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We have hit over 10,000 views on this site. While that might not seem a lot, it is to me. When I started this blog over 2 years ago with a countdown list of reasons why Justin and Selena should never ever ever be together (a list that is still true!), I just thought it would be like my other blog and I would hardly update it…and boy, was I right on with that one! I’m actually rather shocked how much I have updated this blog in the last month and a half.

This blog started as an extension to my college radio show, of the same name, and was never meant to last past me graduating college. But I made the decision to use the reader base that I gain through this blog and continue for fun. But little did I know, putting out somewhat daily content is a pain and a struggle, especially when you can’t devote your life to it and you’re the only one writing for it. But I still manage too!

Thank you to Bailey Miller for allowing me to bother you for your opinion on content for site when you probably could care less. Thank you Bailey for being the best co-host and “The Pop Project Number One Fan” ever. Like your bow game, your bow bashes are on point. Let’s raid WRMU one night like we planned, and have a Pop Project Reunion. I’ll even let you run the board this time 🙂

Thank you to everyone that has helped make “The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman” a success whether you were helping sabotage it or just going along with one of my brilliant plans like a 5 hour super show or the show getting political for a night and playing every inappropriate when a party lost the election (who can forget having Katy Perry saying “Penis” to hundreds of people on the radio?)

Starting this blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. And I have you, the person reading this blog (both new and reoccurring) to thank. Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to the crap and nonsense that I put onto this site. Without you, I would be extremely bored with a lot of built up sass and comedic sarcasm. Whether you are just someone who stumbled onto this, you are one of the few people who follow this, or have the site as a favorite, thank you for reading it.  Thank you for allowing me to entertain you.


Here’s till the future and 20,000 more views!

Thanks again,



P.S. Here is a few of the top articles of the site if you are a new reader 🙂


The Power Rangers get gritty



Grab your communicators and morphers because everyone favorite 90’s show just got a gritty fan made reboot, the one everyone has wanted, and call that one pirate villain because it’s rated RRRRRR…..get it?

The movie is, called Power/Rangers features James Van Der Beek as a badass Power Ranger that turned against his team to join the enemy, The Machine Empire, and trying to hunt down (and probably kill) everyone’s favorite ranger Tommy Oliver as he holds the Topanga Lawrence to Tommy’s Cory Matthews (90’s inception), Kimberly Hart. As he is trying to scare her, there is flashback that will even make Alpha 5 go “Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” because it features a lot of blood, death, gun shooting, and boobs.

Power/Rangers has been the center of controversy because “the creator” Haim Saban doesn’t approve…as well as the badass MMA fighting tattooed green ranger Tommy Oliver aka Jason David Frank. Jason said that via Facebook:

I know there’s a lot of fans out there that love it and all that stuff, but I’m just a PG-13 guy. The cuss words, the drugs, all this other stuff — it doesn’t fly with me. … The problem is that [Power Rangers is] still connected with adults and kids. You can’t take a brand like this and reboot it so dark and gritty.

The video receive over 10 millions view on YouTube and Vimeo before being pulled for copyright.

Now I watched the video and I highly enjoyed the fan film. It was amazing because they did went very in-depth on everything. It wasn’t what I was expecting when I heard about it. I thought it would just someone taking the gist of the franchise and making it new but they did it justice. I don’t think it was right to have pulled. The creator, Joseph Kahn, even said that he made it for free. He said:

“Every image in Power/Rangers is original footage. Nothing was pre-existing. There is no copyrighted footage in the short. I am not making any money on it and I refuse to accept any from anyone. It was not even Kickstarted, I paid for it myself. This was made to be given away for free. It is just as if I drew a pic of Power Rangers on a napkin and I gave it to my friend. Is it illegal to give pic I drew of a character on a napkin to someone for free? No. I just wanted to make a Power Rangers good for once. It’s kind of a silly franchise. It was an experiment in tone; it was a challenge. I took the silliest property I could think of and tried to see if I could make it serious enough.”

I think Saban should have kept it up because while he is planning the real Power Rangers movie to be released in 2016, it could have been used to help promote it. But instead, if the official reboot sucks, then it will be compared to the fan film.It should also be noted that the majority of the former rangers actually liked and enjoyed the movie. Below is the video in its entirety (hopefully, it’s still up when you read this). They also support it to be seen. Be warned, it’s NSFW. Viewer Discretion is Advised…I bet you never thought you would hear that about Power Rangers!:

Movies that should have been left alone: Bring It On

bring it on

This movies series is pretty much the greatest movie franchise that has ever happened to cheerleading. The “Bring it on” franchise is probably the most well-known among people ages 18-28. When the first movie debuted back in 1999, it was pretty much awesome as one can get and made everyone that saw it (both women and men) wants to be a cheerleader. But it was went the sequel came out that it started to become “that” franchise.

