Inspirational Pride Quotes from Jojo Siwa

Since this Pride month is a little different than usual, I thought it was fitting if we look at some inspirational quotes from the person that most people would look at unless you are under the age of 12. I’m talking about Jojo Siwa, the girl with the massive bow. Originally on the show, “Dance Moms,” Jojo has become the Nickelodeon star that gives children Kids Bops style of music that doesn’t suck.

Jojo’s brand is all about self-acceptance and being yourself. Something that is Pride is all about. In an interview with Time, JoJo said that she models this from the late lead singer of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury.

“He was unapologetically himself … He looked different than everyone,” Jojo told Time. “I’ve always been like that, and I’ve never really known someone who pretty much does what I do.” She’s only 17 but she going to one a young LGBTQ+ source of inspiration because of the fact that she’s an ally and she truly loves her fans the way they are. Here are some inspirational quotes from Jojo that come from her lyrics:

For those haters that judge you

For when people don’t like you for you

To those who want you to be “normal”

When you just want to be your authentic self

For when you are your full authentic self

When you feel alone and like no one understands who you are

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Top 5ive: Recent pride songs


The month of June is LGBT Pride month and in honor of this month, I thought I would make a Top 5ive list of top recent pride songs. What is a pride song you ask? It’s songs that promote being yourself and celebrating who you are. These songs promote this and may even tell you metaphorically flip the finger to people that don’t accept you. Without a further ado, here’s my list.

5. “Really Don’t Care” by Demi Lovato

Eventhough the lyrics are about moving on and not listening to a former lover that scorned you, “Really Don’t Care” is just an anthem about not caring what others think and over coming bullying. You can even flip the chorus to someone that doesn’t accept you for who you are. “Even if the stars and moon collide, I never want you back into my life.” This song is just one those song that you can dance of hatred because its so upbeat. It’s one of Demi’s most underrated singles.

4. “Loser Like Me” by Glee Cast

One of the four original songs released during their second season, “Loser Like Me” is embodies everything that “Glee” was about. The song lyrics celebrate being yourself not matter who you are. While people are calling you names, they might be just jealous of you and the fact you aren’t afraid to be yourself. “Loser Like Me” is like “Really Don’t Care” as it’s an extremely underrated “Glee” song. It’s message never gets old and it’s just one of those songs that will make you happier by listening to, especially if you are going through a rough patch like in the song.

3. “Who Says” by Selena Gomez and the Scene

“Who Says” is all about self-acceptance. You might not be like the people you see on the magazine or on TV but that’s okay, because you can still be successful just being you. Selena also sings about whose place it is to tell you that you aren’t good enough. The song is a beautifully written and relatable no matter who are you. It’s all about being yourself because that’s when you are truly beautiful. True beauty is being yourself.

2. “True Colors” by Zedd and Kesha

Never heard of this song? Well, you should because it’s probably one of the most power song that Kesha has sung. “True Colors” was Kesha’s return to the music scene admist a very public battle with her record label and her former producer. The lyrics are about showing someone your “True Colors” and not hiding you are anymore because it’s not their life. It’s a really beautiful song that really showed off her vocals.

1. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

Is it really a surprise that this song is number one? Lady Gaga preaches about inclusion and acceptance for all and this song is literally is her stand out song. Lady Gaga is incredible human being because she doesn’t judge but rather loves unconditionally. “Born This Way” is the perfect represenation of that. Whether your a minority, LGBT, or just someone who is being bullied for being different, “Born This Way” tellings you to keep being you because you’re beautiful the way you are.

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