Today Show gets a facelift


It’s was only a matter of time that NBC’s morning talk show, “The Today Show”, goes to see “The Dentist”, that’s hollywood speak for the plastic surgeon. The show will be adding the man who was the face of MTV during the late 90’s- Carson Daly. That’s right, the man who led us into the new millennium as the host of “Total Request Live” (is your inner 12-year-old girl screaming as your remember the moments of TRL too?).

NBC’s morning staple is adding Daly to host the shows new “orange room”, which is the a new studio will pretty much act as a social media area and will let the take part in what fans are saying. ¬†Pretty much, they are making the show more like every other morning show on the planet now (congrats to “The Today Show” for keeping up with society).

I know what you’re not thinking, what does this mean for his career as a nighttime talk show host? Well, nobody really cared when he started “Last Call” and nobody really cares now. But just for your information, Carson will slowly transition out of that show and a new host (poor soul) will host it.

Carson will start on “The Today Show” on Monday at 7 a.m.