Is ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ the rebirth of Ariana Grande?

Get ready to become woken af

Welcome to the first edition of Popspiracy theories. It’s where I break down/create pop culture conspiracy theories because I’m woke and I want all of you to be woke too. Today, let’s chat about how Ariana Grande’s newest song “No Tears Left Cry” is a musical representation of her rebirth. Keep in mind, this all happened in the canon of her music videos.

I bet you are wondering when did Ariana “die.” In her video for “One Last Time,” it was the end of the world. When she “died” in the arms of her boyfriend as a comet was heading towards earth. We never fully know what happened due to the footage cutting out. We assume that she and her boyfriend, let’s call him Robbie, just died. Technically, they did. Or at least, that’s what one would assume. The comet did hit but Ariana Grande survived. Robbie sacrificed himself to save her…well, part of her. The comet split Ariana into three different personalities: Cat Valentine, “Dangerous Woman,” and Ariana Grande.

The three faces of Ariana Grande

The “Dangerous Woman” persona

Cat Valentine was the original persona that did everything from “Put Your Hearts Up” until “One Last Time.” That persona was that died with Robbie during the events of “One Last Time.” The Ariana Grande persona briefly appeared in the video for “Focus” but wasn’t seen until the events of “No Tears Left to Cry.” Her “Dangerous Woman” persona was the one carrying on her career during the era of the same. That would be the singles “Dangerous Woman” to “Everyday.” While the “Dangerous Woman” persona was in the public eye from March 2016 until June 2017, the true Ariana Grande was hospitalized secretly due being unable to survive without her the other two-thirds. She was comatose state. “Dangerous Woman” was more like an outta body experience for Ariana Grande. While it was fully Ariana Grande, it wasn’t the side that most would have seen due to Ariana didn’t really let her come out to play before this.

The rebirth of Ariana Grande

The new Ariana Grande

The video for “No Tears Left to Cry” is actually her the rebirth. If you look at the entire video with the rest of her videography, there are key things from each of her personas helping her come back to life. The true Ariana Grande persona’s world is twisted with memories from all three personas. Hence why the world in “No Tears Left to Cry” was all wonky and looks like a hot mess to a someone not living it in. The video is all in her mind. It wasn’t until Ariana fell into the room with all the lights that she regained consciousness and became fully herself again. She was woken.

Outside of the Lightroom and the room where she literally walking all over the walls, she’s wearing all white. White is seen as a blank canvas. This gave her a clean slate look to her through the video. So Ariana Grande wearing white is her starting over and getting a fresh start. As the video goes on, the sun begins the shine before it’s full-out at the end of the video. This is signaling that she is fully Ariana Grande and no longer just three personas. She’s her true happy self, ready to take on the world. This is also confirmed by her taking off a face and placing in between two other faces. Those faces represent the three personas that the comet from “One Last Time” split her into. She’s not forgetting her past but rather just not letting it control her now. “No Tears Left to Cry” is Ariana returning to normalcy finally after the horrific life altering events that she went through during “One Last Time.”

Where are the clues?

Here are the nods to the other two personas that happened the during the video. I literally watched all the music videos to make sure I didn’t miss anything:

  • The castle/building that Ariana is in at the start of the video is the same from “Right There” video
  • The city is the same city from “Baby I”
  • Ariana on the stairwell floating above it is similar to her floating in the “Break Free” video.
  • Her dress on the stairwell is similar to the one she was wearing in the “Focus” video.
  • Ariana and her dancing with umbrellas are similar to the dancing in the “Put Your Hearts Up” video.
  • The closeup shots of Ariana singing while falling are similar to the shots in the video for “The Way.”
  • The room that Ariana is in with the three mask is the same room from “Love Me Harder” video.
  • The lineup of Ariana Grande singing in between her dancers is a similar setup as in the video for “Problems.”
  • While the jacket isn’t the same color, it’s similar to the one worn in the “Everyday” video.

Are you woken like I am? I hope you enjoyed. A special thanks to Bailey Miller, who helped with the research of this conspiracy theory. If you did enjoy this, share it with your friends.

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Ariana wants you to ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ like a bad bitch


Because of the Top 5ive list that just came out today, I felt like it would be a grand idea to take a trip down Honeymoon Ave and revisit fetus Ariana Grande and her first single “Put Your Hearts Up.” It’s time to review and relive the single that told Ariana Grande that maybe this isn’t the direction she would want to take.

Before becoming a “bad bitch” and licking donuts, Ariana was on the track to become a Pop Princess. Released December 12, 2011, the song was the first single of the fetus/unreleased version of “Yours Truly.” The song is a what was commonly referred as “Bubblegum Pop.” This genre is geared towards teens, pre-teens, and people in their 20s reliving their childhood. Ariana’s music about dick bicycles is definitely not Bubblegum Pop….if that is, then good luck to the parents out there who have to explain what a dick bicycle is.


