Are these lyrics *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

It’s time that you take the hardest quiz that you will probably ever take. It’s even harder than most quizzes you took in school. It’s time to test your knowledge on the lyrics of *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. Get ready and good Luck! If you like the quiz, feel free to share this page with your friends

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Justin Timberlake redefines banger with ‘Supplies’

Justin Timberlake envisions a hate free future in “Supplies”

Justin Timberlake has done it again! He has given us another song from his new album “Man of the Woods.” Justin Timberlake’s second singles are usually what makes people excited for this album and this song is no different.

“Supplies” is the total and complete opposite of his last single “Filthy” and honestly, it’s classic Justin Timberlake. It’s mixture R&B and pop, similar to his first album “Justified.” Everyone loves “Justified” era Justin Timberlake. Especially, with the hit song “Cry Me A River.” It’s just a fun song to listen to. Everything for the chorus to the breakdown is just flawless. I want more stuff like “Supplies.” I also like how it has a music video already. I feel like he made these ahead of time.

The video is Justin creating a world in the future where there isn’t any hatred or issues that plague us in this day and ages. He references the infamous Donald Trump “Pussy Grabbing” statement, #MeToo, and a bunch of social injustices. It’s an extremely well done music video that hits close to home with the topics without making seem like he’s lecturing about how these things shouldn’t exist. He’s just saying that these songs WON’T exist in the future.

Overally, “Suppiles” is literally everything.

Here’s the video for the song:


I certify that this songs is a fucking BANGER.

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Justin Timberlake gets ‘Filthy’ in his newest video…sort of

The road to Justin Timberlake’s new album is here!

It’s now official! The newest era of Justin Timberlake is finally upon. Justin blessed us with the first single from his upcoming album “Man of the Woods.” And nope, so far it doesn’t look like a country album like the name suggests. Not that I don’t think he wouldn’t do good singing country. I just think what his past musical endeavors are more his style.

“Filthy” reminds me of his smash hits “sexyback” mixed with a Prince vibes to it. It’s actually rather catchy with the beat. It’s hard to catch the lyrics because of how the vocals are sung. Funfact: The same producer that blessed with Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” and the masterpiece of “Blackout” worked on this song. #BustinForLife. I liked the song but I think it going to take a little up longer for people to warm up to it. It’s different enough to where it’s good but too different that is like Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar.” It’s going to take a couple listens for people to realize it’s a masterpiece

In the video for the song, Justin presents a robot that is controlled by his movements before it starts to take a life of its own. The robot isn’t homicidal…at least not yet. Justin in the video gave me Steve Jobs vibes throughout the entire video. He’s even slightly dressed like Mr. Jobs. The video isn’t bad at all. It just the opposite of the overall lyrics for the song. Those have more of a party and are actually rather sexually provocative. The robot mimics some of those, especially when it’s dirty dancing with the dancers behind it. Oh, and Justin can still dance like a boss but you and I already knew that.

Here’s the video for “Filthy.” Justin Timberlake’s album “Man of the Woods” is out Feburary 2nd. Just in time for his Super Bowl Lll halftime show on Feburary 4th on NBC. I think I did enough promo for him. You’re welcome, JT!

Oh, I certify that this song is a bop, bop, bop, bop to the top!

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Ask The Pop Project #6: Life Size 2, Demi Lovato, and Britney/Justin sex tape


I decided to take time out of my busy schedule (I know what you are thinking) to answer some of your questions that were eating away at your souls. Welcome to the latest edition of “Ask the Pop Project.” Let’s get started with some of your questions.


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

There’s going to be a Life Size 2 with Tyra. Do you think the movie will be any good?

– Concerned fan

I’m really hoping that the movie will be as good the first one. I would like a gritty reboot where Tyra is in Lindsay’s old toy box in her attic. Tyra comes back to life in order to help her turn her life around. Pretty much take Oprah’s series where she helps LiLo turn her life around, and just switch out Tyra for Oprah. I also want her to smile with her eyes because I feel like everyone, including knock-off Barbie dolls, needs to smile with your eyes. Yes, Tyra plays a knock-off Barbie. I said it


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Why do you think that Disney hates you?

 – Someone who knows the mouse

You see when you post and talk about Disney being a pimp and how they whore their stars out for all the money they are worth, you burn bridges fast. I’m pretty sure I’ll be kicked off of Disney property as soon as I enter it. I’m proud to say that someone on a board that reads “DO NOT LET IN/HIRE,” my face is right next to Demi Lovato’s forever. Fun Fact: Demi Lovato told one of my friends that she smelled good. It’s a small world after all.

Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Did President Trump find out anything about the Britney and Justin sex tape?

– Concerned and curious person

For those that don’t know, I sent the following tweet to President Trump:


I’ve yet to receive a response but I’m taking that he’s still looking, I think he realized how important this is to state of the world. He’s a very “busy” man. When he’s golfing, I believe he’s doing hardcore research on whether the tape is in some holes. I also have people that say his wife and family is also


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

What do you like to use: Apple Music or Spotify

– Music lover


I’ll be doing an article on this eventually but I really like Apple Music. I have Apple devices and it’s nice to have all my music saved on the cloud. It also lets me add new music to my library without having to spend money to purchase it. I personally like Apple Music just because it makes my life easier and I love anything that makes my life easier.


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Have you felt like a paper bag? Drifting through the wind, trying to start again

– Concerned Katy Perry

No, because I’m a human being. While I get and like the symbolism, it was just too much Katy. You’re song would have still been good without that line.


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Why do you hate me?

– Beyoncé is the true queen

I don’t hate anyone but rather, I have a strong dislike for certain people. I would create a list but that would make it common knowledge. I like to leave people in suspense.


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