Top 5ive: Songs of Summer 2017


We’re Cool for the Summer

It’s almost the end of Summer and it’s time that I give you the list of the songs of what was the summer of 2017. These probably won’t surprise you but you even joyed some of these songs so much that you shouldn’t mind them again. You can tell your mother about this list because I need the promo.

Grab a drink, an umbrella, and go work on your tan. Here are Top 5ive songs of summer 2017:

5. “It Ain’t Me” by Kygo and Selena Gomez

This song has been everywhere since its release in February 2017. While it’s been out for more than a hot second, It more so took off this summer. Between the catchy lyrics and beat mixed with Selena’s vocals, this song picked up its second wind and boy, it was a well-earned second wind. Here’s my review of “It Ain’t Me.”

4. “Crying in the Club” by Camila Cabello

While I hope you weren’t crying in the club this summer, Camila Cabello’s first single literally slayed the shit out of the Fifth Harmony single “Down.” While she sounds way too much like Sia, it’s still a banger and an amazing song. It’s catchy, which you probably noticed is a quality in all of these songs. But “Crying in the Club” is just something that really shakes you to your core with the beat. Here’s my review of “Crying in the Club.”

3. “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus

Who would have thought that Miley Cyrus would put some pants on, keep her tongue in her mouth, and release a love ballad that would be the ballad of summertime love? Malibu is pretty much your song for any sort of love you have had this summer. This ballad was everything. It made you feel warm and fuzzy like the beaches of Malibu. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s the new love song for Miley and Liam. Who doesn’t love them together? Here’s my review of “Malibu.”

2. “Attention” by Charlie Puth

This song is pretty much addicting. The beat is catchy and it just something that makes you want to groove. It’s the perfect song for that summer fling that is playing you. Who knew that Charlie singing about getting played and not actually being loved would be so big? I guess brooding Charlie Puth is what the world would need in 2017. Here’s my review of “Attention.”

1. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

This song is literally everywhere. You cannot escape it all whether it’s the real one or the one with Justin Bieber that made the song popular, but I won’t go into how wrong that was. This song is extremely dirty and sexual. But it’s okay because you can’t understand the lyrics since it’s in Spanish. Remember that the next time you sing this song with your mother. It’s pretty much about having a sensual encounter. You’re Welcome.

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Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie


Welcome to another “Too Cheap for Theaters” movie review because movie theaters are too expensive. Seriously, they are. It’s just easier to watch movies when they come out.  On this edition, it’s time to talk about “The Lego Batman Movie.”

“The Lego Batman Movie” is the spin-off of the highly successful “The Lego Movie.” The movie features Batman trying to save Gotham City from the usual cast of villains you would expect to find in the Batman universe. Joker is set to prove to Batman that once and for all that he is Batman’s greatest villain while Batman tries to learn that he can’t do everything alone. The story of this movie is actually extremely well done and thought out. The sad part is that “The Lego Batman Movie” was a way better movie than “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  “Batman v Superman” had a way bigger budget and just had a larger over product, which is what makes it sad. This is a movie that no one really expected to be good/great and geared towards children is a better movie than something that is in the DC Extended Universe. I also really liked how it switched and made the Batman and Robin back story their own. Batman accidentally adopts Dick Grayson at a gala and it’s pretty much hilarious. Lego really made Batman their own while staying true to the character in the DC universe.

The characters are all extremely likable and all had a lot of good character development throughout the movie. You want them to succeed and be happy, including the villains. The voices for the characters are great, especially for Batman, Alfred, and Joker. They are close to the ones we have all come to associate with the characters due to the popularity of “Batman: The Animated Series” and other DC animated movies that used them. My biggest complaint with the voiceovers was with Harley Quinn. At times, it felt like they were going to keep it close to who she sounded in “Batman: The Animated Series,” and then it was a totally different accent. I really wish they would just stick with one and stuck with it. It was just off-putting, especially since Harley played more of a major role than the other Batman villains.  The only character that took me a while to get used to was Dick Grayson. He was adorable and annoying at the same time. It wasn’t until the middle of the movie that I started to like him.

The humor in the movie was rather good. There was a lot of adult jokes that you could tell Children wouldn’t get but they weren’t in bad taste. Like there was a lot of Batman and Joker getting into a relationship with arguments about being in a relationship that children wouldn’t understand. They also poked fun at all past incarnations of Batman in the media. Every time they poked fun, it was hilarious. The movie didn’t take itself too seriously which was great because you just had a great time watching it. While Batman is usually a more serious character, they managed to keep him serious but also not make him too seriously for the movie.

I only wish that they had more of the other DC heroes in the film. I get that the main focus is on Batman but it would have nice to see more of the heroes in this universe. They are featured in the movie but not enough to really see what they are like. Also, I want Stephen Amell to play Green Arrow in any Lego adaptation that will feature him. If you have not heard him play the Lego version of his character from “Arrow,” do yourself a favor and YouTube the following: “Lego Batman 3 Arrow DLC.” It’s so funny because he’s still serious but also doing it in a comedic way.

