The Battle of Demi Lovato’s discography

Back in the day, I would place two artists in the Pop Project Arena for a little column that I like to call Pop Project Versus. The problem with this comes when an artist is still releasing music and those numbers are constantly changing because they were based in sales. I do not have the time to literally update every single article. So I had this little idea: why not take an artist put their albums ratings up against each other to see which album will reign supreme.

So how this will work: I’m taking the album ratings from Metacritic, a site that takes all the reviews and gives an average based on the scores. This is a test run of it so please kind to this idea. To give this a test run, I thought we would start with the rankings of Demi Lovato’s albums. Now the only thing going against this is that her first album “Don’t Forget” doesn’t have a Metacritic score. I decided to make my own based on the reviews. So let’s dive into Demi’s discography and rate her albums.

Last Place


Click here for our positive review of “Unbroken”

Demi’s third studio album, “Unbroken,” is her lowest placing album in the rating. Released in September 2011, “Unbroken” scored a 59 overall. Surprisingly, it got decent reviews. If you have listened to the album, you understand why this album got the score. It was her best work. In fact, it’s probably her most meh work. “Skyscraper” and “Give Your Heart a Break” were the singles for the album and where frankly the best songs off the album.

Fifth Place


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Demi’s last album solely on Hollywood Records, “Demi,” comes in at a fifth place. Released in May 2013, the overall reviews for this album were mixed but favorable, which is shocking because it wasn’t a bad album. “Demi” scored at 64 overall. It wasn’t her best work, but it definitely better than “Unbroken.” Everything is better than “Unbroken.” Besides the singles “Heart Attack,” “Made in the USA,” “Neon Lights,” and her sad collab with Cheryl Loyd, “Really Don’t Care,” “Nightingale” is one you need to listen to it.

Fourth Place

“Here We Go Again”

This one is frankly shocking, but Demi’s second album “Here We Go Again” isn’t in the top two. In came very close to being in there. It had favorable reviews with a 65 score when it was released in July 2009. One of my favorite albums from Miss Lovato. The singles, “Here We Go Again” and “Remember December,” are bops, and most of the songs are there are great. “For the Love of a Daughter” was suppose to be on this album but ended up being on “Unbroken.” It was such a shame. This version is the better version. 

Third Place

“Don’t Forget”

Produced by her former Disney pals, the Jonas Brothers, and their producer, “Don’t Forget” is her debut album. It was Demi’s way of introducing herself to the world when it came out in September 2008. It also set up her two-album rock sound. Sure, it sounds like the Jonas’ third album “A Little Bit Longer,” which came out one month prior, but it still rocked hard. “Get Back, “La La Land,” and “Don’t Forget” are the singles and the songs to rock out to. “The Middle” and “Worlds Collide” also bops, and you need them in your life.

Second Place

“Tell Me You Love Me”

Released in September 2017, almost ten years after “Don’t Forget,” this is the latest album from Miss Lovato. “Tell Me You Love Me” ended with a rating of 72 and received favorable reviews. The vocals on this album are straight fire. It’s probably her best album for that. I would literally sit here and list all the songs that you should check out, but just check out the entire album. Seriously this album is everything. Such a good album.

First Album


Click here to read the review of “Confident”

Now it’s time where we got what the critics have reviewed as Demi’s best album. “Confident” was released in October 2015. It received a 74 score and great reviews. This album is just filled with pop bangers and is just a great album to listen to if you need a boost in mood. “Cool for the Summer” and “Confident” are usually the standouts that most people think of, and can you really blame them for that? But all the songs are great and something you need in your life. While I don’t consider it personally her best work, that would be “Tell Me You Love Me,” this was definitely a precursor for that album.


“Moves Me”

You know the bop. Don’t lie.

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Review | Jonas Brothers’ ‘First Time’

It’s was a dark, dark time if you were a Jonas Brother’s fan or a Jo Hoe in 2013. On October 29, 2013, they broke up as a band. Our sugar hunk Nick Jonas decided that it was time for the brothers to go their separate ways as a band.

“To call it creative differences is almost too simple,” Nick said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, “And I think a lot of people lost the appetite for what we were putting into the world. So, you know, we were putting up shows that weren’t selling. We were making music that I don’t think we were all super proud of, and it wasn’t connected.”

One of the songs they released is a bop named “First Time,” which is considered not a good song for them. This is, of course, by the Jo Hoes. A lot of them hate the song. They wouldn’t call it the worst song that would go to “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime.”

