Album Review: ‘Love Music Funk Magic’ by Kat Graham



The lovely and talented Kat Graham has released her second album and boy, I am excited. Her music as been magical, especially since she spent eight years playing a witch on “The Vampire Diaries.” Now that the show ended, her music is pouring out and it’s amazing.


“Love Music Funk Magic” is following the footsteps of her first album “Roxbury Drive” by mixing an old school feel while still making the music feel new. The album has a disco/70s feel to it. It’s a really nice groove for all of the song. All of the songs just make you want to dance. The “new” style that is incorporated into the song to where it just blends right into the feel of the album. It’s a funky album.

The flow of the album is extremely well planned out. The songs flow so well together that it borders on the songs sounding similar. The album is broken into sections with interludes that separate them. The interludes are either hit or miss, which is common for them. There’s also one point where it’s interludes, one song, and then another interlude. That is probably the only complaint that I have with the flow of the album. It just doesn’t make too much sense and is just feels weird when you are listening to the album, not on shuffle. It’s always a risk when you incorporate interludes into an album. While it helps you tell a story, you don’t get the story if you have if on shuffle which then makes the interludes feel out-of-place. I actually liked the interludes when I put the album on shuffle more than just listening to the album straight through. It still told the story but the flow was still good.

The lyrics/themes of the songs are everything that is mentioned in the album title. The lyrics are just fun lyrics and probably the best Kat has done so far. They are extremely relatable. Also, I love the titles of the songs. Like they are so clever and just make the overall experience of the album great. This album surpassed my feelings for “Roxbury Drive.” While I love both albums, this one is the best she has released. It has everything that you need for a great dance album, especially for summer.

“Love Music Funk Magic” is an amazing second album. The flow is good besides a few issues with the segments and interludes. This album really makes Kat Graham shine as a vocalist and an artist. She’s highly underrated.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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