Lo Mejor: RBD



It’s time to try something different and to mix things up. Welcome to the first edition of “Lo Mejor!” It’s Top 5ive but just with Spanish music. This is going to be used to introduce  American audiences to this music and also relive some of the great music that has graced the world. This is will be in a mix of both Spanish and English. Lo siento si el español no es bien. In the first edition, let’s chat about a pop group that took the world by storm because of a soap opera. Estamos empezando con RBD!

RBD is a six piece band that formed as a part of the plot of the telenovela “Rebelde” in 2004. They became super popular and sold over 20 million albums, 2 million of those in the US. They are widely considered the most popular latin pop group of all time. Now that you basic understand of them. Let’s begin! Note: The titles are in English are the literal meaning of the title. Nota: La traducción al inglés de los títulos de las canciones es literal.

5. Tu Amor (Your Love)

Their first English single off of their only English album “Rebels.” While the album itself isn’t anything too great, mainly for poor translations, this single was a catchy love song. It was the perfect introduction to them for a non-Spanish speaking audience. The video for it as well was perfect as it was simple. It was just too bad they didn’t release any more English songs.

Su primer single en inglés de su único álbum en inglés “Rebels”. Mientras que el álbum en sí está bien, sobre todo por las malas traducciones, este solo fue una gran canción de amor con letra que se ha quedado atascado en la cabeza. Fue la introducción perfecta para ellos para un público que no habla español. El video para que así era perfecto ya que era simple. Fue una lástima que no dieron a conocer las canciones más inglés.

4. Nuestro Amor (Our Love)

The first single of their second album of the same name, “Nuestro Amor,” the single showed that the group wouldn’t just be a one hit wonder like many thought. “Nuestro Amor” ended up being the highest selling album and a big hit for the group. It was the highest placed song from the album in the United States. Catchy lyrics with an extremely sexy music video, it’s no wonder it was a hit!

“Nuestro Amor” fue el primer single de su segundo álbum. El single mostró que el grupo no sería exitoso. “Nuestro Amor” terminó siendo el álbum más vendido y un gran éxito para el grupo. Fue la canción más alta colocada del álbum en los Estados Unidos. ¡Letras adictivas con un video musical muy atractiva, no es de extrañar que fue un éxito!

3. Rebelde (Rebel)

It’s the song that started it all. The theme song/anthem for their show of the same name. Without this single, there wouldn’t be a countdown of their top songs. It’s their signature song. It started the RBD’s popularity and put them on the path to being pop culture icons in the Spanish-speaking world.

Es la canción que lo empezó todo. El tema / himno para su show del mismo nombre. Sin esta canción, no habría un “lo Mejor” de sus mejores canciones. Es la canción que son mejor conocidos por. Comenzó la popularidad de la RBD y los puso en el camino a ser iconos de cultura pop en el mundo de habla hispana.

2. Ser O Parecer (To Be or To Seem)

Probably the most known song of their after their hit telenovela ended, “Ser O Parecer” was an extremely good song with catchy lyrics. It’s a song about unrequited love, and who doesn’t love song like that? The video is also very trippy with the band chasing monsters as they rise to fame. The video doesn’t make sense but the song is a classic

La canción más conocida de su después de su telenovela terminó, “Ser O Parecer” fue una canción muy buena con letras adictivas. Es una canción sobre el amor no correspondido, y que no ama canción como esa? El video también es muy extraño con la banda persiguiendo monstruos a medida que suben a la fama. El vídeo no tiene sentido, pero la canción es un clásico

1. Sálvame (Save Me)

This song is probably the greatest song they did. It was a sweet song about dealing with heartbreak. Anahi was on lead vocals and it was just perfect. Especially with how it was featured on the show. The song became the love song ironically for Mia Colucci and Miguel Arango, the main couple on the show.

Esta canción es probablemente la mejor canción que hicieron. Era una dulce canción sobre cómo tratar el amor perdido. Anahi estaba en la voz principal y fue perfecto. Especialmente con cómo se presentó en el programa. La canción fue la canción de amor para Mia Colucci y Miguel Arango, la pareja principal en la telenovela

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Private schools aren’t that different from public schools 

private school sm.jpg

People are freaking out over the appointment of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. It’s because the fact that DeVos is more qualified to other things, most people are trying to figure out what’s she qualified to do. And the fact that the American public school system is going into the crapper as Private schools are more of Betsy taste. Before you move into the Canadian school system, I’m here to tell you that private schools aren’t that bad for kids.

I have watched many television shows that feature kids going to private schools and they have been fine. Granted, they were all super rich and the ones that where there on scholarships get massively picked on and tortured by secret societies hell-bent on “purify the school” like little sociopaths but that’s neither here or there. Private schools offer the same education that they would get at a public school, just with more “hands on” attentions. The hands on is coming from teachers having private “tutoring sessions” with their students. Some private schools allow students to live on campus and emerge themselves into the education. Of course, that’s if they ever go to class because it seems like they never have class and when they do, it’s just one big party.

