‘The Flash’ breakdown: “Mixed Signals”


The Flash is back!

It’s time for another breakdown of “The Flash.” It’s a new week and a new episode. Will Caitlyn go ice-cold again? Or will Barry finally get back to fully normal? Let’s break it down!

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The episode opens up with Barry dancing in his underwear in an ode to “Risky Business” while speeding around making breakfast for himself. This marks the most we’ve seen Barry Allen not wearing clothes within since season one and that was only for a little bit. The main plot of the episode is the fact that Iris and Barry aren’t communicating with each other both personally or in the quest to fight evil. The subplot also revolved around this because Cisco was blowing off his girlfriend and having to make it up to her because it was 1.1.1 day on her Earth.

Iris and Barry’s inability to talk to each other sends them to a see a therapist after Caitlyn gave her the idea based on what her and Ronnie when through because they were doing the same thing. I was a fan of this until they totally blew off the actual issue between them. Iris and Barry never dealt with or talked about what Iris went through when Barry was gone for six months. Instead of diving deeper into this, they just glanced over the idea and moved on.

The villain of the week was a metahuman that could hack technology with his mind, which he did to seek revenge against his former team because they took credit for this idea. Cisco also adds a lot more tech to the new Flash suit this week, which nothing bad will happen because of that. Turns out, the villain took control of the suit and Barry. It wasn’t until Iris and Barry communicated with each other to fry the suit. They catch and stop the villain and resolve all the issues of the week. Oh, there’s a villain that I’m guessing in the future that is being a puppet master and controlling everything that is happening. Not much is being said about him/them…yet.

This episode was okay. It really didn’t have any depth to anything. Yeah, I like that they are going back to the lighter themes, especially when Arrow is dark enough for all of us lately, but the one thing last season had over this one so far is the fact that there was enough depth to tell a store. Yeah, the plot was all there, there was a story, but it just didn’t have the same momentum because it only hit the superficial. When it did get some depth, they touched it for a millisecond before quickly abandoning it. I wish they would have touched on it more. It would have made it more interesting.

I also wish they would have done more with Wally. Wally is getting pushed to the background after being heavily featured in the premiere and then a cameo in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” Either move him to another show or use him more on “The Flash.” Wally has outgrown being in the shadow. Kid Flash could be good on Legends or on a Teen Titan live-action show. Either way, just do something with him.I’m also slightly over Iris and Barry. Yeah, they are adorable but they are slowly becoming like Oliver and Felicity in season four for me. I’m just over them.

“Mixed Signals” was better than the premiere. It was funny and wacky like the old episodes but nothing clicked right due to the story they were telling were all superficial and not having any sort of depth. It does make me interested to see what’s going to happen during the season. It’s could be better. It SHOULD be better, especially after the massive amount of growth it had in season three.

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‘The Flash’ breakdown: “The Flash Reborn”

TheFlash 4x01 sm

Long Live the Flash!

Welcome to the breakdown of “The Flash.” Last night was the season 4 premiere and I have a lot of thoughts on it. Without further ado, let’s break it down.

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The season starts off six months after the events of the season 3 finale. Iris is moving forward with her life while Joe, Cisco, and Wally are defending the city from evil. Oh, and Caitlin is a bartender that isn’t evil. Shit gets bananas when a samurai threatens to destroy Central City unless the Flash fights him. Cisco devises a plan to bring back Barry. When they bring him back, he isn’t like anything from before. He’s speaking in gibberish and leaving symbols on the walls. It wasn’t until Iris puts herself in the line of danger that Barry snaps back into it and saves the day. It turns outs the samurai sent by people from the future who are looking to change what Savitar did.

Is it just me or is the DC universe just ripping plots from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer?” Barry coming back and then not being himself is just like when Willow and the gang rose Buffy from the grave and she was out of it for most of the episode. It wasn’t until the ones they love are in trouble that they finally back to it. It will be interesting if Barry will also be like Buffy throughout the season. Buffy was ripped from heaven by her friends and had to deal with the harshness of living. If they do this with Barry, then it will be an interesting season. That might be too dark for “The Flash.” If this was “Arrow,” they would be all over that shit.

Playing the part of the depressed character that is holding it together and not letting it all out goes to Iris, who is keeping herself busy in order to deal with the fact that Barry is no longer with them. It was like what Kara did but Iris let herself feel a tad bit more. Iris used it to fuel her work and not hinder her life. Between “The Flash” and “Supergirl,” we’ve seen two different ways to deal with grief. One that doesn’t deal and shuts herself out of the world and another that uses that grief to fuel her work and continue what her partner’s work.

“The Flash” continues on with what appears to be the theme of the DC premieres: new beginnings or rebirth. They rushed too fast into bringing Barry back into the fold. It would have been nice to actually see them have to deal without for more than 15 minutes. They did the same thing last season with Flashpoint. They rushed it instead letting the events unfold for a while. It would be nice to see things as they happen. This premiere was still better than the one for “Supergirl.”It didn’t drag and it was interesting enough to where I was entertained and engaged.

