We know why NSYNC isn’t a thing anymore


So after years and years of speculation, we finally have the answer to the question that we have been waiting YEARS for. We finally found out how *NSYNC broke up. Literally, this has been the eating away at my and others souls the entire time. It’s like trying to figure an answer to a really hard math question. Sure, we all had “an idea” but everyone wants to know for sure.


Justin Timberlake, the breakout star of *NSYNC, told The Hollywood Reporter in the Febuary 17th edition that he was the reason that *NSYNC broke up. Shocker….not really. We all pretty much knew he had something to do with the whole break up. Especially when he started to become a hot solo artist and actor. Justin told THR, that’s what they are called in the biz, that he was feeling overwhelmed by how big *NSYNC got.

We were on a stadium tour, and I just felt like the whole thing was too big. It started as a fun snowball fight that was becoming an avalanche. And, also, I was growing out of it.”

Justin then went on to say that he felt like he was the only one that cared about the music and that he wanted to make more music. Music other than what *NSYNC was making.

Pretty much, Justin was getting too old for the boys. Which is totally understandable. Literally every band goes through that and they “take a break.” It also looks like we will have to wait a little longer before we get a *NSYNC reunion. sigh. BTW: Justin did kill it in the Super Bowl Commercial with Christopher Walken. I made me want to try Bai Bai Bai. Also, can someone please confirm the correct spelling of *NSYNC? Is it *NSYNC, ‘NSYNC, N’Sync, or “NsYNC?

Here’s this until we get a full reunion:

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Top 5ive singles: NSYNC

Nsync top 5

It’s only fitting that I broke down the top 5 singles of different artists/groups that make me have the feels. The feels of childhood memories and sadness when I couldn’t afford to get CDs and my parents didn’t buy them for me….sigh. Here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to judge the songs based off of their popularity and my fondness of them. So, yes the majority of this will be my opinion. Let’s get this bad boy started with the 2nd popular boy band of the late 90s and early 00s-NSYNC.

5. I Want You Back

When you think of NYSNC, this is one of the songs that comes to mind off of their first album besides “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” You can sing the opening beat and you will automatically know what song it is. Who doesn’t love catchy tunes, especially in the late 90s. Obviously they did something right because it went gold in the US and it peaked to #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. If you want to win the love of your life back, sing them this song with a some sweet choreographed moves and you are golden. When you listen to it, just picture Justin Timberlake with his ramen noodle hair and their awkwardness because they were extremely awkward.

4. Pop

This song is one that is near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons, one of which is you are on right now. “Pop” is pretty much a big FU to the haters that said they were just a trend. It became the anthem for people that wanted just wanted to live their life the way they wanted to. “Pop” was on the Billboard Hot 100  chart at number 19 and was pretty much one of the only hits off of their last album “Celebrity.” It’s also know for having Justin stealing the show with his beatboxing.

3. Bye Bye Bye

We all know the dance moves to this song and it was probably one of the greatest songs that they came up with off of their mega-hit album “No Strings Attached.” We also knew all the words to it. It was the breakup song of the century. It was even nominated for a Grammy as well as peaked at number 4 on  Billboard Hot 100 and within the top 10 in almost every country it charted in. The music video was the bomb diggity as well because it featured a car chase scene to end all car chase scenes. As well as them dancing on a train because that’s all the trains are good for anymore.

2. Music Of My Heart

This song is probably one of the most forgotten singles of NSYNC but it’s amazing. They might have not been the Backstreet Boys but they killed it on their ballads. This one is personally one of my favorites. It’s a forgotten classic of them. It even featured Gloria Estefan. Might have only peaked at number 97 on the Hot 100 charts, but it nominated for four awards: the Academy Award for Best Original Song,  the Billboard Music Awards for Top Song from a Movie, and two for the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. It’s a powerful song and one that is worth a listen.

1. It’s Gonna Be Me

Let’s be real for a moment. This song is pretty much the greatest song in the history of mankind’s pop music in the early 00’s (I Want it That Way came out in 1999 before you rip me a new one!). The song is an iconic. Who can forget the NSYNC dolls trying to get with a human girl in a toy store in between flirting with off-brand Barbie’s and fighting G.I. John’s because becoming real boys at the check out? The feels are coming back to me now! The song was NSYNC’s only song to go number 1 on the Hot 100. The song pretty much is the greatest NSYNC song ever! Oh, it even has a day named as we transition from April to May because….It’s Gonna Be May (get it?).

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Bands that we would love to make a reunion

Pop Project blog banner purple pinkIn honor of the reformation of S Club 7, we decided to make a list of bands that we would kill to have reform and make a better comeback than what S Club did. So let us get it started with the bands we want to get back together.


