Months that suck: July


It’s summer time and just because there is warmer weather doesn’t mean that months don’t suck. I have only two more months to complain about so let’s narrow it down to just one more as we chat about why July sucks. Here’s a gif that pretty much sums up why July sucks:

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The month of July starts the two-month period of it being hot as balls outside. Literally, it’s so freaking hot that you will sweat bullets. I’m all for warm weather but when it gets up to the 80-90, even 100-degree temperatures that is when I’m like “no.” While it’s beautiful outside, you don’t want to go outside like at all. It’s kind of pointless when you can stay nice and cool inside. But that’s only you have an air conditioner, which good luck getting one because as soon as it’s like 80 degrees they are gone. Fans stop being something to cool you down once it goes past 75 degrees. They are pretty much just blowing hot air on you.

Then it doesn’t even cool down at night when it’s that hot and it’s all thanks to our friend humidity. Who doesn’t love our friend that just makes things hotter than what it actually is? It could 75 degrees out but the humidity has it feeling like it’s really 84. You just can’t win in the month July. There’s hardly any middle ground. Like, why couldn’t be like June that literally was days ago and be less humid so we can be cool and chill at night? It doesn’t make any sense.

The weather also makes people sweat and that isn’t a good thing. It makes for miserable people who may or may not smell. No one wants to deal with miserable people who just take out their frustration with the weather out on whoever they feel like. Like, just because you are sweaty and miserable doesn’t mean you need to be a total and complete dick. Everyone else around you is just a sweaty and miserable but aren’t making a poor cashier cry because she/he couldn’t do what you want. Suck it up bitch!

And while we are on the subject of being sweaty, please don’t keep your money in your shoes,boobs, crotch, or anywhere else where the money will be touching a part of you that sweats. Sweaty money is disgusting. If the clothes are too tight to hold a wallet/items in pockets, then you really shouldn’t be wearing it to shop. Also, you’re more than likely old enough to know better. Handing someone sweaty money isn’t adorable at any age.

Another thing that sucks about July is the fact that people decide to use fireworks on every day this month instead of just on the on the Fourth of July. I’m totally fine with it being a Celebrate thing starting a couple of days before and then ending on the fourth of July, but is it really necessary to have the entire month be nothing but fireworks going off for no reason? While they are pretty, they are extremely loud and noisy. While you might be up and partying at 11 p.m., that doesn’t mean your neighbors are. Just think of the people around you.

I would also rant about what clothing is appropriate but that seems like something that deserves a kiki. This pretty much sums up why July sucks. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything else to add.

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