Big Brother 19: Finale/Season Breakdown


Let that bitter tea flow

Well, it finally has come to this. We have crowned a new winner of Big Brother USA. This will be an overall review of the season that is probably the worst since BB9. It was the worst final three since BB15. I’m glad that this season is over and I’m glad that the pain is finally over. So let’s talk about this season ruined the America franchise for thousands. Yep, this season was that bad.

Cheers to the tea that I will spill in this article

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The Rise and Fall of Friendship

America’s reaction to Paul losing again

The most satisfying ending to this entire season was Paul losing again. While Paul played a good game, he forgot about one important aspect: jury management. Paul screwed over all of the jury members to get to where he was. Josh outplayed him when it came to jury management. While Paul was trying to not get blood on his hand, Josh was very upfront with everyone. He’s goodbye messages was probably what ruined Paul’s game. Paul overplayed when it came to lying, backstabbing, and just being shady. Josh kept it real while Paul was sharping his knives and sliding them in when he was least expecting it.

Paul’s game started to unravel with the eviction of Alex and Jason. If he didn’t blindside them, then he would have won the game because he knew that they were going to vote the same. Josh’s goodbye message to Jason helped unravel it more as it made him look shadier. It wasn’t until tonight when Paul’s game went down the tube. During the jury questions, Paul gave them fake and rehearse answers where he continued to deny the backstabbing that they were all aware of. But then he totally took credit for it during his speech before votes. If he would have grown a pair and just owned up to it, he could have won. He also really didn’t need to play so hard. I get that he was playing for a purpose of not repeating what happened last season but he will even admit that he took too much risk that really didn’t need to happen.

The jury is slightly bitter

Don’t worry Jillian, It’s bad

If CBS was to make a spinoff of BB with it just being what happens in the Jury house, they would make some serious money because that Jury roundtable was EVERYTHING. Literally, you can cut the tension with the knife. This is also where you will have a divide on why Paul lost. I’ve looked on all social media outlets and it’s pretty much split down the middle. Some are saying that the jury was bitter and they were just pissed off that they got played. Others will say what I said above, it was poor jury management. While the majority of them were salty, they all had slightly valid points. Minus Raven and Matt, they really are just the worst casting choice in all of Big Brother, both US/Canada and worldwide.

I like to think it a mixture of both. Because of the lies and the backstabbing out of nowhere, they were bitter because of how they were told about it. There was no jury management to stop them from feeling this. Paul was too worried about making himself look good and losing again that he didn’t take the time to make sure they didn’t feel the way that did. He also wasn’t good at jury management last season either. If he would have taken the time to say “no hard feelings, I had to do what I had to do,” or something to that effect, they probably would have swallowed it a little better than they did. But instead, Paul was too worried about clean hands. Was the clean hands worth kissing $500,000 out the door?

Overall thoughts on the Season

You guys are in for a rude awakening

While you can probably guess my thoughts, this season was a dud season. Having one vet in the house really ruined the season. It also didn’t help that this season was a bunch of idiotic assholes who worshiped the ground he walked on. It also didn’t help that production tried to help Paul win by reusing comps he won last year and twist that are in his favor. While I’m not blaming Paul for this, it just ruined a season that started off strong before it became a flop. On the Big Brother US rating scale, this season is one of the worst in history. While the finale was a very fitting end, I highly enjoyed Paul losing and Cody getting America’s Favorite Player, it wasn’t enough to save the season. These houseguests were bullies, said very controversial things, and were just plain dicks are in for a rude awakening on the outside. I think a lot of them will regret what they said. If I had to give this season a rating, it would 2 out of 5 and that’s me being generous. It was entertaining but mainly for the wrong reasons. I also found out that most people tuned out once Jessica and Cody were eliminated as they were the only two to call Paul out, to begin with. They proved to Jessica that they are bigger idiots than what she thought.

Big Brother US needs to take notes from its sister series from the north because it’s frankly the stronger show. Fan outcry saved the show from being on hiatus. That’s how good it is. They also just need to let things happen in the game. I’m frankly tired of constant twist being thrown out to help certain houseguests from Production. I hope BB20 is an All-Star season because it’s time for a true All-Star season. But please don’t include Paul. While I would love to see him get taken down a peg, I’m done seeing him play the game. And if it’s not All-Stars, I’ll settle for USA vs Canada.

