Sofia Carson falls in love with attractive guy in ‘Ins and Outs’ video

sofia sm

Love is wicked sometimes

It’s looks like “Disney’s Descendants” star Sofia Carson released a new music video for her newest single “Ins and Outs.” Besides how wonderful Sofia looks, the music video is something really make you want to go “this date seems really sketch.” But this is just a music video, nothing sketchy at all about it if it is in a music video.

Like the song itself, “Ins and Outs” video is simple and at the same time it’s enough to keep your interest. The song itself is extremely catchy and has a great beat that isn’t too much. The beat isn’t simple and keeps it light. It shows off Sofia’s vocals extremely well. The lyrics are classic pop lyrics that are catchy will get caught in your head. The lyrics are all about learning about someone and wanting to know all about them.

The video just follows Sofia and her extremely attractive model doing what everyone does when going on dates in New York City: explore abandon and empty Subway stations in between the traveling through dark alleys. That sounds safe right? Apparently Sofia and her hunky man never heard what happened to Batman’s parents.

All of Sofia’s outfits in the video are pretty much flashy and kind of have this “look at me I’m the star vibe to them.” Don’t get me wrong, all of her outfits are nice and Sofia does look extremely fierce in those outfits but they were just a bit too much. Especially for a date. I get that you want to impress on a date but it’s a little bit too much. Evie wouldn’t have dressed her that flashy, just saying.

Here’s the video for “Ins and Outs” for your enjoyment and pleasure:

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Breakdown



Please just let the misery end

Welcome to another week of “The Paul Show.” From this point on, I’m pretty much just counting down to finale week because frankly, I don’t care about these assholes. That’s all they are at this point. A bunch of assholes. They are literally making the BB9, the winner used his money to sell drugs, and BB15, the majority of them were all racist, look like extremely thought out and wonderful season. THAT’S HOW FUCKING BAD THIS SEASON IS.

Note: I won’t be discussing the jury segment as it was delayed in my area. The Gif doesn’t have anything to do with that. It’s more with how I feel about this game.

Whistle-nut is in power….fuck my life….

Fucking Whistle-nut won the HOH competition that literally just was making fun of all the houseguests. They were in between hot dog buns in an endurance comp. So production was pretty much calling them wieners, or a bunch of dicks. That is extremely fitting for them.  I will laugh if the next comp involves them riding sheep and Paul is forced to wear a Little Bow Peep costume as a punishment for a week. Dear CBS that is reading this, please make this happen. It would be worth the pain of watching this season. Anyways, back to Whistle-nut because this asshole made TMZ for saying and that if Kevin turns on this in this game he would “fuck Kevin’s wife and then force his daughters to watch.” I’m going to give you a segment to ponder that. So let’s move on to another thing for right now because there’s more going on with Kevin this week. Sigh.

Matt is a douchebag who needs to go to Cereal Anonymous

So this was the week that Matt decided to actually do something other than eating cereal, they also have a fucking counter on how much cereal he has eaten in the game. That’s his contribution to this season besides be the worst showmance in history. Seriously though, Matt

Even Raven is confused why she and Matt lasted this long in the game

needs to get help because the amount of cereal he eats is unhealthy. Matt started off the week calling out the dumbass move that Alex and Whistle-nut were trying to do during the final moments of the HOH competition because while they are all idiots, they aren’t totally inept. It’s extremely obvious that they are working other. He then continues his decision to actually play the game and starts onto be just a tool. The worst part of the entire thing was the fact that he decided to break rules after the veto wasn’t used on him. He ended up getting a penalty vote because he decided to be that have-not who doesn’t act like one.


Frankly, I would have removed him from the game because he was just constantly breaking rules. He was ignoring BB commands of telling him to stop it and I’m still puzzled that he wasn’t thrown out of the game. Like, if it was any other sort of rule breaking in the past, he would have expelled from the game. Maybe they took away some of the money for participating in the BB but I find that unlikely just by the fact he is still breaking rules. Matt has been the worst houseguest in the history of Big Brother. He’s just been a waste of a Big Brother spot that could have gone to Cameron, the guy that was evicted on Day 1, or anyone else that wanted to actually play the game but didn’t make the cut.

Matt ends up going home with isn’t a shocker but frankly why? They all hate Raven so why keep her in the house? This cast has to be the most idiotic bunch of asshole I have ever seen. How they are playing this game is asinine. The only good part of this week was that Maven is over.

These people are assholes

This goes to all the remaining houseguests

Remember when I told you what Whistle-nut said about Kevin’s wife? Well, Alex called him a child molester and they also started to bully Kevin and do rather vicious stuff like hiding his slop, because he’s a have-not this week. I totally get not liking a person but the mentality in the house is just horrible. Whistle-nut said it best when he said that there’s a mob mentality in the house. Paul contributes to this. He pretty much just says attack and they go “who.” I know this is just a game, but I’m pretty much all of these people are this horrible in real life. How does bullying Kevin, Cody, and Jessica benefit their game? Also, what the fuck is production changing the aired version to not reflect what actually went down in the feeds? They didn’t do that when it came to the racist comments in BB15. I think they are protecting Paul but I think 99% of America doesn’t like him in this game.


