Hilary Duff starts in Tinder commercial


Hilary Duff released the latest music video for her single “Sparks.” Too bad, it’s just one big ad for the dating App, Tinder. The music video is her and friends looking at and meeting guys on Tinder while she is dancing and singing. You can barely hear the song except for parts of it. Yes, you can hear the most important part of the MUSIC video.

The parts of the actually music video is rather good. The dance is decent and is very Britney Spears like. But then again, the video is entirely ruined by the talking and being a long ass Tinder advertisement.  While I give Hilary props for taking something and running with it,because everyone was having a massive fit because she was on Tinder, this idea wasn’t really a bright one. It would have been better if they worked it into the concept of the video without having the talking. Like in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for “I Really Really Like You.”

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Rating: 1 swipe to the left out of 5

Only Twinkies, Buffy, and Ariana Grande can survive the end


The apocalypse is coming and it seems that the only way to survive it, is to get a camera, a boy who your fans ship you with, and to get in the way of everyone. Ariana Grande released the video for her newest single “One Last Time” and we have a review of it for you because we want you to know how to survive the apocalypse. Before you read our review of it, view it for yourself:

I was honestly disappointed by the music video because it wasn’t up to her normal standards of music videos that we have grown to expected from miss Grande. The music video felt rushed. While it was taken in one take, which was what Ariana wanted, it wasn’t done right. When you do videos like that in one take, it has to be planned out and carefully timed out. With the music video, it just feels like they just gave up while filming it because they couldn’t get it right and just spliced everything together. They could have told a better story if they tied in the lyrics better, which doesn’t make any sense with the lyrics. While I give the video props for not being like the rest of the music videos out there, the one take and shot through the actors eyes just hurt the video. It also didn’t help as no one tried to stop Ariana, who if the video took place in present day should have been rushed by fans, as she adventures through everything. I think this video’s premise would have amazed everyone, just not the way it was shot and laid out.

Overall, the video is an okay video. This is definitely one of the instances where the song is way better than the music video, which should be used to further promote the song playing in it. I hope that there is a “better” version of the music video because this video isn’t one that will be memorable.


Rating: 3 likes on “The Slap” out of 5

Send it on! On and On

Send it on

It’s time to bring back old school review because I don’t know about you, but I missed those nostalgia feels.  It’s the best way to start it off is the song that represents our childhood/eary-teens. It was the mega-group to top all-mega groups. Never again, did Disney Channel have this much star power.  Here the video for your viewing pleasure:

“Send it On” was a released in the summer of 2009 as a way for Disney Channel to promote their newest initiative for the environment called “Disney’s Friends for Change”. The song brought Disney’s three big money makers together: Miley, Joe Bros, and Demi….oh, Selena Gomez too (Selena wasn’t in their league during this period). This was big for any Disney fan at the time. Sure, they had done “Disney Channel Circle of Stars” but this was with people who were actually popular.

The song itself didn’t mention the environment but had a powerful message with it. If you inspire other, they will start a chain reaction of inspired people. Stupid, I know but the songs meaning is a powerful one for its time. The lyrics pretty much fit any situation (i.e. same-sex marriage, world peace). The song and the music video are extremely well done, which is shocking for a Disney Channel song.

The only part of the song that really doesn’t work is the amount of singing isn’t equally divided between the six people. It’s kinda like they pull all the actor’s name out and went “Whoever’s TV show has the best ratings, they will sing the most and we’ll go through the line like that”. But this is proven false because then Selena would have more parts than all three of the Jonas Brothers due to the majoring suckages that their show “JONAS” brought. But I think it was given by who was more popular. Which is sad because Demi was way more popular than Miley at that point due to “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with A Chance”. It’s even sadder when you see Demi’s brackets and remember that she was self-harming…..

Overall, the song is a decent little ditty that has a powerful meaning. It’s pretty forgettable until it magically pops up and make you feel the nostalgia feels again.

Rating: 3.5 Demi’s brackets out of 5

Lea Michele came in like a Cannonball


It was only a matter of time before Lea Michele would release her very anticipated first single “Cannonball” and boy did she come in strong. With the music video released yesterday, we thought that it would be only fitting to finally do a review of Michele pop debut.

“Cannonball” is off of her first album called “Louder” and this song is pretty much one that showcases Michele’s vocals. It pretty much is the perfect song for her. It’s ballad, which all the glees know is her specialty.  The song is pretty much her ode to overcoming the odds and living for today. It could even be about moving on and be strong after you lose someone (me think she wrote this as one of the songs for Cory). It also shows that she isn’t one for this kind of music because “Cannonball” is the most well pronounced song on the radio today (It’s CAN-NONBALL). She sings the song like she’s on broadway again (that’s right, she’s was on broadway). Overall, this song is pretty much amazing and she will be giving Ariana Grande a run for her money.

Now the video itself is extremely visually appealing. It has a lot light and such and it’s just very sexy to the eyes. It pretty much tells the story that the song is telling. It everything starts out all dark and spooky and then it slowly become lighter and more fool of light with it eventually being all fully lit (and Michele posing and singing all sexy).

Overall: This is what everyone was suspecting when we first heard that she was going to be making an album.  Here the video. Give it a view and let us know what you think in the comments below:

Rating: 4.5 gold stars out of 5