Big Brother Breakdown will return for Celebrity Big Brother and then for Big Brother Canada. I swear that Big Brother Canada is more enjoyable than this shit we get in the USA. Until then, enjoy this clip of epicness from Big Brother Canada:


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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Breakdown


I cannot believe this is almost over

Well, it finally has come to this. It’s time for the final Big Brother Breakdown. Thank Julie Chen that this shit is finally coming to an end. I don’t know about you but I’m totally over everything, which I’ll tell you about in the season review next week. But let’s get into what was the most uneventful week of the season.

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Remember when the last week wasn’t so rushed

Before I get into the actual events, let’s talk about how rushed everything was. This week was probably the single most rushed week in the history of BB. Before the episode that aired on Sunday, there were four episodes left (including the finale) and they literally blew threw them in a matter of three days. They weren’t even that good of episodes. Like Thursday’s was just two jury segments and a rushed nomination and veto. I get there is only four of them left but I still want to see their reactions to it all. Don’t rush it because I don’t want a fucking clip show. I’d rather have a jury show than listening to them reminiscing about the “fun times.” This season blew, I’m good without a fucking clip show.

Raven was the real puppet master…..BAHAHA

Why does Raven think she was a puppet master? Probably drugs

I hope you are sitting down when we read that because it’s true. The majority of the second episode of the week was about what’s happening in the Jury house, which they just need to give us Jury feeds. When Raven reached the house and they watched her DVD, and she revealed to everyone that she and Paul were the calling the shots and she was the puppet master, along with Paul. I know, right! I literally started busting out laughing because that was hilarious. Has Raven been taking some of Arbor Days’ meds or is she really that crazy? In what world does she think she played a good game? She and Matt were too busy with each other than actually playing the game? How is that a good game? Everyone’s reaction to this was also amazing because they weren’t having it as well.


There’s a bitter jury in the house

If the Alex and Jason’s evictions were any indications, I have a feeling that this will be a

My reaction to Matt and Raven thinking they are Big Brother Legends

bitter jury. Kevin will probably be the least bitter just because he really didn’t care to begin with and whenever it was revealed that Paul and Joshmas had a final three deal, he was just like “ehhh, it’s just a game.” Kevin is going to vote by who the played the game while the rest will be like “fuck you” to Paul more than likely. Matt and Raven are literally just in their own world and I’ve never realized how over them I am until Matt arrived at Jury and keeps trying to explain his stupidity.


Josh keeps blowing up Paul’s game in the goodbye messages and it’s going to win the game if he can get Paul out before final two. Paul’s jury management has been horrid this season. He thinks he is covering his tracks but he’s just making it worse. He had bad jury management last season as well but this season just is cringy. Like, did he not learn anything from Nicole?

Odds on winning

Is it really something we need to go over again? It’s Paul. It’s pretty much Josh vs Paul in the final HoH comp as Christmas can’t really compete in anything. Paul would be stupid to throw this any portion of this but I’ve been saying this about all the comps they threw this season. I do see Paul throwing the Endurance part to Christmas if she’s playing in it because Christmas is thirsty for Paul’s “Friendship” and will take him to the end. I hope that this does happen and Josh beats Paul in the second part because then it will be all Josh.

More than likely though: Josh vs Paul, Paul wins HoH and just evict Josh. Paul beats Christmas. I really just don’t want anywhere near the final two. Yes, he deserves it but the way he played wasn’t anything to be proud of. I really want Josh to win because it’s like picking which STD you want because either way, it’s going to suck.

Big Brother Breakdown will be back for the first edition of Celebrity Big Brother US, and more than likely Big Brother Canada 6, which is the superior of the North American Big Brothers. Make sure you check in next week for my honest review of this season. Spoiler: it’s not going to be pretty.


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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Breakdown


It’s a double eviction week and Paul is still there..sigh

It’s time for another Big Brother Breakdown as it was double eviction week and only two weeks left in the game. THANK GOD! I’m just over this entire season. Tonight, there were plenty of blindsides that actually made this episode slightly tolerable. But then it became less tolerable because this is still the house that Paul

I now understand why Cody left. They are horrible. 

