Movie Review: ‘The Outcasts’

Let’s talk about this Victoria Justice movie.

I’m just going to start with this statement: the best thing that Victoria Justice has done in her career was give us the gift of Ariana Grande. There’s also this video that gave us all a meme. I decided to watch her movie “The Outcasts” because it was free on Netflix and I was bored. I apologize to people who actually paid to watch this movie. Yep, it’s going to be that kind of movie review. Here’s my thoughts on it when the trailer came out.

“The Outcasts” follows Vicky J as she and her best friend try to change the ecosystem of a school by causing a social uprise. They turn uncool into cool. That’s pretty much the plot. It’s dull. It’s also extremely unrealistic as the things in this movie wouldn’t ever happen or work. Like, Victoria’s character is using an iMac. There’s no fucking way that would work in his day and age without heavy-duty fixing up that would cost more money than what her character’s father net worth. I understand that it’s a movie but you gotta keep it slightly believable.

This movie something I don’t know how it became a movie. It’s honestly not very good. The only redeeming quality of it is Avan Jogia. He does an extremely good job acting in this movie. He seemed like he was the only that cared. Everyone else didn’t seem to. It was either overacting or just under acting. Victoria also seemed to be overacting. She’s just trying to hard throughout the movie. She’s suppose to be the star but she really isn’t. It’s hard to believe that she had a TV show made for her.

All the character are either blah or just annoying. While I liked Avan’s acting, that doesn’t mean that I look his acting. I honestly just hated every last character in this movie. They were horribly dressed and planned out. Frankly, this movie is just horrible and should be used as torture. The only positive thing that I have to say about this movie is that I appreciate the fact that Vicky J took the time to make a movie. I’m appreciate the effort that she given to make her career happen. It’s the same amount of effort that Gretchen Wieners gave when she tried to make fetch happen. Only one of those things will happen and I’ll let you decided which one that is.

“The Outcasts” also tried to hard to be funny. It’s references and joke honestly just fell flat. Half of the references and jokes weren’t really anything actually teenagers would say. It’s like they never been around real teenagers. It also could be that it was released in 2017 but recorded in 2014. Yep, it took that long to try to make it watchable. They failed on that front. I wouldn’t recommend watching this unless you like crappy teen movies that give actually good crappy teen movies a bad name.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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Top 5ive: Celebrities that sold their soul to the devil


It’s the 666 article, did you expect anything less?

Yep, This is the 666 article on this site. It’s only fitting that we talk about the celebrities that sold their soul to the devil to become famous. Now, this is all alleged because I really don’t have any proof that they are sitting in their not so humble abodes sacrificing animals for career highs. If I did, I wouldn’t be posting in on here. But if I go missing after this, then you know why. Anyways, here are the top 5ive celebrities that allegedly sold their soul to the devil. Again, if I go missing you know why.

(Editor Note: this isn’t mean to be taken like they seriously sold their soul. This is more so off of who are/were shoved in our faces every minute. This was meant to be in good fun and not to harm anyone.)


5. Victoria Justice

This one is number five because frankly, her sacrifice wasn’t anything the devil wanted. She also could have just kicked him to the curb.  That or not even the devil could make her. Either way, Victoria Justice probably got her own show on Nickelodeon because she was part of their weekly rituals. Yep, Nickelodeon was big on the weekly ritual for their stars. They wanted that money. Sure, Victoria Justice was talented but she got her ass handed to her on “VICTORiOUS.” Every episode by future Grammy Nominee Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies, as known as Fallon Carrington on “Dynasty” in fact.  Where is Vicky now? She has a very open schedule.

4. Lindsay Lohan

Sadly, this one is probably extremely true. Since her recovery, LiLo has been pretty desperate to get back into the spotlight. Literally. She’s trying so hard to make thing happens that probably won’t happen just because it would get her back to being famous. She would sell her soul to become relevant again. Could you really blame her though? She was pretty much the Queen of the mid to early 2000s. Probably being a “Social Justice Warrior” isn’t as fulfilling as working in front of a camera or recording an album.


3. Logan and Jake Paul

This one doesn’t really need any explanation. They are all the worst. They just need to go away. But that will never happen thanks to the devil. They are literally just everywhere and you can’t go to YouTube without hearing them referenced. Like, why are they famous? Why are they on my feeds? I don’t follow them on anything and I’m seriously confused by them. Everyone complains about them but yet, they are still famous. Also, can the devil get them better haircuts or just a stylist?



