Celebrate friendship with Spice Girls’ ‘Viva Forever’

I don’t know about you, but I’m very jealous that Spice world 2019 didn’t come over to us here in the states. It’s been over ten years since we had a Spice Girls tour over here. But I thought it would be fitting to remember their best and final single as a Quintet until 2007. After all, it’s always the right time to spice up your life. Fun fact: It’s on my list for their Top 5ive songs.

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Do you still remember how we used to be?

“Viva Forever” was the final single off of their second album, “Spiceworld.” It was released in the July 1998, a few months after Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, announced to the world that she would be leaving the group. It was written by the Girls as well as Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard. Geri wrote most of the songs.

The song is an exceptionally well-done pop song. Its similarity structured to another song of theirs, “Mama.” It has a Spanish vibe with the guitar that is throughout the song. It’s a rather lovely and slow ballad that we really didn’t get from the girls at the time, at least as singles. Most of the time, all of their singles were upbeat dance bops.

Do you still remember how we used to be?
Feeling together, believing whatever
My love has said to me

“viva forever”

The video for the song was a cool and incredibly creepy concept. The video didn’t have the actual girls in it, probably due in part, there was only four now. It follows two children as the fairy version of the girls interact with the children and just helps them. It’s not the most en genius plot to the video, but it’s a plot. Frankly, I would have like to have something different, even if it was just clips of the girls. That would have been more fitting.

While the song lyrics are geared more friends, the video for “Viva Forever” about leaving your childhood behind and keeping your youth alive even as you get older. The lyrics for me are probably the best part of the entire song. The way it was written just make the song stand out. It’s kind of written like a letter. There’s so much depth to the song.

Fun Fact

The song did get a musical named after it. In 2012, the Spice Girls green-lighted a musical similar to “Mamma Mia!” called “Viva Forever!” It followed a girl named Viva, because that’s a real name, as she tried to get her band on TV. Viva eventually gets her time in the spotlight, but it’s without her band. Only performed in the West End Theatre, “Viva Forever!” was panned by critics and lasted less than a year.


“Viva Forever” is frankly one of the most underrated songs that the Spice Girls have released. “Viva Forever” was overshadowed by Geri Halliwell leaving the group. I highly recommend checking the song if you haven’t already. It’s worth the listen. I really wouldn’t watch the video because it just came across like a cash grab. It’s just weird and creepy too.

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Top 5ive: Spice Girls

Way back in the day, I did a Top 5ive Spice Girl singles. I decided it was time to recheck and redo the list just to make sure that I still stand by the list that I originally did. Also, I’ve been on a Spice Girl kick since they have done a sort of reunion tour that I’m rather jealous they didn’t bring it to the states. So here’s the Top 5ive Spice Girls singles.

5. 2 become 1

It’s the Spice Girl’s sex song. It’s a song about having a connection with someone and using protection when you are having sex with that person. I bet you didn’t realize that until now. My childhood was shook. Especially since Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, has all the sexy lines. It’s the sexiest yet cleanest song about sex ever. The music video was also pretty cool. The girls singing and moving slowly as the fast pace world moves around them. See the metaphor yet? I know, that was deep for 1996.

4. Goodbye

It’s the first song after Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, left. And it’s an amazing song. The vocals on the song are killer. It was their “goodbye” to the fellow spice. Many also thought it was them signaling that they were ending the group, which they did due two years later. Fun fact: this song was released two years before the album got released. The lyrics tug on your heart-strings as they sing “no, no, no, no” beautiful as the hook. The music video is beautiful as well. “Goodbye” is the breakup anthem of the late 90’s for friendships and relationships. Oh, and you need to listen to the Orchestra version. It’s sooo much better.

3. Spice Up Your Life

The unofficial anthem of the Spice Girls, this song is just killer. It’s just one of those feel good songs that you just get up and dance to and chant with it like you are in a cult. No one is really sure what the words mean nor what the words are, but you just can’t help but sing a lot. While the futuristic video was an amazing idea, the iconic entrance and performance from their movie “Spice World” is what really stick into your mind. That entire movie is such an underrated classic but that’s not what we are talking about. Honestly, this song should be on any “get amped” playlist.

2. Wannabe

The song is iconic. It’s the first single they ever released. It took the world by storm. The lyrics may not make any sense at time, it was really just the wording, but it set the tone for what to expected with the Spice Girls. It also had everyone wondering what does it mean to “ziga ziga ah.” According to UrbanDictionary, the term “ziga ziga ah” means things of sexual nature….let’s just pretend that I never looked it up. Anyways, it’s the song that everyone knows and everyone sings along to. It’s pretty much everyone’s jam. You’re welcome for getting this stuck in your head.

Honorable Mention

“Who Do You Think You Are”

Frankly, this is an underrated bop of the Spice Girls. It’s a late 90’s disco jam that came off of their first album. It’s just a fun song that you can get down to and just relieve whatever crap is going on in your life. Mel C, Sporty Spice, vocals on the song are what stands out. Especially towards the end of the song. And the video is iconic as it’s pretty much everyone dream. It’s them a hip and trendy club. It may or may not be a gay club. We stan.

1. Viva Forever

This is the song that showed a more serious side of the Spice Girls. While the music video kind of sucked, honestly it was weird. There’s children and puppy fairies. It’s just a lot to process and handle. It’s their signature song that they used it as the title of the musical based off of their music. Unlike the musical, everyone pretty much loved the song. It was also the last single to have Geri before her departure in the Spring of 1998. It’s very fitting for that as well because of the song’s theme of Friendship.