Probably should just hand Paul the money all ready

At the end of the night, Paul made it to Final five. Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t dislike


him because this bunch of idiotic assholes follow him around like he’s the second coming of Jesus. I just dislike how dirty he is playing this game. For every great move that he does, he makes 100 mistakes that should totally blow up his game if he was in another house. Like his plan to evict Jason was the dumbest thing in the world. Yeah, I get that it was to keep his hands clean but it was just bad. Like, he won the veto when he really didn’t need to and then removed Alex, who is the bigger threat out of Jalex, so he could blindside them with a tie vote and Thanksgiving to break it and evict Alex. Then, there’s an extremely fake and overly acted scene between him and Josh that everyone believed because they are assholes and idiots.

Jason realized he got screwed when it was too late

Laugh now Alex, you are next

The best part of this blindside was the fact that Jason didn’t know he got screwed until his goodbye messages were Josh revealed EVERYTHING to him and Paul made up a lie. He was so pissed off, I think he’s a bitter juror and one bitter juror will make more bitter juror. Josh literally blew up Paul’s game without Paul knowing about it. The best part of the night was when Jason dragged Paul on his morals and friendship, and he wasn’t wrong at all. Too bad that it was a little too late. Jason started to play toward the end of his run but he never realized that Big Brother isn’t a team sport, unless it was Big Brother 9 or Big Brother 13 in the beginning of the season but that’s neither here nor there. Alex has a target on her back now and Paul is using her as a human shield. Alex’s, and the house’s, best move is to drop Paul but they should have done that when his power rang out. It’s funny that Production is now letting that all hang out. It makes it so much better

Josh is America’s only hope-God help us all

You made a bad move, Meatball

This was the week that Josh became America’s Sweetheart because he finally realized what Paul is up to. The worst part about this that there isn’t anything he could really do because 1) He’s afraid to and 2) Paul’s dogs will kill him and he’ll be the next to go. Instead of trying to be sly, he just did what Paul told him to. Including winning the POV during the double eviction and not using it to even take a shot at Paul. Josh also spent the episode crying. We’ll find out why once Sunday’s episode airs but I think he’ll regret not using it in the long run. Alex could have nominated Paul and while I’m glad that Raven is gone, I would rather have it be Paul. The best way to get him out is this week. Nominate him and Alex, both strong players. If one wins POV, then they can’t save the other. It would also lead to a tie. HOH, hopefully, Kevin/Josh, will break it and send him home.

Raven was finally evicted

This gif sums up my thoughts on Raven being evicted. She’s been a pain in the ass since the start of Maven. I’m also tired of all her complaining and talking about diseases that she may or may not actually have. Anyways, here’s the gif:

Odds on winning

When they realize they lost $500,000 because they are stupid

I’m fully invested in Josh winning this game even though I don’t want to. Whoever gets Paul out, if they do, will be the clear winner of the game. I also see Paul getting screwed again by a bitter jury. I’m okay with this. I really am. I hope that it’s Josh or Alex that win. While Alex made dumb moves, she’s the most deserving after Josh. Josh needs to win the next HOH in order to be at Alex. Hopefully he finally puts Paul up. He’s not going to but I can hope. Next week will be the final Big Brother Breakdown until Celebrity Big Brother as I’ll be doing a season review after the finale night. Since there are two evictions next week, I’ll be covering both in one article because this season isn’t worth two articles in one week. God, I cannot wait for this season to end.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Breakdown



Please just let the misery end

Welcome to another week of “The Paul Show.” From this point on, I’m pretty much just counting down to finale week because frankly, I don’t care about these assholes. That’s all they are at this point. A bunch of assholes. They are literally making the BB9, the winner used his money to sell drugs, and BB15, the majority of them were all racist, look like extremely thought out and wonderful season. THAT’S HOW FUCKING BAD THIS SEASON IS.

Note: I won’t be discussing the jury segment as it was delayed in my area. The Gif doesn’t have anything to do with that. It’s more with how I feel about this game.

Whistle-nut is in power….fuck my life….

Fucking Whistle-nut won the HOH competition that literally just was making fun of all the houseguests. They were in between hot dog buns in an endurance comp. So production was pretty much calling them wieners, or a bunch of dicks. That is extremely fitting for them.  I will laugh if the next comp involves them riding sheep and Paul is forced to wear a Little Bow Peep costume as a punishment for a week. Dear CBS that is reading this, please make this happen. It would be worth the pain of watching this season. Anyways, back to Whistle-nut because this asshole made TMZ for saying and that if Kevin turns on this in this game he would “fuck Kevin’s wife and then force his daughters to watch.” I’m going to give you a segment to ponder that. So let’s move on to another thing for right now because there’s more going on with Kevin this week. Sigh.

