Is ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ the rebirth of Ariana Grande?

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Welcome to the first edition of Popspiracy theories. It’s where I break down/create pop culture conspiracy theories because I’m woke and I want all of you to be woke too. Today, let’s chat about how Ariana Grande’s newest song “No Tears Left Cry” is a musical representation of her rebirth. Keep in mind, this all happened in the canon of her music videos.

I bet you are wondering when did Ariana “die.” In her video for “One Last Time,” it was the end of the world. When she “died” in the arms of her boyfriend as a comet was heading towards earth. We never fully know what happened due to the footage cutting out. We assume that she and her boyfriend, let’s call him Robbie, just died. Technically, they did. Or at least, that’s what one would assume. The comet did hit but Ariana Grande survived. Robbie sacrificed himself to save her…well, part of her. The comet split Ariana into three different personalities: Cat Valentine, “Dangerous Woman,” and Ariana Grande.

The three faces of Ariana Grande

The “Dangerous Woman” persona

Cat Valentine was the original persona that did everything from “Put Your Hearts Up” until “One Last Time.” That persona was that died with Robbie during the events of “One Last Time.” The Ariana Grande persona briefly appeared in the video for “Focus” but wasn’t seen until the events of “No Tears Left to Cry.” Her “Dangerous Woman” persona was the one carrying on her career during the era of the same. That would be the singles “Dangerous Woman” to “Everyday.” While the “Dangerous Woman” persona was in the public eye from March 2016 until June 2017, the true Ariana Grande was hospitalized secretly due being unable to survive without her the other two-thirds. She was comatose state. “Dangerous Woman” was more like an outta body experience for Ariana Grande. While it was fully Ariana Grande, it wasn’t the side that most would have seen due to Ariana didn’t really let her come out to play before this.

The rebirth of Ariana Grande

The new Ariana Grande

The video for “No Tears Left to Cry” is actually her the rebirth. If you look at the entire video with the rest of her videography, there are key things from each of her personas helping her come back to life. The true Ariana Grande persona’s world is twisted with memories from all three personas. Hence why the world in “No Tears Left to Cry” was all wonky and looks like a hot mess to a someone not living it in. The video is all in her mind. It wasn’t until Ariana fell into the room with all the lights that she regained consciousness and became fully herself again. She was woken.

Outside of the Lightroom and the room where she literally walking all over the walls, she’s wearing all white. White is seen as a blank canvas. This gave her a clean slate look to her through the video. So Ariana Grande wearing white is her starting over and getting a fresh start. As the video goes on, the sun begins the shine before it’s full-out at the end of the video. This is signaling that she is fully Ariana Grande and no longer just three personas. She’s her true happy self, ready to take on the world. This is also confirmed by her taking off a face and placing in between two other faces. Those faces represent the three personas that the comet from “One Last Time” split her into. She’s not forgetting her past but rather just not letting it control her now. “No Tears Left to Cry” is Ariana returning to normalcy finally after the horrific life altering events that she went through during “One Last Time.”

Where are the clues?

Here are the nods to the other two personas that happened the during the video. I literally watched all the music videos to make sure I didn’t miss anything:

  • The castle/building that Ariana is in at the start of the video is the same from “Right There” video
  • The city is the same city from “Baby I”
  • Ariana on the stairwell floating above it is similar to her floating in the “Break Free” video.
  • Her dress on the stairwell is similar to the one she was wearing in the “Focus” video.
  • Ariana and her dancing with umbrellas are similar to the dancing in the “Put Your Hearts Up” video.
  • The closeup shots of Ariana singing while falling are similar to the shots in the video for “The Way.”
  • The room that Ariana is in with the three mask is the same room from “Love Me Harder” video.
  • The lineup of Ariana Grande singing in between her dancers is a similar setup as in the video for “Problems.”
  • While the jacket isn’t the same color, it’s similar to the one worn in the “Everyday” video.

Are you woken like I am? I hope you enjoyed. A special thanks to Bailey Miller, who helped with the research of this conspiracy theory. If you did enjoy this, share it with your friends.

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Only Twinkies, Buffy, and Ariana Grande can survive the end


The apocalypse is coming and it seems that the only way to survive it, is to get a camera, a boy who your fans ship you with, and to get in the way of everyone. Ariana Grande released the video for her newest single “One Last Time” and we have a review of it for you because we want you to know how to survive the apocalypse. Before you read our review of it, view it for yourself:

I was honestly disappointed by the music video because it wasn’t up to her normal standards of music videos that we have grown to expected from miss Grande. The music video felt rushed. While it was taken in one take, which was what Ariana wanted, it wasn’t done right. When you do videos like that in one take, it has to be planned out and carefully timed out. With the music video, it just feels like they just gave up while filming it because they couldn’t get it right and just spliced everything together. They could have told a better story if they tied in the lyrics better, which doesn’t make any sense with the lyrics. While I give the video props for not being like the rest of the music videos out there, the one take and shot through the actors eyes just hurt the video. It also didn’t help as no one tried to stop Ariana, who if the video took place in present day should have been rushed by fans, as she adventures through everything. I think this video’s premise would have amazed everyone, just not the way it was shot and laid out.

Overall, the video is an okay video. This is definitely one of the instances where the song is way better than the music video, which should be used to further promote the song playing in it. I hope that there is a “better” version of the music video because this video isn’t one that will be memorable.


Rating: 3 likes on “The Slap” out of 5

“One Last Time” never gets old

One Last Time

It’s time to review the latest single from former Nickelodeon angel Ariana Grande! Ariana’s newest single “One Last Time” is the latest single off of her hit second album (check out the review of it here). Before you read my review of it, listen to it here:

The song itself is pretty much amazing and I would have pitched a holy fit if didn’t get chose to be the next single… and this article would have been totally different article. The song sounds like it was released in the early 2000s but got remastered to sound more current. Her vocals on the song are just to die for and are very powerful. It showcases just how powerful her voice truly is. “One Last Time” is the anthem to the break up that you wish didn’t happen and you want them back so you wrote a song to woo them over.

Not much didn’t work with this song….until I came across an acoustic version of the song that blew my mind. Here is the acoustic version:

Overall, the song is one the best songs that Ariana put out. It’s truly an amazing song and is everything. I would highly recommend getting this song.

Rating: 5 Problems without you out of 5

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