is one kinky lady. I personally like kinky Britney because it’s usually her best work.

Tinashe is just kind of there for both the song and the video. She doesn’t add anything to song or video besides just a body to Britney to play with. Her vocals and dancing is good and I give Britney a high-five for giving someone still green like Tinashe a chance but have the girl shine more. Britney’s dancing is on fleek and Vegas has done wonders for her because damn that body is fine.

Overall, this is the best Britney era we have seen post-head shaving. This music video is recorded proof of that because it’s golden. She needs to keep on this train. Bravo, Britney!

Here’s the video for your eyes and ears to enjoy:


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Britney in all her Glory

glory sm

On Friday, the Queen regained her throne in the clouds of Music as Britney Spears released her first album since “Britney Jean.” “Glory” is the highly anticipated start to the 9th era of Britney, bitch!

“Glory” isn’t anything like the past three album (Circus, Femme Fatale, and Britney Jean for those that don’t know). It’s more of an R&B urban style album with hints. It draws inspiration from two of Britney’s, Ms. Spears if you’re nasty, more claimed albums-“In the Zone” and “Blackout.” Both are not the poppy style that we are used to with Britney but are regarded as her best work.

The album is Sex. Pure sex. Not sure what that means, but Britney doesn’t be around the bush with any of the songs. All have some sort of sexual innuendo or hinting towards it in some way, shape, or form. Britney pretty much wants the D. “Do You Wanna Come Over?”, “Slumber Party”, and “Liar” are just a few of my favorites off the album. The album only has one bad song and it’s not even really bad. “Private Show” just feels out-of-place on the album. I get why she wants it on there but still. It just doesn’t match the feel of the album: Urban dance sex pop. Nothing says dance sex pop like Britney belting the f word while doing a little vocal run. The album makes “Make Me..” look like a bad first single….which it is compared to the other songs on here.

Overall, the album is amazing. It feels like she was actually present for the album. It’s definitely a welcome change of pace, especially after what was “Britney Jean.”I cannot wait to see all that goes into this album. Speaking of which, here’s the album for your ears to enjoy:

Rating: 5 umbrellas out of 5