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Make it feel like the first time

“First Time” was released on June 25, 2013. It was the second single off of what was supposed to be their fifth album, “V.” Unfortunately, the album wasn’t released official due to the band breaking up four months later. Eventually, “V” was released apart of their latest cash grab: Jonas Vinyl Club. They ship you monthly vinyl records of their singles and albums every month. Rip off club if you ask me.

Nick produced the song and written by all three brothers. It has this chill vibes to it. It’s not overly produced and just still simple with lyrics and vocals. It was something different than their usual songs. Ironically, It sounds like their actual fifth album, “Happiness Begins.” It’s a chill pop song.

There’s also a subtle sexual undertone to the song. That’s right; the Jonas Brothers gave us a sex bop that we all slept on. Let’s be real: The oh’s in the chorus is them having sex. “Make it feel like the first time” is about doing for the first time. Nick Jonas planted his sex bops seeds for his solo career in this song. I’m here for it.

Kevin Jonas is the underrated hero of this song. Sure, he has a small solo in the song, but he’s also carrying the chorus and frankly, the song with underlying vocals and harmonies. When all three harmonize, it just sounds so good. Kevin did something right, and we should applaud him for that.

Music video

The music video doesn’t make sense with the song. It’s a montage of the brothers hanging out and partying in Las Vegas. Yep, you read it right. They are drinking and having fun in Vegas. It was risqué for them at the time. We just learned they didn’t have purity rings, and now they are partying and drinking in Vegas. What’s next? They become sex symbols, and everyone wants to bake cookies on their abs? Oh, wait, that happens for 2/3 of the band.

The video was shot while the boys were during their time rehearsing for Miss USA 2013. I honestly believe that the Jonases needed to make a video and couldn’t decide what to do, so they did this to meet their deadline. The video is excellent for behind the scenes content, but I would have preferred not to have a video at all. You can say the video is having fun and that feeling like it’s the first time when you hang out with someone. That’s stretching.

Final thoughts

If they released it today it would slap

“First Time” is frankly a song that didn’t get its moment to shine in the sun. I wouldn’t call it the best Jonas Brother’s song, but it’s one that shouldn’t get the hate it does. Sure, maybe Nick was testing out what might have been his solo style, but not a horrible song. Sidebar: Nick solo music is rather good. It slaps and is a worthy single. I’d even go farther and say it’s a better single than “Pom Poms.”

“First Time” was a more mature sound than what we had gotten previously. If you haven’t heard “First Time,” I definitely recommend checking it out. You don’t even need to sign up for their damn club. And if you were one of the Jo Hoes who despises “First Time,” I recommend re-listening to it. You might be shocked to find your hatred for this bop is gone.

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Pop Project Favorite Things: 2020 Quarantine Edition

Watch out, Oprah! I’m coming for your crown with this one. I thought I would lighten the mood in the world with one of the most talked-about columns on here: Pop Project FAVVVOOORRRIITTTTEEE TTHHHHIIIINNNNNGGGGGSSSSSS (Please read this in your head like Oprah Winfrey introducing something). Welcome to Pop Project Favorite Things: Quarantine Edition. That’s right. I’m making a list of all my favorite quarantine things. There also might be some summer things in here to because believe it or not; it’s summertime. I was shocked too.

watching her empire crumble

Past Favorite things: 2016|2017|2018|2019

Eat your heart out, Oprah!

So without further ado, let’s dive into what exactly my favorite things are. Unlike Miss Oprah, I’m a broke-ass bitch, so I am unable to give these out for free. There would be a master list, but I’m that broke of a bitch, and I lost that ability. We know who is responsible for that. But I’m not too broke to give you the most excellent list of Quarantine. If I was Oprah Gail Winfrey, yes that is her real middle name, I’d grab a box of tissues and Gayle now. She’s going to be 100% shook by my list.

Drag Queens

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

Drag queens have been a source of enjoyment during these troubled times. I wholeheartedly believe that we need a drag queen as president. Sure, Trump may think he’s a drag queen with that spray tan and sorry excuse for a weave. We all know better. They are just so fierce and sassy. I’ve been watching A LOT of RuPaul’s Drag Race and let me tell you: those queens get bitchy , and catty and I am here for it.

