Hilary Duff makes a comback with “Breath in. Breathe Out.”


Hilary Duff will be releasing her new album, “Breathe In. Breathe Out,” tomorrow in the US.  It’s her first album in eight years and unfortunately it shows.

Now don’t get me wrong, the album itself is a good album. It’s just nothing that really stands out, especially when summer is the peak time for releasing music. The songs are decent songs, some way better than others, but there doesn’t feel like the album had any direction whatsoever. It’s compromised of two different styles: First half is Dance, teen pop, like her earlier works, and then the second half is folk pop, like “Chasing the Sun” and “All About Me.” Honestly, the folk pop part is way better than the half of the album. I liked her folk pop stuff because it was different work for her and actually seemed more adult. “Sparks” and the rest of her dance music is also very good too. There is a nice transition with one song being dance folk pop, I think I just made up a genre, but it still doesn’t hep with the album not having direction.

Overall, the album is a good listen especially if you are a fan of the Duffster. But it’s definitely going to get lost in the summer music shuffle.


Steven’s favorite tracks: Sparks, My Kind, Tattoo, Lies, and Night Like This to name a few


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Hilary Duff starts in Tinder commercial


Hilary Duff released the latest music video for her single “Sparks.” Too bad, it’s just one big ad for the dating App, Tinder. The music video is her and friends looking at and meeting guys on Tinder while she is dancing and singing. You can barely hear the song except for parts of it. Yes, you can hear the most important part of the MUSIC video.

The parts of the actually music video is rather good. The dance is decent and is very Britney Spears like. But then again, the video is entirely ruined by the talking and being a long ass Tinder advertisement.  While I give Hilary props for taking something and running with it,because everyone was having a massive fit because she was on Tinder, this idea wasn’t really a bright one. It would have been better if they worked it into the concept of the video without having the talking. Like in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for “I Really Really Like You.”

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Rating: 1 swipe to the left out of 5

Hilary Duff sends out Sparks

Hilary Sparks

Seven months after the Duchess of 2000’s Disney Hilary Duff rocked the world with two new singles, Ms. Duff is back with her latest single off of her fifth album “This Heart”, “Sparks.”

“Sparks” has a club feel to it and brings back the feels of her album “Dignity” brought us. The song is incredibly catchy and has a whistling that plays throughout the song and it’s a musical STD, or STI as the cool kids are calling it these days. The songs also screams sexual as it’s all about sex. Don’t believe it? Here is a sample of the lyrics:

If I had choice
If I had my way
Boy you know we’d do it every single day
If I had a wish
And If I had my way
Boy you know we’d do it every single day

Yeah, Hilary doesn’t full around when it comes to sex or saying what she like. It also sounds like her and Selena Gomez has been getting some from the same person because both made a song about it.

The only thing that doesn’t work with the song is that it sounds young…too young compared to her last two songs.  It sounds like she is trying to go with a younger group of fans when her fans are in their early to late twenties.

Overall, the song is a very good song. It just seems like a step back compared to her other songs. Take a listen to the song:


Rating: 4 sparks out of 5