There’s nothing really bad about the song besides if you look at it from what Ariana is doing now musically. It’s not really that good. While it’s a classic and beloved, along with all the other songs from the unreleased fetus album, Ariana literally despised this song. It’s noticeable in the video that she’s not having anything of that shit. Lyrically, the song probably would have been better if it followed as Ariana’s pop R&B styles. The lyrics are amazing, especially for something is geared towards her “VICTORiOUS” fans. It’s about changing the world with love. Vocally, it’s on par with her current stuff. It shows off her range and she slays it.

The video is stereotypical and features Ariana on set for the video inside the video. Like, there’s breaking the fourth wall and then there is this. It really doesn’t make any sense. It’s like she said in the link above, click on “this song” to see it, it feels like it’s more her character Cat Valentine than hers. The video also features Ariana dancing with her arms. Yes, Ariana Grande perfected Britney Spear’s arm dancing from her Circus World Tour.

Overall, it’s good song. Just awkward when you are used to the Ariana we have today. It’s like night and day and that’s a rather good thing. I honestly would like a Cat Valentine album…mainly because it would come with bibble, but this Ariana Grande is pretty much amazing and the best.

Here’s the video for your eyes to enjoy:


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The album that keeps on giving



Arianators rejoice! After three long years of waiting for a full length album release, Ariana Grande’s debut album “Yours Truly” has FINALLY been released to the world on September 3. If you don’t know who Ariana Grande is by now, don’t worry, you will soon.  Within the past few weeks, Ariana has managed to promote her second single “Baby, I”, open up for the southern leg of Justin Bieber’s Believe tour, hit the road on her own tour (Listening Sessions), and even perform during the VMA Pre Show on MTV. Oh…and did I mention that it is quite possible that she has one of the BEST voices of our generation? Yeah…believe it.

This is also a girl who knows what direction she wants to go with her music. After putting together an entire album about a year ago that wasn’t the style of music Ariana wanted to be known for (think bubblegum anthems like her standalone single “Put Your Hearts Up”), Ariana decided to go back to the drawing board and take her time creating an entirely different album filled with the throwback R&B, pop magic she is passionate about.  As any obsessed fan, I have personally been dying of anticipation for this album all summer. So, without further adieu here is the long-awaited Pop Project Exclusive track-by-track album review of Yours Truly.

1.Honeymoon Avenue:

Let me begin by saying that I have loved, adored and obsessed over this song since the first time I heard it 2 years ago on YouTube. True Arianators will recognize a different arrangement than the original version planned for the first draft of the album. The new arrangement is a bit slower with a more emphasized R&B feel.  Guest vocals are featured from fellow Victorious alum/producer/friend of Ariana, Leon Thomas III.  This song is perfect. Yes it is a different arrangement, but the new arrangement is what makes the song. The intro and ending are so on point, and makes for a strong opening track to the album.

2. Baby, I

Fans will already be familiar with the second track on the album, as it is Ariana’s second single from the album which was released earlier this summer. The track starts out strong with almost a theatrical feel to it. The production is big, and Ariana’s vocals are even bigger. As with many tracks on this album, Ariana doesn’t just dabble in the “whistle register” of her range, she SLAYS it, and this song is a perfect example. Fun, upbeat, throwback sounding track.

3. Right There

This track was included in the pre-order of the album on iTunes, so most Arianators are familiar with this track as well. The track includes a feature from rapper Big Sean, which is perfection. Ariana has explained this song in earlier interviews as a sort of “follow up” or response to her first single “The Way”, which is logical based on the similarities that are heard between the arrangements of the tracks. Once again, the throwback 90’s R&B/Pop sound is laced throughout the track. Definitely a nice addition to the album.

4. Lovin’ It

Personally, I cannot stop singing this song. This is definitely one of those tracks on the album that make the “Mariah Carey” comparison come up, which is a HUGE compliment to Ariana. This song is pure throwback perfection. The lyrics are fun and the beat is infectious. I dare you to not get this song stuck in your head after listening. And let me just say that the bridge is nothing short of amazing….Is it obvious I am OBSESSED with this song?

5. Piano

It’s hard to explain this track. It is very heavy with, what else, piano…and I love it. The lyrics are super fun and just make you want to sing along. The track is one of those feel good songs about music and love and warm feelings and just….wonderfulness. Is that a word? Well now it is because that is what this song is. Wonderfulness.

6. Daydreamin’

Long time fans of Ariana will know that her concept for her original first album was very heavily influenced by 50s, du-wop sounding tracks. Daydreamin’ is one of the few tracks from the first draft of the album that made it to the final product. It features a definite du-wop throwback sound, and sounds like you should be listening to it in a soda shop while wearing a poodle skirt. I also must confess I have quoted this song on multiple social media pages for the past 2 years because I love it so much. Fun fact: the song is inspired by the real life romance of Ariana’s Nonna and Grandpa. That conversation at the end of the track? Yep, that is them. How cute!?