But on a more serious note: I’ve always had respect for them, but like what they do is an art form that needs more respect. What they do to enter-taint us (get it?) every night needs more applause and praise. My favorite queens, in no particular order, are Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Adore Delano, Courtney Act, Bianca Del Rio, Trixie Mattel, Katya Zamolodchikova, Shangela, and of course RuPaul. There’s probably more, but they are all just talented hoes.

Being shipped to you after being in cleansed and quarantine for four months is a Build Your Own Drag Queen Ken Doll. You can make your drag queen and have Ken live out his dreams: wearing Barbie’s clothes and living his drag life. There’s also an endless supply of half-used former drag queen makeup for your use. It used to be Bianca Del Rio’s, so it’s just clown makeup.

Wearing a mask

If a Kardashian can wear a mask, you can

If you are reading this and saying, “It’s my body, my choice. The government can’t force me to wear a mask,” then in the words of Oprah Gayle, “GETTTT THEEE FFUCCCCCKKKKKK OUTTTAAAAAA HEEERRRRRRREEEE.” Again, please read that in your best Oprah voice. Look, while I’m not the hugest fan of wearing a mask, but like I get that to prevent others from getting it. I do love the fact that it’s showing us who are slightly crazy friends are. You know those friends that are on your Facebook feed. The ones that believe the government is out to kill us. 

It’s also allowed us to know those friends that are hypocritical. There’s like two camps: those who were pro banning LGBT from businesses but anti banning people not wearing masks from stores and then pro-life/anti-abortion but don’t want to wear a mask. I guess they don’t like to be judged or people telling them what to do with their bodies. Sound familiar?

I think the mask makes me more attractive, but that just says I’m very insecure about my smile. But a mask is the best part of accessorizing as well as letting mouth your true feelings to people and them never finding out. Do you know how therapeutic it is to tell an ignorant asshole to fuck off and them never to know?

For those who wear a mask, you will be receiving $400,000. It will be quarantined for 50 months. Congrats on attempting to save lives by keeps your germs to yourself. If you are refusing to wear a mask, there are tickets for you to go to Fyre Festival 2020. Enjoy assholes.


Current Nostalgia jam and no, it’s not because of TikTok but rather Folklore

Like most millennials, I’ve been using my time quarantine to relieve my childhood and revisit things of my past. I have enjoyed all of it. I visited the complete discography of Demi Lovato (Here’s my review of her first album “Don’t Forget”). I’ve rewatched some of the classic anime “Sailor Moon.” I also relived the best of pop music of the 90s and 00s. It was such a fantastic time.

In honor of nostalgia, I will bring you the reunion of One Direction after they quarantine for about three months. That’s 2 weeks per member. That’s right, there will be five members but because it’s not just One Direction without all five directions. You know the five directions: Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. Also, you are welcome for the fact that this one is short.


Protest in LA. Fuck Yeah

The amount of activism that has been going in the world has made me believe that there’s hope behind that orange pile of shit. Now, I’m not talking about the people that were protesting with their guns over haircuts. I’m talking about people going out there and protest for Black Lives Matter and other causes like that because they are tired of seeing it and want change. There were so many protests, in fact, there’s still protest and it’s showing the world how much power the police have.

The police are going around and arrest all the protesters that are doing it peacefully. People are recording it and posting it on social media like they are a Karen (don’t worry, we’ll get to Karens). The press then called out by the world for not covering the stories accurately. You see, there were only showing one side of the protest, and it was the violent protests because little know fact: News make a better rating if the news is, how do you say, exciting. And what’s more interesting than black Americans destroying shit when it was mostly bored white suburban teenagers. Yeah, this is all fucked up.

For all those who protested, in the mail is your ballot and instructions on how to vote. You can also go to Let’s get out there and vote out those who support bigotry.

Homeless Chic

While he looks cleaner in this pic, KJ Apa is the leader of Homeless Chic. Even if it might have been for a role.

Some may call in Quarantine chic, but let’s just call it for what it is: it’s homeless chic. Personally, I think it’s sweet that young Hollywood is raising awareness for homelessness. Soon, all their tween and teen fans will be looking to screw the homeless just in case they are a celebrity.

Just because you are no going anywhere doesn’t mean you need to look like you are down on your luck and in need of a warm shower, food, and clean clothes. Like, take a shower, put on your sweatpants, and attempt to be productive in your home. Sure, you might be still hot looking like a mess, but no one soberly wants to screw someone that looks like they are sticky.