2. Ryan Seacrest

Where do I begin? What does Ryan Seacrest actually do that is better than anyone else? Have you read his bio on his site? Here’s a link to it. Ryan is the “quintessential Hollywood insider who always manages to have the biggest scoops.” But don’t worry, Ryan is also “a normal guy who relates to his listeners.” It’s all lies. Also, his bio on his site SCREAMS douche. I’m sorry but it does. He definitely sold his soul after idol got big to make more money. Now the son of the bitch is everywhere. He probably got “American Idol” back from the devil. SOMETHING NO ONE ASKED FOR!!! He probably gave Kris Jenner the devil’s number.

1. The Kardashians

You cannot tell me that Kris Jenner isn’t sitting at home in between meeting sacrificing a lamb so her children can make her richer. Kris probably has a secret room in her compound dedicated to the ritual and the sacrifices. I wonder if she is the manager of the devil? It’s probably one of those “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” kind of deal. I bet the devil is connected now because of Kris Jenner. OMG the Illuminati. I’m just going to stop there before I really do go missing.


Honorable Mention: Donald J. Trump and his cabinet

You know it’s true. There’s no way that he won the election without a bit of help from the devil.  I’m also not going to post a picture of them because frankly, I’m just over them. ALL OF THEM. Nah. Trump only worships himself.

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Victoria Justice returns to High School in ‘The Outcast’


Apparently Victoria Justice isn’t just sitting at home dreaming she was Ariana Grande. The star of “VICTORiOUS” is in the new movie called “The Outcasts” and it’s everything I didn’t know I didn’t want in a movie.

The movie is pretty much your basic stereotypical high school movie that we have all seen 100 times. Vicky J and her best friend get tired of always getting screwed over by the popular people so they get all the “unpopular people” together and rebel against the popular people in what is basically a rip up of the Ariana Grande and Mika’s music video “Popular”…..minus the magic and the murder. Yeah, it’s that kind of movie.

The movie itself isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It seems to have funny moments but they come off as no funny, mainly because there isn’t any sort of set up for the joke. It’s just cut right to it. The acting is okay in it, which is to be expected it a movie geared towards teenagers. And frankly, the entire premise is overdone and nothing really new. It’s pretty much a staple of all the teen movies since the late 90s. The most popular movie to do it is “Mean Girls.” We need to get more original plot people. There’s only so many times you can run the same plot down our throats.

The only thing that covers up all of this is the feels that Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia bring, as this was their first project together since “VICTORiOUS” ended in 2013.  People literally wanted their characters to be an item the entire show. It was a big deal. This nostalgia is what’s feeding this movie.

Overall, it doesn’t look like a bad movie, it’s just overdone. “The Outcasts” will be in theaters and Video On Demand on April 14.

Here’s the trailer for you viewing pleasure:

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Oh my lucky stars! It’s actresses that aren’t known for singing


In the world of hollywood these days, it’s extremely common for celebrities to be able to do multiple skills (i.e. Sing/Dance, Sing/Dance/Act). Well sometimes actresses think they are the next “J-Lo” and then their singing careers just don’t take off. We’ve compiled a list of actresses that aren’t know for their singing careers. Here a few that made us cringe or just are overshadowed by something they did.

Victoria Justice

Everyone remembers Victoria Justice, or Vicky J as we call her, as the star of the hit Nickelodeon show “VICTORiOUS”. After rumors spread that she ended the show because she wanted her own solo tour instead of a cast tour, Victoria took a break from acting to focus on her “music” (aka do nothing because it never seems like anyone who says they are going to focus on music does a lot).  Vicky J is also the rumored bully of the second coming of Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande. So I think the fans of the world finds the irony in the fact that Ariana has a hit album and Vicky J has…well a song that went Gold with Zumba. Either way, Vicky J is now one of the actresses that doesn’t have a successful singing career…or even a successful acting career either at this point. She’s just getting her Zumba on and no one really cares. Hey Vicky J, say hi to Ariana Grande as she’s on tour with a hit album that actually didn’t go gold…but rather Platinum.

Emily Osment

You remember her as Hannah Montana’s best friend that really couldn’t sing but then magically could in the series finale as she sang subconsciously with Miley “I’m secretly learning how to twerk behind my daddy’s back” Cyrus. This, along with Disney needing to fill their quota of Disney stars that could sing, proceed to have Emily Osment think that she could have a singing career. Granted, Emily does have a good voice, probably a little better than the 2010s Disney Queen Miley and probably could have had the career that Miley has had, minus the foam finger and twerk all up on Beetlejuice part. But she probably turned may people off when she told them “Let’s be friends so we can make out” in song off of her début album. Emily, you’re pretty but that’s just too forward for people but I give you props for telling them your intentions right out of the gate.