Private schools do offer a lot of extracurricular activities on their campus, due to most private schools being like vacation resorts with pools, spas, golf courses, and basements perfect for sacrificing scholarship virgins. Gotta love that tax payers dollars at work, am I right? They have PLENTY of clubs for students to partake in: Golf, Tennis, Swim, Water Polo, underage strippers pretending to be a dance team, and did I mention that they have secret societies coming out the walls? The most popular clubs at private schools is their clubs dedicated for sex ed and underage drinking. It seems like everyone is in those clubs. The campus is so big that the sex ed and underage drinking practice literally everywhere on campus. And don’t worry, there is still drugs on campus as well. It’s the same kind of drugs they will get at a public school.

They also offer vacation clubs where the students can come together and relax before school and during breaks. This is when they will bond together and build memories of fun and being slightly watched by parents, who are having more drama than the actual students. The student will also turn on each other and form into tribes where they try to figure who is spreading “fake news” about them, when it’s actually true. But it always ends up just bringing the students together after one of the, suffers a near death experience.

Now a private school isn’t without its uniforms. Most private schools uniforms are just clothes you can pick up at the school itself. If they are a scholarship student, theirs might be slightly used and comes with gifts from the not so-friendly secret society. Mainly the gifts are just letters threatening your life and what not. Nothing says “Welcome to our school” like letters saying “Get out of my school you piece of scholarship trash.” Sidenote: at least the sociopathic secret societies are being equal opportunist with their torture. They aren’t just torturing based on race, sexual orientation, or language. Now there are usually two types of uniforms: Formal and Informal. Uniforms are there to create unity and to make it way easier to tease people. The uniforms also make it way easier to for the sex club to practice. Like the girls are in mini skirts and knee-high boots. They literally come off in like 4.5 seconds. They even have the stripper dance team show them how to rip it off. Oh, they all have matching underwear. Again, gotta love your tax dollars at work!

If this hasn’t sold you yet on private schools, wait until I tell you about the best part: the administrators are like super strict. Sure, they hardly watch the students and let them literally leave the campus at any given notice and pretty much do whatever they want. But if your child was to form a band that become an overnight sensation, you bet your sweet ass that they would break that ish up. They will not be having any of that thing called music taking your child away from great education under there watch. They will also not allow your student’s teachers to be friends with them or teach them valuable life lessons that isn’t in course curriculum.

I told you that private schools isn’t bad. It’s the same kind of education that they will get at a public school. Hopefully, this will help calm your mind into what your child will have to deal with at a private school.  The only difference is that the secret societies are much nicer…and will try to kill them instead throw them into a dumpster or their locker. Also, the students aren’t actually teenagers but rather in their 20s.

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What I learned from TV: Mexican Culture


Fun fact: Favorite Mexican telenovela–aka soap opera–ever is Rebelde. It’s about a group of teenagers that attend a private boarding school, and eventually form a pop group named “RBD.” Now I’m in the process rewatching the entire first season of it on Netflix, which is grand by the way, but it has taught me a lot about the Mexican culture.


Here is what I learned:

No one there really upholds the drinking age- In the show, the teenagers are drinking and not one of the adults seem to care. They casually mention that they are “too young to be drinking” but nothing really happens. It’s like “is there really a drinking age or is it one of those laws that is there because you have to have one?” It just too relaxed for my taste if you ask me, Mexico!!

People get famous all the time there and fast- The band magically gets together one night and then like a few months later they get a record deal. WTF, Mexico!?! Is really that easy to get famous there? I can go down there, throw a group together in like a few minutes, perform a couple of times and then bam! You’re famous. Now this show was recorded in 2003-2006 way before YouTube and getting famous on the internet was a thing. Pretty much confirmed that Mexico can look into the future like Raven Baxter.

It’s okay to be in older and date a teenager- Yes, you read it right. They have teenagers dating adult figures. Like they have a young girl dating the school prefect that is probably in his late to mid 20s, at best. They also have a young girl going out with her friends way other brother. The parents don’t really seem to care, which is a good transition to the next point….

Parenting is a foreign topics to some- Some of the parent’s are just horrible people and shouldn’t have been able to reproduce. One brought his son a hooker so he can become a real man, another makes extremely rude comments about her daughter’s weight that leaves her scared for life. Where’s protective services the entire time that this happens? Are they magically on vacation or did Mexico close them down to fund other things like bars for the teens?

They taking bullying to a whole nothing terroristic level- I’m going to keep this short and sweet because once I state the reasoning for this, you’ll understand. The boarding school that they attend has a secret cult that terrorize the students attending via scholarships until they leave the school. It’s not like teasing, but rather beating them, vandalizing personal belongings, and even kidnapping them.


There will probably be a part two of this but this is what I have learned so far. Let me know in the comments below your thought and what you have learned about Mexican culture from their telenovelas.