Twitter bios: The Resume of you


So instead of about talking about Facebook Stories, because let’s be real – it’s just another way to rip off Snapchat. We’ll be talking about your Twitter bios and what you should consider when you are writing it. So let’s take a stroll to the cleanest street corner on the web so we can talk about. Welcome to the latest edition of “Social Media Corner.”

Your twitter bio is something that you need to make short, sweet, and to the point. You don’t want to make it too long because no one will read it. Like a tweet, I would say make it around 140 characters. The biggest mistake that people make is that they make list like this:

Mother, child, eater of souls, savior of mass amount of cats. Word renown noun. Person. Lover of the one they call Nick Jonas. I once stole the underwear off of Zayn…yeah, I saw it.

You don’t want to do that. It makes you sound like an asshole. Even if you are an asshole, you want to cover it up to make people believe that you aren’t one. No one cares if you save cats or if you are a famous noun.  They might care if you Zayn’s reproductive organ but you probably don’t want to know them. You also don’t want to list your accomplishments like this:

17x World Champion dancer, Heir to the Throne of Old Yorke, Olympic Athlete, Best selling Author “Where’s my Hoes at?: The Life and Times of George Washington.” I also won 10 Emmys and 200 Oscars.

If your bio reads like this, then you just look pretentious bastard. Your bio makes people feel bad and no one wants to follow someone who makes them hate their lives. I know what your thinking “Anything I post is going to make them hate their life” and you are right but that still doesn’t mean you should add to it. Oh, and don’t get all sappy with an inspirational quote or something so cheese that Chuckie Cheese doesn’t want it on his pizza. Instead of looking like a pretentious bastard, you look like pretentious asshole.  Just make a short but sweet representation of you. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something like:

Nick Jonas and Pop Culture lover, Actor

That gives a short representation of you and puts you in the best light without sounding like an asshole. Another tip is that if you are going to make your bio make you sound like an asshole, at least acknowledge it. It will make you sounds a little better.

I hope this helps you with your social media woes. If it doesn’t, well better luck next time.

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Twitter and Instagram followers aren’t the greatest


Last week, we talked about why followers aren’t always important. Now it’s time to talk about why you really shouldn’t care about followers on Twitter and Instagram. And boy, this one is going to be an interesting one.There are two types of followers on these social media outlets: wannabes and fakes. I’ll be letting you know about both because frankly, both piss me off. In order to properly talk about this, let’s go to the cleanest street corner on the internet. Welcome to “Social Media Corner!”

Before I get started, let’s go over something real quick. I highly believe that Twitter and Instagram are the most important platform to use if you are looking to extend your social media reach. They are extremely more popular than the other platforms in the social media game. These are where you need to step up your social media game. They keep it short and sweet and to the point. They also make it more personal when you connect with people.

There are people who will follow you just to get you to follow them back. It’s pretty much a one night stand. A one night follow, if you will. You have a meaningless following and then after it all said and done, they unfollow you and leave you following them like it was nothing. I’ve never understood the reasoning for this. If you follow someone, that means you are interested in what they are saying or doing. Why would you follow someone just to get a follow? Isn’t more rewarding to have people follow for your content? It’s pointless, and also very rude. If you are going to follow someone and they follow you back, then at least continue to follow them. It’s the polite thing to do. If you weren’t going to follow them long-term, then don’t do it. This is only to get their follow count up. These are the wannabes. They just want to get the follower count up just to be “famous on Twitter/Instagram.”

There are also fake accounts. They just follow a bunch of people just because. They are usually posting pornographic links, which is trying to corrupt your computer to steal private information. These usually only last a day before they get caught and quickly deleted. This one isn’t as complicated as the wannabes. They are still as annoying though. They led people into thinking they are getting more followers only to find out that it’s a lie.

If you see that your followers are starting to decrease, don’t freak out. It could one of the two people mentioned above. I make a real to only follow people who a verified or I enjoy their content. People that are verified are less likely to give you a one night follow.  While gaining followers is amazing, don’t let that influence your content to where you aren’t proud of it. If people liked your content to follow you, they will continue to follow you.

Just remember not to worry and if they follow, followers will come….oh, that is horrible. Let’s just end it now.

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The death of Vine


It was announced last week that the social media app Vine would be no longer a thing…which was a hard thing to do since it never was. For the many of you that don’t know, the app let users post seven seconds video for the world to “see.” It tried to be the red-headed stepchild of Twitter and YouTube, which is ironic because Twitter owns Vine.

It even produced celebrities out of out some “viners,” which the majority of them have gone on to YouTube to increase their fan base. The idea behind the app was the right idea but it didn’t have enough hype for it. Then all the videos were posted on other social media and never actually seen on the app. There wasn’t anything drawing you to Vine.

While the app is no longer allowing users to upload new content, it is up and running as an archive. The “viners” are in an uproar but the downfall of Vine shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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hashtag sm

Every Television show these days wants high ratings and social media engagement is key to having a successful show. People talking about your show on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Reality/competition shows are big on social media engagement. So much so that they have a hashtag for every segment/competition/part of the show. They will start with the show hashtags (ex. #TheFacesofGreed), then they will then have a new hashtag for any show competitions (ex. #LightsofHope, #TheFacesVote). On top of that, they will then give a more hashtags to use for each of the contestants (ex.#FOGLana, #FOGJEFF), or use an abbreviation for their name (ex. #FOG). We need to have an intervention because it’s becoming #toomuch.

I totally get why they do it but they are trying too hard. What’s the point of having multiple ones? Most people only would use the main one for the show. And is it really necessary to give each competitor a hashtag? They probably have a twitter account that the fans have already stalked and followed, just use those. It will create buzz for them and let them get more involved with the competitors and let them be emotional invested because they get to see a different side of them that won’t be shown on the show.

Having multiple hashtags is confusing and takes aways from the show’s content because they keep popping up on-screen every 5 minutes. Literally, they pop up on-screen and it’s not tiny but rather noticeable on the top or bottom on the screen. It just takes away from the show and the storyline you are portraying (yes, reality/competition shows still have a storyline whether we want to believe it or not.

I hope that shows will take a look on how they are doing their social media engagement because #toomuch hashtags is hurting their product.