Julie is secretly letting us know how much she cares through her outfits

Julie snatched Raven’s edges tonight. It wasn’t hard but still.

I don’t know if you have noticed lately but Julie Chen’s outfits on Eviction night have a little questionable lately. I’m thinking that her outfits are actually a cry for help. She’s completely and utterly over this season just like everyone else that is watching. She doesn’t care for the remainder of the houseguests like we do. So her outfits just reflect how much she cares. You can also kind of tell by how she’s interviewing the evicted houseguests after Cody and Jessica left. She’s kind of being more brutal with her questions. While she hasn’t really addressed the bullying, she flat-out asked Matt how does Raven have a chance of winning when she hasn’t won anything. THIS IS WHY JULIE IS THE QUEEN OF BIG BROTHER. It was one of those “DAMN GURL!” moments. I wouldn’t be shocked if she got HOH this week. I’m pretty sure she wants to smack them all in the head for letting Paul control every move they made this season.


Odds on winning

I”m over Paul. I’m also running out of gifs to use

This is like picking which STD I want to have. I don’t want any but I have to pick on. So I sat and thought about this while I was writing this. Paul is going to win unless someone catches on and realizes they are playing Big Paul and start in “The Paul Show.” If someone else wins this season, it’s going to be bittersweet because he is playing the best game but I don’t want him to win because of how he is playing the game this time. I think Victor made him more likable last season. If it comes down to Christmas, Paul, and Josh in the final three, Josh could easily beat Christmas over Paul. Paul would easily beat all three. Christmas probably wouldn’t be able to compete so it would be an easy win for both of them. But I feel like Paul is the odds on favorite at this point. I wouldn’t even mind them just handing Paul the money and just starting over with “Big Brother: Over The Top,” which isn’t airing this fall. THIS IS A TRAVESTY.


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Get ready to love ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ with this mashup

toxicswift sm

Get ready to lose your weave!

There’s a new mashup that is literally killing the internet community right now.  Some may say that it’s a little toxic. Someone decided to take an iconic song and mix it with the song that let us know that Old Taylor is dead. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

There’s a mashup of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and the newest song from Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do.” Creator AnDyWuMUSICLAND took the two songs and made something that would even make the Beyhive shed a tear at this beauty. The song is Taylor’s song with the instrumental of “Toxic” weaved into it that just makes it rock. With the instrumental, there comes a hint of Britney’s vocals that just make the entire thing soar to entirely different levels.

This is the duet that I never thought we would have gotten. Sure, it’s not a real collab but it’s going to be the closest thing that we will ever get because rumor has it that Britney was one of the celebrities that was shaded in the Taylor’s video. I don’t see but apparently it’s in the dance sequence where she shades Beyoncé. I just think it’s people that have too much time to over think this video. I’m all for all the conspiracy theories but this is where things get started when they really shouldn’t be.

Anyways, heres the mashup for your ears to enjoy.

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Movie Review: ‘Baywatch’ saves the summer


There’s been a lot of television shows that have been rebooted into a movie franchise of some sort. This is the case yet again with the hit 90’s television show “Baywatch.” For those that didn’t see the original television show, it just followed a team of lifeguards as they balanced drowning, serial killers, endangered animals, murder, petty arguments, sexual tension, and love. It’s also known for running in slow motion down a beach.

”Baywatch” follows the same premise as the television show, except for it doesn’t capture the slow motion boob bouncing as the original. The movie follows the Baywatch lifeguards as they investigate a series of murders that happen at their beach as well as drugs that keep washing up on shore. The movie is an action comedy that takes itself too seriously while at the same time making fun of the fact that they are lifeguards acting like police without any training or jurisdiction to do so. This movie doesn’t know what kind of movie that it wants to be. It works for the movie and at the same time, it also makes you wonder just what you are watching. The movie opens with a guy getting his erect penis stuck in-between the wooden boards in a chair to the intense action sequence involving slow motion diving that shows of dem abs on Zac Efron. At first, it kind of leaves you like “what.the.fuck?” and then you just kind of get used to it.

The cast itself is very good. The comedic timing of everyone is on point. It’s the inappropriate comedy when it’s trying to be serious that hurts the film. Yeah, it helps lighten the mood but it’s too much sometimes.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron work really well together. I want more of them together. Like give me an entire movie with them and it will be a great movie. The other highlight of the casting is the fact two of the original “Baywatch” cast is in the movie as their characters, whose names are also in the film with two different actors playing them. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson also interact with the new counterparts but it’s just kind of bland. While no one questions why they share the same names, it still good to see the two big name that made the original series. It also shows that this is a more of a continuation of the franchise.

“Baywatch” is a good movie that is extremely enjoyable to watch. It’s fun to watch but the fact it goes from serious to comedy hurts the good film. The cast is the best part of the films because they work together so well. I hope there’s a sequel because I would love to see more of Dwayne and Zac Efron.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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