The death of Vine


It was announced last week that the social media app Vine would be no longer a thing…which was a hard thing to do since it never was. For the many of you that don’t know, the app let users post seven seconds video for the world to “see.” It tried to be the red-headed stepchild of Twitter and YouTube, which is ironic because Twitter owns Vine.

It even produced celebrities out of out some “viners,” which the majority of them have gone on to YouTube to increase their fan base. The idea behind the app was the right idea but it didn’t have enough hype for it. Then all the videos were posted on other social media and never actually seen on the app. There wasn’t anything drawing you to Vine.

While the app is no longer allowing users to upload new content, it is up and running as an archive. The “viners” are in an uproar but the downfall of Vine shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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The Day E! pissed off the Internet


Since everyone and their mothers are talking about, thought I might as well join in and give my two cents on the matter. E! Online threw a massive amount of shade to the internet world when they published an article entitled “18 Moments From the 2015 Teen Choice Awards That Made Us Feel Super Old” about the 2015 Teen Choice Awards that is apparently still happening and happen last Sunday. The article listed out the event/people/clues that they had no clue about or made them feel old from the show. Here’s an example of a few from the “feel old” section:

1. The only host that we’re actually familiar with (Ludacris) is…37.

7. Britney Spears was basically given the same treatment as Sidney Poitier or Michael Douglas at a movie awards show. Last we checked she was, like, 30, not 75.

17. When the obligatory “It’s 10 p.m.; do you know where your children are?” announcement aired at the end of the show, we actually found ourselves wondering “Wow, when did they push that back to 10 p.m.?”

What really lite a fire under the britches was the fact they were pretty much making fun of YouTubers and Viners. Here’s the two post in question:

5. There were entire categories that we didn’t even know existed. Choice Viner, really?

6. There were entire categories in which we’d never heard of the nominees. Eva Gutowski? Lele Pans? Joey Graceffa? Felix Kjellberg? Are those even real people?

Oh, boy did this piss people off. Especially when, you know, it’s the job to be up in the pop culture. Especially when the their slogan is Pop of Culture, but I guess that is beside the point. It’s gets better from there when it took to twitter.

Shots.Fired. But then it’s just gets better when E! tried to make it all better with this tweet.

ICYMI: E! gave YouTuber, Grace Helbig, her own television before ending it after 8 episodes.  But it all came to a screeching halt when the author of the article wrote this on Twitter:

Maybe instead of holding a Master Class in Sarcasm, they should really hold a Master Class in Journalism. Why in the hell would you write an article on Teen Choice Awards and openly admit that you don’t know half the people there? You just ruined your credibility for one. Two, it’s your job to research them and find out why your audience obviously cares enough about them to get them a Surfboard award, which is a really stupid award by the way. But no, instead you just kind take a dump on them because they “aren’t on your radar.” Newsflash: You already previously mentioned Joey Graceffa in an article on your sign for his return to “The Amazing Race.” Here’s a link to the article that makes you look even worse now that you had him on your site before. Here’s also a link to all the references to him on your site. I know that you employ a lot of people to write for your site, E! Online. But, this just looks horrible now.


So take this a life lesson, E! Online. Leave all the Sarcastic article/post to BuzzFeed and the professionals. Also: Let me know if you need me to teach a Master Class. Bye Felicia!