#FeaturedFriday: Most Popular Girls in School


If you ever wanted to know what “Mean Girls” would be like if Barbie and her friends starred in it, then “Most Popular Girls in School’ would be the answer to your prayers. And yes, this post will contain profanity.

“Most Popular Girls in School” is a stop-motion web comedy show that follows a squad of cheerleaders in Overland Park, Kansas and the life they live. It’s pretty much how one would assume Barbie and Ken would act like if they were alive. It’s pretty fucking great. There is swearing. The best part is the dolls are swearing and being bitchy. I’m pretty sure this show is a documentary on Barbie’s life.

Shit goes down in Kansas. Like there is blood feuds, pregnancies, mercenary cheerleaders, and elaborate schemes to take down their enemies. At one point, there was very well down shootout. Yeah, I didn’t know that cheerleaders do all that shit. They even take down hipsters and rip a little girl’s arms off.

The writing on the show is extremely well done. The comedy is well planned out and you can really tell how much thought went into writing and creating this show. “Most Popular Girls in Schoo” also provides with so many one-liners. The one-liners are so good that there are so many memes with them. Most of the show’s line has been made into memes, that’s how good the writing is.

The characters all stand out from each other. There’s not one character that you will forget about. Sure, there will be characters that will stand out more so than other like Brittnay Matthews. She’s pretty much the standout character of the series. She’s my spirit animal. Her bitchiness is so well done that you will love her for it. Here’s a taste of Brittnay. She’s reading a viral email:

Isn’t Brittnay lovely? If I had to give it a TV rating, it would TV-MA. But it’s well worth watching because it’s just so great. I recommend it so much, that here’s a supercut of all the insults, which you should memorize and learn by heart:

The fifth season will be starting this summer, and if you would like to enjoy this show, check them out on YouTube. This will literally be the best decision you will ever make.

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#FeaturedFriday Artist: That Poppy


Have you ever watched something on the internet and though what the actual f*** was that? You probably have because there’s a lot of weird shit out there. The internet gave us Justin Bieber and the Harlem Shake. Well, that’s pretty much summing up this artist. But we aren’t talking about just her YouTube videos, we are here to talk about the artist known as That Poppy, or simply just Poppy.


That Poppy seems to be the love child of Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. It seems like, in theory, that it wouldn’t work but it surprisingly does. It’s like she was crafted in some sort of laboratory in a test tube. Created as the brain child of Titanic Sinclair, Poppy’s YouTube videos are stuff that probably would make more sense if you were heavily drugged out. They are short, sweet, and to the point. There’s also some sort meaning to them, which you will start to realize that hidden meanings are something Poppy is good at. Some of Poppy’s videos include her interviewing a plant, eating cotton candy, laying on the ground, and talking to a mannequin named Charlotte. THere’s also two long videos of Poppy reading the bible.

While no one knows a lot about Poppy, like her age or real name, the pop artist came onto the music scene with her first single “Lowlife” in the summer of 2015. The song is catchy and the music video is extremely creepy as f***. There’s a devil in it and her singing to a bunch of old men in suits, which was symbolizing the media. Most of what poppy does seem to have some sort of hidden meaning to the video. Literally, there are so many videos about the conspiracy theories portrayed in her video. Everyone seems to think that she’s a cult and a part of the Illuminati. But its art and like all piece’s of art, everyone sees the meaning of it differently.

Poppy seems to be a making a comment on teen pop idols and the way artist/celebrities are portrayed in the media in general. She looks like a young Britney Spears for the majority of the videos. Her songs are catchy and follow the protocol for catchy pop hits. It’s all everything

Her music is extremely good and makes me think I’m under some sort of spell. But her videos are scary and creepy. It’s a deadly combination and it works so well. I highly recommend listening to her but be warned: THE MUSIC WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND NEVER LEAVE.

Here’s some more of Poppy’s music. Here’s also a link to her YouTube channel.

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#FeaturedFriday: Halocene

halocene sm.jpg

On this edition of #FeaturedFriday, we are going into the YouTube for a band that you probably haven’t heard of. That’s okay, I’ll inform you of them. You’ll love them.

The band is out of Phoenix, Arizona and is called Halocene. They are front by a female, who has killer vocals btw. According to their website, they have opened for the likes of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Jimmy Eats World. They also shared the stage with Paramore, Usher, and Motley Crue. All without being signed to a label. You can really tell by their sound and how well their music is presented. 

I found them on their YouTube channel, which they post covers and original songs every Friday. They take pop songs and give it a pop punk/rock feel to it. It’s really good. Their cover of “Cool for the Summer” gives me chills. They also did covers of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and many others. Their original songs are just as good as covers. Overall,they are an amazing band. If you are looking for amazing rock covers and songs, Halocene is your band. Here’s one of their latest covers of Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side.”

Click Here to see more of their YouTube videos


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The Day E! pissed off the Internet


Since everyone and their mothers are talking about, thought I might as well join in and give my two cents on the matter. E! Online threw a massive amount of shade to the internet world when they published an article entitled “18 Moments From the 2015 Teen Choice Awards That Made Us Feel Super Old” about the 2015 Teen Choice Awards that is apparently still happening and happen last Sunday. The article listed out the event/people/clues that they had no clue about or made them feel old from the show. Here’s an example of a few from the “feel old” section:

1. The only host that we’re actually familiar with (Ludacris) is…37.

7. Britney Spears was basically given the same treatment as Sidney Poitier or Michael Douglas at a movie awards show. Last we checked she was, like, 30, not 75.

17. When the obligatory “It’s 10 p.m.; do you know where your children are?” announcement aired at the end of the show, we actually found ourselves wondering “Wow, when did they push that back to 10 p.m.?”

What really lite a fire under the britches was the fact they were pretty much making fun of YouTubers and Viners. Here’s the two post in question:

5. There were entire categories that we didn’t even know existed. Choice Viner, really?

6. There were entire categories in which we’d never heard of the nominees. Eva Gutowski? Lele Pans? Joey Graceffa? Felix Kjellberg? Are those even real people?

Oh, boy did this piss people off. Especially when, you know, it’s the job to be up in the pop culture. Especially when the their slogan is Pop of Culture, but I guess that is beside the point. It’s gets better from there when it took to twitter.

Shots.Fired. But then it’s just gets better when E! tried to make it all better with this tweet.

ICYMI: E! gave YouTuber, Grace Helbig, her own television before ending it after 8 episodes.  But it all came to a screeching halt when the author of the article wrote this on Twitter:

Maybe instead of holding a Master Class in Sarcasm, they should really hold a Master Class in Journalism. Why in the hell would you write an article on Teen Choice Awards and openly admit that you don’t know half the people there? You just ruined your credibility for one. Two, it’s your job to research them and find out why your audience obviously cares enough about them to get them a Surfboard award, which is a really stupid award by the way. But no, instead you just kind take a dump on them because they “aren’t on your radar.” Newsflash: You already previously mentioned Joey Graceffa in an article on your sign for his return to “The Amazing Race.” Here’s a link to the article that makes you look even worse now that you had him on your site before. Here’s also a link to all the references to him on your site. I know that you employ a lot of people to write for your site, E! Online. But, this just looks horrible now.


So take this a life lesson, E! Online. Leave all the Sarcastic article/post to BuzzFeed and the professionals. Also: Let me know if you need me to teach a Master Class. Bye Felicia!