Nick Jonas makes everyone level up

levelsWith the release of his Nick Jonas’ newest single “Levels” and his performance of the song at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, it’s only fitting that the music video comes out next.

The plot for the video is pretty simple. Nick is dancing around a complex with a bunch of beautiful women around him. Sometimes he’s in an elevator, sometimes he’s dancing on a randomly placed dance floor. He’s also dancing with chairs, every artist favorite item to dance with.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. It’s a standard Nick Jonas music video.


Overall: 4 levels out of 5

Get on Nick Jonas’ Level


Nick Jonas has blessed us with a new single entitled “Levels” today and oh boy, it’s the song that I didn’t know I need to end the summer.

Teasing us for about a month with it, “Levels” is pretty much following Nick’s newly found R&B roots with part 70’s pop roots and it’s a grand old time. Yes, it’s a love song about how love will take you high, hence the levels, “I know, we can get higher/There‚Äôs levels to your love.” It’s an extremely catchy song and will be stuck in you head for days…well, I’m assuming that since it’s only been out for a few hours at this point. Pretty much, it’s one of the best song of the summer by a mainstream artist.

Here’s the song for your listening pleasure:

Rating: 5 levels out of 5