Please stop using Snapchat filters on all of your selfies

Houston, we have a major problem.

There’s an epidemic taking over the world that is way worse than Bieber fever and those damn Kardashians. Okay, nothing can be worst than those damn Kardashians but this is pretty close. Let’s have an open and honest discussion about why people feel the need to post/print pictures of themselves with fucking Snapchat filters on them. Welcome to “Social Media Corner.”

People are taking selfies and then using the filters from Snapchat filters. Then they are using these social media because they find them “cute,” and want to bring all the “boys to the yard.” It’s like people have been infected by a disease. Like when people thought it was socially acceptable to wear skirts with tennis shoes. You might think it’s a great idea but in the end, you just look like an idiot. 

Does this look cute?

When you are posting pictures of yourself with these filters on, it looks like you are trying to hide something from people. What are you trying to cover up? Do not like your nose, lips, face, eyes, etc.? If you aren’t, that isn’t what is coming across. People want to see what you really and truly look like. They can’t see that if you have that dumb filter on your face.

Also, they aren’t making you look cute. If you are under the age of 16, then you really shouldn’t be taking pictures with filters. That’s really the only way that it’s even slightly acceptable. If you want to look cute, then just pose and pick amazing lighting.

Please also stop using that dog face filter. You know the one that I’m talking about. The one was when you open your mouth, a tongue appears and licks the screen. It’s annoying and I’m tired of constantly seeing it everywhere. Enough is enough. If you have to use a filter, then find another one.

Be yourself and just let others see your face. Stop using filters because they only hiding your beauty. There’s only one of you, why should you hide that.

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