7. Tattooed Heart

Oh this song…I don’t even know what to say except that it is absolute perfection. Again it features the prominent 50s du-wop sound which I am obsessed with. This song just makes me think of a sock hop, dimmed lights, slow dancing, ribbons in my hair…and a ride home from a cute boy with slicked back hair and a 50s pink Chevy convertible. It’s everything I dream of and wish for. This song also features some of my favorite lyrics from the entire album. Just a lovely, lovely little song.

8. The Way

You know this song. You love this song. It is STILL killing it on Top 40 radio, and I am STILL jealous that Ariana got to kiss my man Mac in the video for it. Such a fun song.

9. You’ll Never Know

Rolling Stone premiered this track earlier this week, and I of course freaked out over it. The track features the 90s throwback sound as before heard in the album. What got me about this song is that this song dropped just around the time of an apparent break-up between Ariana and boyfriend Jai Brooks of YouTube fame. Although details of the breakup are still unknown, I like to think of this song as a bit of an anthem for Ariana in this situation. Very fun track.

10. Almost Is Never Enough

If there was one track on this album that I could see becoming a classic “ballad” to stand the test of time for years to come, this would be it. This song is gorgeous. Everything about it is gorgeous. The track includes a feature from The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, whose voice meshes nicely with Ariana’s. The song was also recently featured in the motion picture The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones, and appears on the soundtrack as an amended version. Ariana sings the hell out of this song, and just showcases her range and control so well. An absolutely beautiful song that I hope gains the recognition that it deserves…Grammys anyone?

11. Popular Song

Although I love this song for it’s upbeat sound and message, I have to admit that this track appearing on this album made me a bit disappointed. The track is primarily Mika’s track, and appears on Mika’s recent album as well. Did this really need to be included on this album? No. In my opinion it doesn’t fit with the other tracks on the album, and is a track that many Arianators already own. I feel that Ariana could have placed one of the other beloved songs from the original draft of the album that didn’t make the cut in this tracks place….But I guess we will all just have to deal.

12. Better Left Unsaid

This song in my opinion is the hidden gem of the album. The track starts out sweet and poppy like some of the others on the album. Soft-spoken lyrics backed by a theatrical arrangement, quickly and suddenly morphs into an almost rave/house music influenced chorus that makes you want to jump and fist pump with the best of them. This song is extremely catchy, fun and energetic. Lucky attendees of Ariana’s recent tour will especially love this song if they have seen her perform it live, and have experienced seeing Ariana’s hidden talent for doing full-out choreography in sky-high heels to the track…Her talents are just never-ending.

13. The Way-Spanglish (iTunes bonus Track)

Because I guess we needed this on the album?  Honestly I could take or leave this track because…I don’t know Spanish unless it seems on a Mexican restaurant menu. Sorry not sorry.


So, my overall thoughts on this album? It is everything I wanted it to be. It has old tracks I knew and loved from earlier years of the album process, as well as new tracks, and of course the two hit singles that were released earlier this year. Do I hate the fact that Popular Song is included on this album? Yes. Do I find the Spanglish version of The Way completely unnecessary and pointless? Yes. Do I think that she should have included some of the old fan favorites such as “Voodoo Love, Pink Champagne, Do You Love Me and Boyfriend Material?” YES….But do I also think that this album could possibly, fingers crossed, get Ariana a GRAMMY nomination for new artist?…I actually think so. If nothing else, this album, along with the Top 40 charting singles that have already been released from Ariana earlier this summer are enough to get her name out to those who may not know her music yet, and to show the world just how amazing her voice actually is. I mean…A REAL singer with REAL talent making an album with REAL instruments and without the use of autotune or gimmicks to cover up flaws? Where can you find that in today’s music industry?…Oh I know. Her name is Ariana Grande, and she is about to take over the world.

Rating: 9.5 bows out of 10.

Ariana Grande makes you say Baby I


One thing that Ariana Grande is doing right with her music career is she is taking risks. Doing things that no other artist now has done, or is even capable to do. That being said, THIS SONG IS PERFECT! The throwback 90s sound to this track is reminiscent of her first single “The Way”, and is just so refreshing to hear on Top 40 radio once again. And as many others have before, I’m also going to make the Mariah comparison. I mean those whistle tones?! Name one other artist out right not besides Mariah and Ariana that can whistle tone like she does in this track and “The Way”….Just amazing. “Baby, I” was released July 22nd on iTunes at midnight, and is in the #2 position, meaning that Ariana now has not only one, but TWO songs in the top 20 on iTunes at the moment with “The Way” as well. Ariana Grande’s upcoming album is titled “Yours Truly” and has a release date of September 3rd, and has been three years in the making. Seriously, fans of throwback, authentic R&B/Pop goodness, do yourself a favor and get “Baby, I” on iTunes right now-Like now. It also sounds best when you’re wearing a giant pink bow, but that’s just my opinion.


Rating: 10 bows out of 10