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Season Review: The Flash



The third season of “The Flash” seemed to have flown by in a speed of light. The second show in the Arrowverse, the show has certainly grown into its own and the third season shows it.

The third season main story arc dealt with Barry Allen saving his mother and rewriting history into “Flashpoint.” Because of this, Team Flash has been charged from what we remember in second two. It also unleashed the speed god known as Savitar.  It was also the Iris/Barry love show. We’re just going to ignore that they were pretty much raised by the same dad. This story arc wasn’t everything it could have been because the whole “Flashpoint” only lasted one episode. Sure, it affected the entire Arrowverse but it was only in minimal things. I would have liked to see because it’s a pretty big deal in the DC Comic Universe (they made a movie of it.) There should have been more at stake because of it. Also, a crossover episode that was better than the ones we got. But because of “Flashpoint,” the show took the dark and twisty route and it was the best season so far. When it needed to make it seem like life or death, it felt like it. The music this season added to the overall suspense of the season. There were a few episodes like the two-part episode in Gorilla City and the musical episode that were like “ehhh, really?” It wasn’t because they were bad, but they didn’t fit in with the episodes before and after.



Carlos Valdes As Cisco Ramon/Vibe

The subplots revolved around villains/heroes from “Flashpoint” coming into the new present world, as well as the development of Wally, Caitlin, and Cisco into their metahuman powers. Caitlin even finds romance this season and breaks the curse of falling in love with evil people that are the season’s villain. She ends up falling in love for the reformed minion of Savitar. The subplots didn’t outshine the main story arc and they did their part to advance other stories that would help with overall story down the road. The best story arc this season was Caitlin and her powers. It was a different take on self-discovery because she knows what the powers will do to her. It was different than Cisco’s who also was discovering what he could do. Both were afraid to tell anyone about their powers. But one accepted it faster while one tries to hide it. It was a very timely concept and done in a way.


They really didn’t introduce any new characters and had the smallest new cast in any of


Tom Felton as Julian Albert

the Arrowverse shows. Because they didn’t add any new characters, you are more invested into them. They only one new main character and a couple minor character that really only appeared when it was for plot convenience. The best new character was Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy.  Tom’s character was different that what we usually saw. It appeared because of “Flashpoint” and really didn’t like Barry. But over the course of the season, they became friends. It wasn’t something that we normally saw due to most people like Barry and Barry doesn’t really interact with anyone besides Team Flash.  I hope that he’s still in the show for the fourth season, if there is a fourth season. The season finale left that up in the air.


The show has grown a lot since the first season and has become one of the best DC shows on The CW and television. It finally knows what it’s doing and found its place. The show has gotten progressively darker and while it still can pull off it’s a lighter side, it can properly balance it. Out of the Arrow “spinoff,” this show is second place. I’ll reveal the best “spinoff.” And yes, I know that “The Flash” isn’t really a spinoff but for this purpose, it is. I hope there is a season four because I want to see what they do with this show. Also, I hope they make the new DC comic storyline like “Flashpoint” into an event. I would really like to see more multiverse interactions.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Double the Earths in Season 2

Flash season 2 sm

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect, it’s now time to review the second season of the CW show “The Flash.” So let’s sit down and reflect on the happens. Contains Spoilers.

The second season dealt with the ramifications of what happened in the season one finale, which was that a portal(s) opened across central city that led to Earth 2, which was just like their earth but different. This led to being the focal point of the season plot as Jay Garrick is introduced as Barry’s counterpart as “The Flash.” Jay doesn’t have his speedforce due to Zoom, the big bad for the season, taking it in his quest in order to become the fastest person alive. We also get Earth 2 Harrison Wells back into the picture as a less evil but more sarcastic and refreshingly honest. Then it turns out that Jay is evil and blackmailing Harrison because he has his daughter (It’s like Taken but with speedster). Jay is actually Zoom, and he turns on Team Flash. The season also teases a major connection between Barry and Iris. It also introduces Wall West, who becomes a major character in this season.

Caitlin and Cisco really shine in this season as they have more character development than in the past.  They are given more time to shine, especially with the realization that Cisco is a metahuman. The same goes for Iris and Joe but it’s a little less since they have more character development than the other two.

The best part of this season was the Earth 2 counterparts of Laurel Lance (Black Siren), Caitlin (Killer Frost), Robbie (Deathstorm), and Cisco (Reverb). It was amazing to see them evil. Black Siren was my favorite. I like that they didn’t kill off Black Siren, it leave it open for Katie Cassidy to return (I hope for a Black Siren vs White Canary).

The season finale was amazing but a little weird. It kind of pointless in a sense but it worked. The cliffhanger where Barry says his mother also made me think of where the hell they were thinking of going with that, especially when Iris and Barry kissed before that and Iris told Barry she would wait for him. Oh, Jay was the Earth 3 flash and Barry is a ophan now. Barry won btw.

Overall, I highly enjoyed season two. It was well written and all of it helped and led to the story. The big bad this season wasn’t a big bad but more as a small bad. The finale cliffhanger was executed well. It setting up nicely for the season three, which is rumored to be the flash point storyline.

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