Jump5 was a band that made Christian Pop music cool again. Yep, that’s right! When we were listening to “Spinning’ Around,” we were rockin’ out to Christian music. Then their music slowly moved towards more mainstream Pop music and they became the Disney Channel go-to band as they were on “Disneymania” not once but twice (Hawaiian Rollercoaster ride is our personal fave btw). Their dance moves were on-spot and then they even did their own stunts.  They did a brief reunion as all 5 original members got together and reenacted their major hit.



A-Teens were the coolest swedish teens during the late 90’s and most of the 2000’s. They bursted onto the scene with their europop version of AᗺBA songs. Then when they started to make their own music, we began to see just how talented they are. They had catchy music (“Upside Down” and “Floorfiller” is still our jams) and they were extremely good at dancing. It didn’t hurt that they toured with Britney Spears. It’s been rumored that they would be reuniting soon, since all of their solo careers sunk like the Titanic. Hopefully these rumors are true because it would have us over the moon.



A lesser known band but ATC, also known as A Touch of Class, was a band that was ahead of their time….well, kinda. They were pretty much a rip-off of the Swedish band Ace of Base. Their music was catchy and they could dance…kinda. They were pretty much just a bunch of pretty faces that kinda sing t it’s all good because we can cover up it up with their sick beats. They even followed the pop status quo of the early 2000’s by having the guys in the group not sing very often in the songs. The band is a one hit wonder but we still love them and hope that they can bring their pretty faces together for one more album.



Give us a new album and tour and we’ll be happy campers.


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Top 5 Events in 2013 that Pop’ed Our World: The Honorable Mentions

Honorable mention

Now, we couldn’t cover every event we wanted to in our top 5 countdown. Since there was so many great events to choose from, we decided give out some honorable mention awards because who doesn’t like knowing that they are just mediocre? (just kidding…well, in this sense anyways).


So we are just going to get this out-of-the-way because I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing about “Kimye”. The only reason that it’s getting an honorable mention is because…well it was rather quite shocking when Kanye West got together with Kim Kardashian back in 2012 (I know, it’s been that long) and the two just blew up the world in 2013. I mean, it was only a matter of time that these two got together. Kayne’s ego is as big as Kim’s ass so they balance each other out…literally.  They even made a baby…just in time for the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s rating to go down and to face cancellation. Named North West (that baby will end up getting beat up 1) because of her name and 2) because of her parents), the child has garnered mass amounts of attention and they even showed that she was real when Kanye West was a guest on Kris Jenner’s “sadly” cancelled talk show that aired in Wyoming, California, Texas, New York and Idaho. Now the two are engaged and they are on the path to married bliss.


Like her BFFLs Kanye and Kim, it was a big year for our little Milers. Miley chopped off her hair, released her album “Bangerz”,rode a wrecking ball and twerked with a foam finger on a Robin Thicke dressed like beetlejuice. This was the year of Miley Cyrus and no one is complaining…that much. Miley has stolen the attention of  the world by her provocative way of her just being Miley, just ask her best friend Leslie (see what I did there?). Either way you look at it, Miley is on top of the world and 2014 looks like it’s going to Miley’s…well, you figure it out


While this was the year of Miley Cyrus, it was also the year of her next door neighbor Ariana Grande. The second coming of Mariah Carey broke out onto the scene with “The Way” and pretty much shocked the non-arianators with her presences that she creates when she sings. Then confirmed that’s she no one trick pony with the release of her album “Yours Truly” in September.  The 3-year in the making album quickly jumped to number one, making her the fifteenth artist and first female artist to have their first album debut atop of the charts since January 2010, when Ke$ha’s debut album “Animal”  was number one. Ariana has shown that she’s not just another teen star. 2014 looks like it will be an even bigger year for Ariana as she sets to drop her second album in the awkward period where it’s still winter but yet it’s going to spring (aka February-April).

Britney Spears

It has been speculated since the Queen of Pop Britney Spears finished her last tour in 2011 about her taking up residency in Las Vegas but it was confirmed until September when she announced in probably the hugest way possible-on Good Morning America in desert with over a thousands of Britney’s fans with Britney coming down on a helicopter. She also happen to announce that she was going to drop a new album, entitled “Britney Jean”, but the real focus was on Britney making history as she is the youngest person to take up residency in the Sin City.  While the album had more than stellar album sales and views, “Britney: Piece of Me” debuted on December 27 with stellar views as Britney showed the world that she still got it. While bringing the club feel to Planet Hollywood’s THE AXIS auditorium, Britney puts on a show like no either by reinventing her hits. Britney will be performing in Vegas until 2015  with a 100 show and the possibility to add more.


No words can describe this…so here’s the performance:

Yeah…..now you understand why.