Apple to Android


For the last 3 years, I have used an iPhone. I’ve used a iPhone 4 and a iPhone 5 as my phone of choice and thought of it as the greatest piece of technology since the invents of computers. I like how simple and easy it made using a smart phone. Apple blew my mind with the release of iOS 7 (let’s be honest for a moment and admit that it is one of the beautifully done interfaces design so far). But then I got an Android tablet and then that changed my world like Del Taco changed Rob Kardashian’s world and waistline. I enjoyed the widgets and how I could view the whether or Facebook without having to open an app or pull down my notification screen. It wasn’t until I realized just how much I could customize an Android truly was compared to my iPhone. Then I decided when I upgraded my phone last month that I was going to take the plunge and get an Android phone- a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be exact. Since then, I have not regretted it at all.

There wasn’t any culture shock (even with my tablet being out of date). I’ve come to learn that Apple is extremely behind on what smartphones can truly do. While their products are top of the line, there should be not reason why Apple still doesn’t have some of the features that Androids have to some degree. While I miss the design of the user interface (I’m eagerly waiting for my Note 4 to be able to get the Android 5.0.2 update), and the lovely Siri, I’m very happy with my choice to go Android.

So I know what you are now thinking fateful reader-¬†Steven, what the hell is the point of this blog? Well, the point of this blog is to kind of let people know there are other things out in the world to explore and to see if you like. I would have never learn what I was missing out technology wise if I didn’t what my gut was telling me to try.

While I know that switching phones is a probably a ¬†horrible excuse for this but it’s true when people say to explore things around to see what the world has to offer you. Like this blog post, it’s something different then what I normal do on this site. Usually it’s me just posting, more than often not posting, reviews or articles about pop culture and not something where I’m just kind of writing for the hell of it. There will probably be more of this because frankly, I had fun writing it and it something different to enjoy.

So moral of this post: Try new and different things out and enjoy the little things that life has to offer you.