“The Lego Batman Movie” is a great time to watch whether you are a casual fan of the DC Universe or a hardcore fan. It takes a serious character and pretty much makes him funny without killing what everyone loves about Batman. I highly recommend this movie if you are just looking to have a great time. And yes, it’s a Lego movie but you can enjoy this movie at any age. This movie is probably the best Batman movie since the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Album Review: ‘Love Music Funk Magic’ by Kat Graham



The lovely and talented Kat Graham has released her second album and boy, I am excited. Her music as been magical, especially since she spent eight years playing a witch on “The Vampire Diaries.” Now that the show ended, her music is pouring out and it’s amazing.


“Love Music Funk Magic” is following the footsteps of her first album “Roxbury Drive” by mixing an old school feel while still making the music feel new. The album has a disco/70s feel to it. It’s a really nice groove for all of the song. All of the songs just make you want to dance. The “new” style that is incorporated into the song to where it just blends right into the feel of the album. It’s a funky album.

The flow of the album is extremely well planned out. The songs flow so well together that it borders on the songs sounding similar. The album is broken into sections with interludes that separate them. The interludes are either hit or miss, which is common for them. There’s also one point where it’s interludes, one song, and then another interlude. That is probably the only complaint that I have with the flow of the album. It just doesn’t make too much sense and is just feels weird when you are listening to the album, not on shuffle. It’s always a risk when you incorporate interludes into an album. While it helps you tell a story, you don’t get the story if you have if on shuffle which then makes the interludes feel out-of-place. I actually liked the interludes when I put the album on shuffle more than just listening to the album straight through. It still told the story but the flow was still good.

The lyrics/themes of the songs are everything that is mentioned in the album title. The lyrics are just fun lyrics and probably the best Kat has done so far. They are extremely relatable. Also, I love the titles of the songs. Like they are so clever and just make the overall experience of the album great. This album surpassed my feelings for “Roxbury Drive.” While I love both albums, this one is the best she has released. It has everything that you need for a great dance album, especially for summer.

“Love Music Funk Magic” is an amazing second album. The flow is good besides a few issues with the segments and interludes. This album really makes Kat Graham shine as a vocalist and an artist. She’s highly underrated.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Ask The Pop Project #6: Life Size 2, Demi Lovato, and Britney/Justin sex tape


I decided to take time out of my busy schedule (I know what you are thinking) to answer some of your questions that were eating away at your souls. Welcome to the latest edition of “Ask the Pop Project.” Let’s get started with some of your questions.


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

There’s going to be a Life Size 2 with Tyra. Do you think the movie will be any good?

– Concerned fan

I’m really hoping that the movie will be as good the first one. I would like a gritty reboot where Tyra is in Lindsay’s old toy box in her attic. Tyra comes back to life in order to help her turn her life around. Pretty much take Oprah’s series where she helps LiLo turn her life around, and just switch out Tyra for Oprah. I also want her to smile with her eyes because I feel like everyone, including knock-off Barbie dolls, needs to smile with your eyes. Yes, Tyra plays a knock-off Barbie. I said it


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Why do you think that Disney hates you?

 – Someone who knows the mouse

You see when you post and talk about Disney being a pimp and how they whore their stars out for all the money they are worth, you burn bridges fast. I’m pretty sure I’ll be kicked off of Disney property as soon as I enter it. I’m proud to say that someone on a board that reads “DO NOT LET IN/HIRE,” my face is right next to Demi Lovato’s forever. Fun Fact: Demi Lovato told one of my friends that she smelled good. It’s a small world after all.

Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Did President Trump find out anything about the Britney and Justin sex tape?

– Concerned and curious person

For those that don’t know, I sent the following tweet to President Trump:


I’ve yet to receive a response but I’m taking that he’s still looking, I think he realized how important this is to state of the world. He’s a very “busy” man. When he’s golfing, I believe he’s doing hardcore research on whether the tape is in some holes. I also have people that say his wife and family is also


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

What do you like to use: Apple Music or Spotify

– Music lover


I’ll be doing an article on this eventually but I really like Apple Music. I have Apple devices and it’s nice to have all my music saved on the cloud. It also lets me add new music to my library without having to spend money to purchase it. I personally like Apple Music just because it makes my life easier and I love anything that makes my life easier.


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Have you felt like a paper bag? Drifting through the wind, trying to start again

– Concerned Katy Perry

No, because I’m a human being. While I get and like the symbolism, it was just too much Katy. You’re song would have still been good without that line.


Dear Pop Project (Thaaaaatttt’s usssss!),

Why do you hate me?

– Beyoncé is the true queen

I don’t hate anyone but rather, I have a strong dislike for certain people. I would create a list but that would make it common knowledge. I like to leave people in suspense.


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