Matt is a douchebag who needs to go to Cereal Anonymous

So this was the week that Matt decided to actually do something other than eating cereal, they also have a fucking counter on how much cereal he has eaten in the game. That’s his contribution to this season besides be the worst showmance in history. Seriously though, Matt

Even Raven is confused why she and Matt lasted this long in the game

needs to get help because the amount of cereal he eats is unhealthy. Matt started off the week calling out the dumbass move that Alex and Whistle-nut were trying to do during the final moments of the HOH competition because while they are all idiots, they aren’t totally inept. It’s extremely obvious that they are working other. He then continues his decision to actually play the game and starts onto be just a tool. The worst part of the entire thing was the fact that he decided to break rules after the veto wasn’t used on him. He ended up getting a penalty vote because he decided to be that have-not who doesn’t act like one.


Frankly, I would have removed him from the game because he was just constantly breaking rules. He was ignoring BB commands of telling him to stop it and I’m still puzzled that he wasn’t thrown out of the game. Like, if it was any other sort of rule breaking in the past, he would have expelled from the game. Maybe they took away some of the money for participating in the BB but I find that unlikely just by the fact he is still breaking rules. Matt has been the worst houseguest in the history of Big Brother. He’s just been a waste of a Big Brother spot that could have gone to Cameron, the guy that was evicted on Day 1, or anyone else that wanted to actually play the game but didn’t make the cut.

Matt ends up going home with isn’t a shocker but frankly why? They all hate Raven so why keep her in the house? This cast has to be the most idiotic bunch of asshole I have ever seen. How they are playing this game is asinine. The only good part of this week was that Maven is over.

These people are assholes

This goes to all the remaining houseguests

Remember when I told you what Whistle-nut said about Kevin’s wife? Well, Alex called him a child molester and they also started to bully Kevin and do rather vicious stuff like hiding his slop, because he’s a have-not this week. I totally get not liking a person but the mentality in the house is just horrible. Whistle-nut said it best when he said that there’s a mob mentality in the house. Paul contributes to this. He pretty much just says attack and they go “who.” I know this is just a game, but I’m pretty much all of these people are this horrible in real life. How does bullying Kevin, Cody, and Jessica benefit their game? Also, what the fuck is production changing the aired version to not reflect what actually went down in the feeds? They didn’t do that when it came to the racist comments in BB15. I think they are protecting Paul but I think 99% of America doesn’t like him in this game.


Julie is secretly letting us know how much she cares through her outfits

Julie snatched Raven’s edges tonight. It wasn’t hard but still.

I don’t know if you have noticed lately but Julie Chen’s outfits on Eviction night have a little questionable lately. I’m thinking that her outfits are actually a cry for help. She’s completely and utterly over this season just like everyone else that is watching. She doesn’t care for the remainder of the houseguests like we do. So her outfits just reflect how much she cares. You can also kind of tell by how she’s interviewing the evicted houseguests after Cody and Jessica left. She’s kind of being more brutal with her questions. While she hasn’t really addressed the bullying, she flat-out asked Matt how does Raven have a chance of winning when she hasn’t won anything. THIS IS WHY JULIE IS THE QUEEN OF BIG BROTHER. It was one of those “DAMN GURL!” moments. I wouldn’t be shocked if she got HOH this week. I’m pretty sure she wants to smack them all in the head for letting Paul control every move they made this season.


Odds on winning

I”m over Paul. I’m also running out of gifs to use

This is like picking which STD I want to have. I don’t want any but I have to pick on. So I sat and thought about this while I was writing this. Paul is going to win unless someone catches on and realizes they are playing Big Paul and start in “The Paul Show.” If someone else wins this season, it’s going to be bittersweet because he is playing the best game but I don’t want him to win because of how he is playing the game this time. I think Victor made him more likable last season. If it comes down to Christmas, Paul, and Josh in the final three, Josh could easily beat Christmas over Paul. Paul would easily beat all three. Christmas probably wouldn’t be able to compete so it would be an easy win for both of them. But I feel like Paul is the odds on favorite at this point. I wouldn’t even mind them just handing Paul the money and just starting over with “Big Brother: Over The Top,” which isn’t airing this fall. THIS IS A TRAVESTY.


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