While “Bring It On Again” and “Bring It On: All or Nothing” are the strongest, and less stupid, in the franchise, other two (Bring It On: In It to Win It and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) are just plain painful to watch. It was pretty much like they ran out of ideas and decided to pull straws and go with winners idea.

“In It to Win It” was just a pile of unbelievable crap that they tried to make us believe (i.e. Rival cheerleaders have cheer battles in the middle of the night. Who does that in real lift??). And let’s not forget about the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention – they stole the premise of “West Side Story”. They have two cheerleaders squad, who just happens to be named the Jets and the Sharks, fall in love but their love is forbidden because they are from rival squad. You might as well have named the movie “Bring It On: The Rumble”. While it’s a cooler name, it also gives a nod that you stole the plot of a beloved musical, crapped on it, and tried to pawn it off as your own.

I’m not even going to trying to comprehend or explain “Fight to the Finish”. I’m pretty sure that it only happened because it was went Christina Millian was still important somewhat (the movie probably is what killed her career).

The main flaw with this series, besides the stupid plot, is that it tried to take itself too seriously. If you look at the first three movies, especially the first one, it didn’t try to act like it’s not a comedy about cheerleading. It was that element that made the first one hilarious (remember the spirit stick scene and the opening scene?).  If they decided to make a sixth one, I would recommend a back to basic (aka like the first movie). Because I’m in a massive need for a comically funny movie about cheerleading.


What your opinion on the “Bring It On” franchise?? Let us know in the comments below!

Glee “Frenemies” singles review


Well it’s that time of year again. Glee is back after it’s mid-winter break and it’s back with power. While the gleek’s are gearing up for its return, we thought we would review the newest songs that glee will be dishing out this week! Here is our first edition of “We review Glee Singles for the week”….I don’t have a catchy title for it yet.

Whenever I Call You Friend

Performed by: Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, and New Direction aka Backing Glee Club Track

Originally performed by: Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks

This song is…..ehhh. Personally, I wouldn’t have used these two for this song because it just doesn’t do their voices justice. This song is just okay for me. Maybe when the episode airs with the scene, it might make me change my mind but it’s just not working for me-like at all.



Performed by: Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

Originally performed by: Sara Bareilles

So it’s pretty much a given when you see these do a song that it’s going to be one hell of a song and that is what this song it. It’s pretty much an extremely well done cover of the original, which I’m extremely tired of hearing. Lea and Naya killed it on.


My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

Performed by: Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Matt Morrison and New Directions

Originally performed by: En Vogue

This song is a hundred times better than “Whenever I Call You Friend”. It’s good to hear them take a 90’s classic and do it again. Kevin’s  boy banders days definitely shine on this song and Jenna shines too in her own way. But they should have had Matt sing more than one line…it’s kinda like “Here Matt, have this line in a number to make you feel more important”

Don’t Rain on My Parade

Performed by: Naya Rivera

Originally performed by: Barbra Streisand

OH.MY.GLEE. When I heard that Naya was going to sing this song, I was pretty much like “I NEEEED THIS TO COMPLETE MY LIFE” and that it did. She slayed this song and gave Lea Michele a run for her money, who sang it back during season 1. It’s still wasn’t as good as Lea (she’s pretty much the glee queen) though. The only complaint is the score for this song. The original was a tad bit better but this was still good. Someone needs to make a Naya and Lea duet for this song!!

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Performed by: Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer

Originally performed by: The Darkness

Pretty much this song is killer song. Adam Lambert’s glee songs have been to DIE for so far (Marry the Night was better than the original). Chris and Adam’s voice really didn’t blend well here besides on the high notes but I’m will to look past it this time. Rock also isn’t Chris’ strong point.

Every Breathe You Take

Performed by: Naya Rivera and Lea Michele

Originally performed by: The Police

This song….and their voices were pretty much the best. This song was extremely well done and Lea and Naya should have duets together all the time. I died listening to this song and then it brought me back-it was that good.


Performed by: Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, and Jenna Ushkowitz

Originally performed by: Kelly Clarkson

This song was okay for me. Darren definitely saved the song from being bad. Jenna and Kevin are good together but they shouldn’t be singing together. There was a reason why they broke up and it wasn’t Harry Shum’s abs…it was because they didn’t work musically.


The Verdict: If you don’t want to buy this and save some monday, then I say do it. It’s wasn’t that great of music this week. I would recommend getting the Naya and Lea tracks because they pretty much owned this episode