Shawn Mendes releases his personal and raw self-titled third album

Shawn Mendes, please have ‘Mercy’ on our souls.

Not to be outdone by his BFF Charlie Puth with the release of his album “Voicenotes,” Shawn Mendes released his much anticipated self-titled third album. It’s been two years since Shawn released his studio album “Illuminate.” It’s been a long two years since that release.

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Shawn’s self-titled album is a much personal album than what we have gotten in the past from him. You can tell in his vocal and how it was written that it has a deeper meaning for him than what we got in his last two albums, “Handwritten” and “Illuminate.” There’s still the style that Shawn has been singing on this album, but there’s a new and refreshing take on it. The realness on the album is what makes it so good. Sure, it’s extremely well produced but you can’t produce raw emotion in a studio. 

“Shawn Mendes” offers a different direction musically. There’s definitely more of a rock feel on some of the songs. There’s also some R&B on the album that shows off Shawn’s vocals way better than what has been presented before.  Shawn slayed the falsetto on “Nervous.” The album was inspired by John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon, and Bruno Mars.

There are actually parts that sound like he also inspired by Selena Gomez’s song “Bad Liar.” With that song, Selena reinvented her sound like Shawn did with this album. “Nervous” and “Particular Taste” is just waiting for someone to mashup them up with “Bad Liar.” If you have the ability to do this, please do because I need a Shawn and Selena duet in my life. I need it as much as a Charlie and Shawn duet. 

The Verdict

“Shawn Mendes” does kickstart the mature stage of Shawn’s career as he heads into his twenties. It features more realness that wasn’t really present during his last two albums. Most of the songs on the albums are absolute hits. The only ones that I would avoid are “Like to Be You” and “Why.” They aren’t bad songs but they just miss the mark in comparison with the rest of the album. The standouts are “Particular Taste,” “Queen,” “Mutual,” and “Perfectly Wrong.” “Perfectly Wrong” is a deep cut.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Shawn Mendes meets a nice girl and gets ‘Nervous’ in newest song

Who doesn’t love a timid Shawn Mendes?

After being left alone in the morning in his last single “Where Were You in The Morning?,” Shawn Mendes releases another bop that has us wondering just who is he sing about. The newest song just comes days before the releases of his self-titled third album.

You’re welcome for this

“Nervous” is a Prince-inspired pop/R&B song that isn’t really anything that we have heard from Shawn so far. I know, I say that a lot but this time it’s true. We’ve never had a truly Pop bop from Shawn, who is known for having an acoustic guitar in his hands. It also sounds like a song that you would have heard from his friend Charlie Puth’s latest album “Voicenotes.” Either way, It’s a welcomed change of pace from Shawn.

The vocals on the song are extremely well-done. Shawn’s emotions are captured perfectly, including the falsettos. The falsetto is used so well in this song. They are used to help tell the listener how nervous he truly is. I’m all here for nervous Shawn Mendes. I’m here for any Shawn Mendes honestly.

My only complaint is that I wish that “Nervous” was a tad bit longer. It clocks in at 2:44. I want more of it. I also want a mashup of this and Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar.” The songs sound too similar for it not to be in a mashup together. It’s almost like they are sister songs. I would also like this song mashed up with a Charlie Puth song but I think that might be a little harder to do. But I’m still all here for Muth.

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Shawn Mendes release new single that asks ‘Where Were You In The Morning?’

Shawn Mendes wanted to know someone’s whereabouts

With a week left until the release of his next album, Shawn Mendes gave the world another song after/during his “One Night Only” performance on Apple Music. HIs newest single just continues to hype up the need and want for Shawn’s new album in the world.

“Where Were You In The Morning?” is a rock-pop bop that sees Shawn continue to channel John Mayer into his music. I’m not complaining one bit about that either. The song is slower than “In My Blood” but still manages to kick some ass with the over vibe of the song. It will soothe your soul.

The song is about a one night stand. That is right, Shawn Mendes is talking about a one night stand. It’s not the kind of one-night stand that you are thinking of. You see, Shawn met this girl and thought they had a connection. But instead, she left him alone in bed in the morning, which is a crime. She didn’t leave a number nor give any reason why she abandoned him. Again, leaving Shawn all by himself in the morning should be a crime.

The production of the song fits the mood of that Shawn is trying to convey. You can tell that he was upset by this and the song reflects that. “Where Were You In The Morning?” is a great song that really shows up the direction of Shawn’s newest album as well as his growth in his music. Sidenote: Please let me know who left you in the morning, Shawn. They need to go to jail.

Shawn Mendes’ self-titled third album is out May 25th.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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Shawn Mendes and Khalid team up to release ‘Youth’

Shawn Mendes and Khalid won’t let anyone take their  “Youth”

After making a countless number of his fans watch what was pretty much an 8-hour long art and craft show for his new album, Shawn Mendes released another song off of his upcoming self-titled album. He teamed up with singer Khalid to give a duet that the world never knew it needed.

“Youth” is a slowed down acoustic pop song similar to what we heard before from Shawn’s first two albums. It’s produced beautifully. It starts out nice and slows before turning into a bop with the chorus starting up with some drums behind it. It’s there where it starts to get an R&B flare to it.

The lyrics are somber and yet inspirational. They talk about dealing with diversity before telling the person that hurt them “This soul of mine will never break/As long as I wake up today/You can’t take my youth away.” “Youth” is pretty much one big middle finger to people who have tried to keep them down. 

Khalid on this song is everything. He doesn’t just wait until the middle and have one verse or add very little to the song. He and Shawn take turns trading lyrics back and forth. They both make the song. It’s how every featured artist should be featured. If you are going to have them on the song, at least make it worth they’re wild.

“Youth” is a perfectly written song that is just everything. It the perfect middle finger song and perfect for today’s society. It’s uplifting while still being the perfect chill song.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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