In a Flash: Monkey See, Grodd do

GroddlivesWelcome to this week’s edition of “In A Flash.” On this episode week’s episode of “The Flash,” everything went bananas–literally.

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about Biris. Iris finally knows the truth and technically joins Team Flash. She pissed off, which she should be but she seems to get over it. This made my souls glow with excitement because I, like the rest of the universe, want Biris to happen. But as the episode goes on, we slightly lose our glow as they fight a little. Iris calls Barry out for lying, Barry calls Iris out for lying about having feelings for him. It was a hard episode, somewhat, for Biris fans…until the end.

The episode introduced one of the most popular villains in The Flash comic books Grodd. Grodd is a huge ass gorilla that was created by Harrison er….Eobard Thawne and General Eiling. He possesses psychic abilities and is a highly intelligent being. Thawne releases him on the city as a distraction for Team Flash while he is boring this episode and has small talk with Eddie. The only really important thing about the Thawne’s conversation is that Eobard lets Eddie know about Iris marrying Barry and that he got some sort of key that will take him home. Anyways, Cisco, Joe, and Barry go after Grodd with the highly intelligent Gorilla using his powers to lay out Barry and kidnap Joe, who is terrified of Gorillas.

Caitlin, Cisco, Iris, and Barry come up with a way to stop Grodd’s psychic powers from taking out Barry. They come up with a head band and plan for Barry to attack it from behind. At this point, they should just stop making plans because it never ends well.  Long story short, Gorilla beat super speed and throws Barry into the path of a bus. Iris saves Barry, which allowed Barry to throw Grodd into a bus and lay him out (don’t worry, Grodd is fine!)

In the last moments, Iris reveals that she may have feelings for Barry but doesn’t want to do anything about them until they find Eddie. Too bad that Iris will be die before that happens, calling it now.

Overall, it was an okay episode. I like how dark it got but it didn’t really add much to the overall plot like the last two episodes had. This episode probably would have been better if it aired before Eobard official turn. Oh, BTW. Let’s talk about how the preview for next week’s episode totally ruined this week’s episode of “Arrow.”  They showed Oliver as Arrow, when he is still apart of the League. Way to go, CW,


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