Selena Gomez low-key releases new music


It appears that our Seleners has dropped two new songs randomly with little to no hype about them. Selena Gomez released a cover of Yazoo’s “Only You” and an acoustic version of “Kill Em With Kindness.” Both songs are off of the new Netflix original series “13 Reason Why,” which Selena helped produced. So let’s break them down in the first ever Pop Project Double Music Review, which will have a better name if I do this again.

Only You

“Only You” is such a beautifully done song. Selena did the song a little bit slower than the original, which I’ve never heard of Yazoo so I had to do some journalist research on it. Her interpretation just fits the lyrics better with Selena’s version than in the original. In the original, which was mad in the 1980s, it’s just a little bit too upbeat for the song. It probably worked then, but it definitely doesn’t work now.

Selena’s version is stronger vocally as well because Selena’s voice will soothe your soul and it’s her breathy vocals that we came to love in “Good for You.” It makes the song a highlight and one that will hopefully get more credit than just being on a soundtrack for a television show.

Overall, the song is a classic Selena ballad that will make you weak in the knees. It will probably be overlooked which should be a crime punishable by stoning. We don’t have enough stoning for “legit” reasons anymore. Not hearing Selena Gomez’s cover is a legit reason.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Kill Em With Kindness (Acoustic)

“Kill Em With Kindness” was originally released as a single for her second solo album “Revival.” The song was a smash, to begin with, and the acoustic version is will change your life. Selena Gomez just has a way to make her voice sound way better when she’s singing acoustics or ballads.

The piano in the background is simple yet elegant.  It totally adds a new depth to an already deep song. It’s probably the way that the song should have been released because its way better than the original. Like, it puts the original to shame. If Selena made versions of all her music like this, I would be totally okay with it because it’s awesome

Overall, an amazing acoustic cover of a great song. That’s all there is to say about it. It’s the same song we’ve heard before, just way better.

Ratings: 5 out of 5

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Selena kills them with Magnum

selenakill smSelena Gomez released her latest music video for her newest single “Kill Em With Kindness.” This is the fourth single off of her hit album “Revival,” which has all been number one singles so far.

In the video, Seleners is staring and posing into the camera while flashes from the camera. In between Selena posing and singing, there are shots of bullets falling, blood dripping on a rose, and people dancing. It’s extremely deep and I’m not even sure what the real meaning behind it is.

No matter what the meaning is, the video is artistically well done. I like how it’s all in black and white like it’s suppose to show that we are all the same.

Here’s the video for your eyes to enjoy

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Sexlena is getting grabby

Hands to Myself

Selena Gomez released her latest video for her newest single, “Hands to Myself,” which is off her second solo album “Revival. The video was released exclusively on Apple Music because that’s where all the hipsters are premiering their videos these days.

The video is a rather racy video because well, Seleners is in her underwear playing an obsessed fan that is in her celebrities crush’s house touching herself to the though of them together (Hence the title “Hands to Myself”).

The video is rather well done because it tells a story and is one of the most interesting videos that she has done. It’s pretty cool. But it has a twistedly twisted twist twist–It was all a movie and she really is dating him. It’s like finding out that you are related to the stylist of the Selena Gomez’s Stylist’s Hair Dresser.

Click here to watch the video


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Selena’s Revival is upon us


Today is Selena released her second, fifth overall, album entitled “Revival.” The album is pretty much the first adult Selena album due to it’s her first album not under Hollywood Records, better known as Disney’s label.

The majority of the album is Selena Gomez opening up her life and trying on different genre’s of music. The album also gives vibes of “Stars Dance,” which I nicknamed “Selena wants the D.” This album I have nicknamed “Selena got the D and chopped it off.” And like “Stars Dance,” “Revival” is full of catchy songs but with a touch of profanity and more sexual innuendos than the Canadian kid’s show “Space Teens.”

It’s pretty much the perfect amount of sass, heartbreak, and long lonely sad nights eating ice cream alone while watching Netflix.  “Sober” is pretty much one of the best songs on the album along with “Kill Em With Kindness,” “Me & The Rhythm,” and “Body Heat.” (We all ready know that “Good For You” and “Same Old Love” is my jams as well.) The rest of the songs are good but they aren’t up to par. Sure they are catchy but they aren’t something I find myself constantly listening to. Again, they aren’t bad but not fully up to their potential, which is the same for this album.

Like “Stars Dance,” This album is good but just feels like it could be better and more polish. Sure, it has a lot of meaning and is deep but it’s not a great as it sold be. The vocals are pretty much the best they have sounded and seems less studio made.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing and listening to the album if you were a fan of “Stars Dance,” but if you are looking for something to start your life as a Selenator, I would recommend some of her “Selena Gomez & The Scene” stuff because it’s somewhat rather better.

Listen to the album here:

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

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