You’re drunk, Lifetime–go home!


Last Week, Lifetime decided that they were going to get in on the Full House pandemonium and release the first cast picture of their Full House movie. Boy, the casting director was drunk when they casted because none of the cast looks like what their real life counterparts looks like. Here’s the picture of the lifetime cast:

They look like bad toy knock off versions. I get that Lifetime was trying, I really do, but they really should have tried a bit hard. Like way harder. Joey looks like that creepy uncle that you don’t want to leave your children with because he likes to get touchy, Jesse’s wig looks like an animal crawled onto of his head and just died, and let’s not talk about Danny because he looks like he likes to “hug” the cradle.

Pretty much, they pretty much casted a random group of people and then realized afterwards that the actors have to look like the original cast. It doesn’t seem that hard to cast lookalikes but yet Lifetime finds a way to screw it up.

I cannot wait to watch this train wreck when it premieres in August 22 at 8 p.m. I hope it’s just as bad as their Saved By the Bell movie. Never mind, nothing can be worse than a movie told by the point of view of Dustin Diamond.


Netflix just got fuller


Fuller House

It was announced that Netflix would be the channel to have the sequel/reboot to the 90’s classic “Full House.” Entitled “Fuller House,” the show will run for 13 episodes as Uncle Jesse/Producer Person John Stamos announced during his appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” on Monday.

The show will follow D.J. Tanner, who is now a widow and a vet, as she struggles to raise her three boys (spoiler: she’s pregnant with one!) after her husband Tommy Fuller died while in the line of duty as a firefighter. She called on her sister and now musician Stephanie and her best friend and mom (yes, someone procreated with her) Kimmy Gibbler to help her raise her sons.

So pretty much, it’s like the original series but just in reverse and with a twist. The original cast is also stated to make returns in the series. The big question is now if Mary Kate Ashley Olsen will reprise her/their role as the spunky Michelle Tanner. No word yet but Candace Cameron-Bure, D.J., told Seacrest that the show will be true to its roots:

“We’re going to do this in a contemporary way, but I think the audience will be really happy that we will maintain what Full House represented and that was good wholesome television,”

We are excited to see this reboot when it debuts on the streaming network/channel in 2016.

Everywhere you look, another 90’s sitcom revival!


Full House

Yesterday, news broke that another classic 90’s show will be getting a second life. America’s favorite house in San Francisco will be revisited as “Full House” will be the newest show that is getting a revival. The show originally ran on ABC’s “TGIF” lineup from 1987 to 1995 and is still pulling in high ratings in syndication. High enough ratings that Warner Bros. TV is extremely interesting in this project. And according to TV Guide, most of the original cast will be involved with the project in some capacity.

John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, is in charge of this little project with creator Jeff Franklin writing it and the original executive producer Bob Boyett being actively involved with it. Our favorite BFFs DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler, played by Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber, being apart of it with our favorite middle child (Sorry, Jan and Peter) Stephanie Tanner, played by Jodie Sweetin. Before you go “How rude!” in your best Stephanie Tanner impression, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier (Danny and Joey) will be in it in some way shape or form.

I’m actually rather excited to see this take place. After watching the Boy Meets World revival, Girl Meets World (which isn’t that bad if you can look past the cheese factory), I hope this is done right and now as cheese as GMW. My only question is that will we have the Olsen twins return to acting as Michelle. It would be interesting to have two adults play Michelle, especially when one likes a skeleton. I can seen Danny hugging Michelle and then accidentally snapping her in half. Anyway, I hope we can here more about this very soon!

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