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Movie Review: ‘Spiceworld’

Spice up your life

In honor of the Spice Girls reuniting for a tour of the UK starting next may, I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and watch their movie “Spiceworld.” Yep, that’s right. There was a Spice Girls movie. Unlike the tour, it has all five spice: Baby, Posh, Scary, Sporty, and Ginger. You won’t be able to see any of those in your kitchen cabinets. Side note: it was a miss opportunity that no one made a spice girls spice rack.

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Released in 2007 and in the middle of their success, “Spiceworld” was directed by Bop Spiers. You probably never heard of him as this was his most high-profile film. #Hipster. The movie follows the Quintet as they plan for their major concert. That’s the major plot of the movie. There’s also a small subplot about them trying to balance their lives as Spice Girls and having a small resemblance of a normal life. The movie is full of comedic moments like dream sequences, as well as some flashbacks. The acting in the movie is okay. The Spice Girls aren’t really actors bu they do an okay job. They are just portraying their Spice personas so it’s not like it’s super hard for them since they are doing it all the time. If you are looking for an oscar worth film, then you will be highly disappointed with “Spiceworld.” This is for of a feel good movie that you would want to watch when you are down or just looking for a good time. This movie is extremely corny and not one you would want to take too seriously. If you take it seriously, then you hate this movie. Music was all the songs you would have head from them on the radio at the time. They had only released all but their last album “Forever.” Most don’t realize that the Spice Girls only have three studio albums and a greatest hits album under their belts. I didn’t. But the musical and comedic numbers are the truly highlights of the entire movie. It’s want will make you love the movie because they are iconic. “Spiceworld” is classic campy 90s movie. Like I said before, if you take this movie too seriously then you will hate it. It’s not ment to be taken seriously but just a good time. I recommend watching it at least one time if you haven’t already. It will spice up your life. Get it?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Intro to British Pop Music 101


Welcome to class

I hope you are sitting down because you are about to get schooled. Welcome to Introduction to British Pop Music. During this course, I will teach you about lesser-known British pop groups that you probably have heard of but don’t know that much about. Some will be well-known. Either way, it will be a good time. It’s also be known, that some of them aren’t “fully” British but from the UK. Either way, they are important to British Pop.   Also, this isn’t a full bio on these bands or all the bands here. Let’s begin, and make sure to take notes. There will be the comprehensive final over all of this. (There’s a cheat sheet in the Power Pop Playlist).

Duran Duran

Considered one of the top British bands of the 80s, Duran Duran gave the world extremely catchy pop music. I guess you could say that they were one of the leader in the British Pop movement that would take over the 1990s. Without them, we might not have the rest of the artist in this course.

Spice Girls

Everyone knows about the power that the Spice Girls had in the late 90s. They were the British band to be. They influenced so many girl groups with their form of girl power. To put it into perspective for newer fans, they were the One Direction of their time. They even had a campy crappy movie “Spice World.” It’s a classic that everyone should see. It’s a treasure….one that makes you lose brain cells.


Considered to one of the top boy bands in the UK, Westlife was a juggernaut. They came when the Spice Girls were starting to fizz and there wasn’t any Ginger in their life. Almost all of their single were in the top five of the charts in the UK. There only hit in the US was “Swear it Again.”


This is probably one of the lesser knowns of the bands on here but you do know them. Five’s song “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” was featured in the greatest Disney Channel Original Movie ever “Smart House.” This actually helped them because their first two albums charted here in the states. They didn’t do very well, but they charted. So “yay for them” I suppose.

S Club 7

Probably the second most popular British band from the 90s. S Club 7 was a powerhouse and came very close to being in the same league as the Spice Girls. They had a hit television show that played all the time. It also happened to be 30-minute music videos for their albums.


The second biggest band to come out in the 90s. Steps were a machine of hits that followed a formula that works still to this day. They only have one single and one album chart in the States, but they were everywhere in the UK. You know you made in the States when you are on a Radio Disney compilation album and have a small concert on Disney Channel.


“Back Here” was the biggest hit that BBMak had in both the US and the UK. It placed higher on the US charts than on the UK charts. Actually, they were more of a hit here than in the UK.  Both albums charted her and four of their singles placed in the top 50. They probably would have been a bigger hit if they didn’t break up after two albums. Oh, They also were on Disney’s “Even Stevens.”


Okay, so more than likely you never heard of them but you have at least heard of their song. Sugababes was the original singer of Miranda Cosgrove’s hit single “About You Now.” I know what you are thinking, mind blown. This was one of their biggest hits in the UK. It was only one of the few songs that reached number one. They had plenty of songs that made in the top 100.

Atomic Kitten

The rebirth of catchy girl pop took form with Atomic Kitten. All three of their albums were in the top five of the charts. Most of their singles were in the top 20. Now, you’re probably wondering where you have heard them. Their cover is “The Tide is High” was heavily played throughout the early to mid-2000s. It was featured in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” So it seems like Disney is the breeding group for British pop.

The Wanted

While they weren’t as well-known as One Direction, The Wanted were a big hit. All three of the albums were top 10 hits in the UK. Their song “Glad You Came” was what made them a hit over here in the States. Their music was more of a hit than in their home country than in the US.

One Direction

Probably the best known out of the new wave of British Pop in the 2010s, One Direction is what every act wants. They were the top act across the world with their records killing the charts. Tours sold out venues everywhere. They were just top dogs. They spawned so many items with their faces on it, it’s really unreal. They literally created an empire. It’s rather funny when you think they all started on the UK’s version of “The X Factor” as solo artists.

Little Mix

The newest British pop sensation to arrive on the scene, Little Mix stole America’s heart with “Black Magic.” All four of their albums have charted in the top 50 in the States and they are well on their way to become the next breakout hit. Also, you don’t want to tick them off. They look like they could beat you up.


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