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove is a victim….a victim of the war between Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and we are a victim of having to hear her sing. Miranda was the star of one of the first breakout shows of the late 2000’s Nickelodeon boom, iCarly,  and was up against Disney’s powerhouse show, Hannah Montana. They decided that “Hey, Miranda can carry a tune! Let’s get her to sing a song or three on the iCarly soundtrack” and that’s how her first single “About You Now” was released. Slowly as time grew on, Miranda thought she could sing and she even released her own album and went on tour when we all really wished that she could stop.  Nowadays, Miranda isn’t acting that much but she is working on her second album…let’s hold in our excitement. Especially after she released this on her YouTube Channel:

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff really isn’t that great of a singer! There, I said it! Hilary was the face of the Disney Channel for 65 episodes, the Disney standard for the early 2000s, of her show “Lizze McGuire”  where we learned that Hilary had a voice…a voice that sounded like she was talking but talking to a jaunty tune.  Disney jumped on this and began their “pimping”  their stars and signed Hilary to their record company, Hollywood Records (she’s still with them too!) and she’s been poppin’ out albums (and the occasionally baby) ever since even though the first one was probably enough.  Don’t get me wrong, Hilary a better singer than most of the Disney stars that came after her but she really should have only released one album. She’s more of a one album joy instead of a 5 album and two compilation albums joy. Don’t quit your day job, Hilary.

Kim Kardashian

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Kim Kardashian released her one, and thankfully only song, for the children. Too bad those children will be scared for life after listening to that song because frankly, it will leave someone begging for their lives. Like most venereal diseases, the song is catchy. It’s three words chorus, which is a lot for her, and will leave you going “Turn me up, Turn Me up” all day to the point where you will want to stab your vocal cords. Like her marriage to Kris Humphries, her singing career ended as quickly as it started. Now if only her family will disappear from our television sets.

Heidi Montag

Oh dear, the one we wish would stop singing. Heidi Montag and her crystal obsessed Husband, Spencer Pratt, having been plaguing our television since the monster known as “Speidi” appeared on “The Hills”. It was only a matter of time before the hated couple (they are more hated than the Kardashians) decided that they were going to try to capitalize on their “success”. Their version of this is by making Heidi think she can sing.  And if seeing them every week wasn’t torture enough, they were going to make us listen to her sing as well. Heidi’s début album “Superficial”, such a fitting name for it too, was……well, Kim Kardashian’s album would have been better, even if she was saying the same three words every moment of ever day. It’s literally the worst album in the history of civilization. Luckily for us, Heidi is working on a follow-up…….yay. If there is one album I could live without, it’s the follow up to her. Nope, I lied. It would be a tie between her first album and then this second album.  But I would like to thank Miss Heidi Montag for scaring me for life with her music like she scared up after her massive amounts of plastic surgeries.

Paris Hilton

This, again, is pretty much self-explanatory. The Heiress extraordinaire Paris Hilton has made a name for self by just being herself….and by releasing a sex tape. The Simple Life star also decided that she could sing and wanted to share it with the world. She taught us so much information in her first album.  She taught us that no only are the stars blind but they are also deaf, that Nothing in the World will stop her from hitting on a teenager and making him feel alright in a music video, and that auto tuning can’t fix everything.  Maybe her album is the reason Tinkerbell is no longer with us? Then she sang her theme song for her show chronicling her never-ending search for a BFF. And who could forget her presidential theme song (HILTON 2016):

Bella Thorne

Don’t know who this is? Don’t worry, you aren’t missing out.  Bella Thorne was on a little Disney Channel gem called ‘Shake it Up” and that show pretty much sucked. It wasn’t as bad a A.N.T. Farm but it still sucked. Like all the Disney Darling’s before her, Disney decided to “pimp out” both her and co-star Zendaya for all the money they are worth. Bella’s music wasn’t as beautiful as her name is in Italian and Spanish. Her only “hit” was kinda like Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” but it was stupid and sucked more than Heidi Montag’s liposuction did.  They even tried to mash-up with Zendaya’s real hit song but that just sounded awkward so Disney thought, “Hey, Let’s just let her record another song”. Sadly, the song sucked worse and made millions of people HATE her even more.  It took Disney at least until the end of “Shake it Up” to realize that they shouldn’t have Bella sing so they stopped giving all the attention to her and focused on Zendaya, who actually better way better than Bella.  Bella Thorne, and Heidi Montag, is the reason not everyone should be made to believe they can sing.