Why you should watch: Veronica Mars

Today is July 1st. Besides the fact this month sucks, the only highlight of this month is the fact that “Veronica Mars” is available to be streamed fully on Hulu in America, and some other streaming services around the world. Because of this, and it coming back on July 26th with an eight-episode fourth season. In honor of everyone favorite sassy blonde detective coming to streaming syndication, here’s why you should watch “Veronica Mars” if you haven’t already.

Long Time ago, We used to be friends

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Who is Veronica Mars?

Veronica Mars is a private investigator that works at her father’s detective agency in the sunny Neptune, California since she was a teenager She solves cases for her peers and even helps solve her father’s cases, whether he wants her to or not. Veronica was initially one of the upper elite, wealthy clique at Neptune High. She lost her friends after her father, the sheriff at the time before being voted out, accused famous software billionaire Jake Kane of murdering his daughter and Veronica’s BFF. Oh, she was also dating Lily’s brother before she was killed. Yeah, Veronica has a lot going and this is just the first episode.

Why should you watch Veronica Mars?

“Veronica Mars” is an extremely well-written show that isn’t just a teen show. It’s a smart show that is written in a manner that everyone can get it. Each episode has it’s own standalone case while there is a bigger mystery taking either the whole season or half a season. “Veronica Mars” is the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” of the teen mystery genre. Without “Veronica Mars,” you might not have shows like “Riverdale.” It made the teen noir mystery seem cool. Veronica Mars was sassy, smart, and very similar to Buffy Summers. Both characters weren’t the girls you think would be taking down bad guys. They weren’t the stereotypic blonde girls you would see in their style of shows. They broke the mold.

I could sit here for hours and tell you about how much I love “Veronica Mars.” If you like good, quality noir and mystery shows, I highly recommend watching “Veronica Mars.” Just because it’s a teen show, it doesn’t mean you should sleep on the show. It’s not your average teen show and really shouldn’t be in that category. Take a trip down to Neptune, California, and meet everyone’s favorite private investigator. It worth your time.

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Get into the holiday spirit with ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ trailer


Deck the halls with bad behavior

It’s September and you know what that means: it’s time to get ready for the upcoming holiday season two months in advance.sigh. Here’s my article on the matter so I don’t have to go into another rant here. To start off the holiday shopping craze, the first-holiday theme trailer is upon us. Cheers to that!

Following after the first film, “A Bad Moms Christmas” follows the same format as “Bad Moms” just with an interesting twist. Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn reprise their roles as they feel unappreciated and overwhelmed with the upcoming holiday: Christmas. As if the pressure wasn’t large enough, they must also host their mothers for Christmas. They appear to be all of our spirit animals during this the holidays.

The first movie wasn’t bad but it did fall flat in some parts of the movie but it wasn’t bad. Hopefully, this movie is just an overall better movie. I can already tell that it more polished. The interactions between the Bad Moms and their mothers are also something that the trailer hits on but doesn’t go too deep into. It’s rather refreshing that over sharing and not ruining the movie. It’s just enough to keep you interested and wanting to actually see the movie. The movie itself doesn’t look bad at all. It looks better than the first one.

The casting of the mothers is actually rather great. The mothers are extremely similar to their daughter by look, personality, and how they act. It’s a rather great casting move. The moms are Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines and fucking Susan Sarandon. Tell me that doesn’t make you go “mmm.” It sounds like a really great cast.

“A Bad Moms Christmas” hits theaters on November 3. Here’s the trailer for your eyes to partake:

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Veronica Mars and the case of Donald Trump and the Russians


Normally, I don’t like to get political on here but this shit is way too juicy not to discuss because it just keeps getting better and better. It’s so good at this point, everyone is thinking that this is a conspiracy/government cover-up. And since the lead investigator has been fired, I think it’s time to visit someone who could help America figure this out. Someone that doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. It’s time to enlist the help of Veronica Mars.

So the Director of the FBI, James Comey, was fired yesterday and this just sent up a bunch of red flags. Comey was in charge of the investigation into the Russians involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election. I’m not going get into the investigation because we’ll be here all night. Literally, it’s a lot of info. The reason he was fired was because of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. This would end up contradicting everything Donald Trump’s campaign and supporters have said during and after his election. Like, who did they really think would believe that Donald Trump of all people would fire someone for the investigating Hillary’s emails? But hey, according to Kellyanne Conway, who has been found on CNN, these are just “alternative facts.” There’s a lot of conspiracy theories about this but I’m not going to mention them because I don’t want to disappear.

This has started what I’m calling “The Media War of 2017” because both parties are on the defense and taking to political shows to argue their parties points. The majority of one side just wants to push it under the rug because “fake news” is trying to turn the world against them. The other side wants to hire a special investigator to take over this case which will lead them to be “swimming with the fishes.” This is just literally insane because there’s a new twist or turn. It is kind of like this is a reality show. It’s like “The Apprentice” mixed in with “Survivor” and “Big Brother.” You don’t know what’s going to happen next which makes it’s slightly exciting from an entertainment point and fucking scary because it’s real life with big implications.

Because of this, I think it’s time for US government to hire Veronica Mars as the special investigate.Yes, I know what she’s a fictional character but this whole situation sounds like something off of “House of Cards.” Anyways, Veronica Mars would solve this case. She has a brilliant track history as a Private Investigator. She solved two murder cases before she turned 18 years old and got her license, she also has a law degree. She’s also been trapped inside an empty refrigerator as it was on fire, so there’s pretty much nothing that really scares her. Hiring Veronica would be the safest bet for finding out who will help figure out what’s going on. Mars will uncover the truth, especially if there is a cover up and it looks like there is one…allegedly.

Here’s to Veronica Mars saving us all with her skills and her sass:

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Long time ago, we used to be a TV but now we made a movie via Kickstarters

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So I’ve always big a HUGE Veronica Mars fan and I’ve meant to write a post about the new trailer for the highly anticipated movie based off of the cult classic. Instead of writing this like an article, I though I would just write about how much this trailer made my day. Before I pretty much fangirl, here the trailer:

Now this movie picks up years after the beloved television show where Veronica Mars is now a lawyer and romantically involved with Piz (we all remember Piz right? The one that wasn’t Logan but still was somewhat beloved by fans) before she gets called back into Neptune when she find out that Logan Echolls is yet again under arrest and accused of murder (please reread “murder” that in a british accent while you twiddle the ends of your mustache).

Now when I saw this trailer, I was pretty much excited as one can be because it was VERONICA FREAKING MARS! The trailer pretty much proved that it was going to be the same Veronica Mars that we all know and love…just with on a bigger screen. It has pretty much all the characters that you know from the show! Now it would have made it better if Duncan Kane was involved but more than likely we won’t find that out until the movie opening in Theaters  on March 14.

The movie already has hype as it was the biggest Kickstarter campaign ever and the most successful of 2013…if not ever. So for the movie looks like it will be what every marshmallow, Veronica Mars’s fan base, could dream of having. It might even have potential for sequel or hopefully a continuation of the television show.

Are you as excited about this movie like me? If so, leave in the comments about what you are most excited about.