I’m not going to give you anything for this. You just need to go take a shower. Seriously, please take a shower and never look back at the homeless chic. Also, please donate to your nearest shelter that helps the homeless. While I might joke about it, it’s a severe topic.


The only reason that Facebook is on here is that I hate the platform and everything on it. My favorite feed is toxic and full of people posting things that are against my beliefs. Now, I don’t say anything on there because I was raised right: you talk about them behind their back. You say things you would say. to their face, in case someone tries to call you out for it.

I’ve learned about the “take a break” option, where it lets you hide their post from your feed. The problem is that it’s most of the people that I follow. I respect their opinions, but there comes a certain point where it shows a person’s true colors. I’ve deleted the app off my phone and just been using the browser site. I decided to take a break from the app because I don’t gain anything from it. It honestly makes me frustrated with ignorance and stupidity.

Everyone reading will receive my new app called “Faceblock.” It prevents you from doing the following: posting something ignorant, or letting the negative keep you down. It’s in the testing stages and will be out in 2-19 years. But it’s worth the wait. In the meantime, I highly recommend you taking a break from the app because it’s toxic. Here’s a status you can post if you would like to tell the world about your break from the devil’s social media:

Dear Facebook friends, I respect your opinions and your views. But a lot of you are toxic and ignorant. I’m over your toxic posts and ignorance, as well as your lack of understanding of what considers actual news and what’s just clickbait. Because of this, I’ll be taking an extended hiatus from this platform until a time comes I wish to return to see your toxic and ignorant posts and views and have that return to my life. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

I’ll save the rest for my final list that comes in December. I also don’t want to cause any more grief for Oprah or Gayle. I bet they are freaking out over the fact that I will now have two lists this year. Don’t worry, O and G, if you thought this list was good. Just wait until the end of year one. Oh, say I to Steadman for me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t exist.

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Dragspiration Quotes from RuPaul

During this weird and challenging time, we need a voice of reason and something to inspire us. Today, we are looking to our Drag goddess, RuPaul. Mama Ru reminds us to love ourselves because only then can we love somebody else every week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” But I thought it was time that we dived into her inspirational lyrics. That’s right, Ru has a bustling music career where she gives us bops. A lot of those bops are a mood.

So like all of my previous inspirational quotes on here, I just pulled a couple of lyrics from her music that I felt would lift up a queen when she was down. So enjoy some of these inspirational quotes from Mama Ru…henny.

When you aren’t feeling your outfit…

When the haters are getting you down…

For those dance battles in the club…

When you are about to go down that runway…

When a dick bashes your look…

For when you need to a career boost…

When that son of a bitch breaks your heart…

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Review | Demi Lovato ‘Don’t Forget’

Nostalgia has been running wild as we were forced into our homes and into Quarantine. I don’t know about you, I’d be listening to all the music of my youth. Feeling the feels that those songs that bring up. One of those albums I had to listen to was Demi Lovato’s first-ever album, “Don’t Forget.” While I wasn’t a Demi fan during the original release of the time (Team Miley 4 Lyfe), the singles and the videos were kind of everything. Who doesn’t love a queen singing a pop-rock banger in the rain with a light show fountain?

Click here to see the rankings for Demi Lovato’s discography

Somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong

“Don’t Forget” is the debut album of Demi Lovato. Released in the fall of 2008, the album is in the pop-rock genre. It’s followed suit with most of Demi’s Disney counterparts during this time. Most of the records released in 2008 by Disney Stars were pop-rock. The Jonas Brothers produced the album with John Fields. Demi chose to have the Jonas Brothers work with her on the album.

“I tend to write songs that are, I guess, a little bit more intense and less catchy, and I needed help writing catchy songs,” Demi told MTV back in 2008, “So that’s where they came in. I put a lot of my musical input and lyrics into these songs, and they just helped me with hooks and stuff like that.”

The album is hugely front-loaded with “La La Land” and “Get Back,” starting the record, aka the first two singles. It also doesn’t help that the two songs sound so similar and just blends. It all sounds like one track. This is one of the downsides with the 2008 teen pop-rock. It wasn’t until you get to the titular track that the album started to sound different. Even then, it sounds like one big track. The album also feels like songs that should have been on the Jonas’ third album “A Little Bit Longer” but they didn’t want. It’s sounds like we’ve heard all these songs before.

Lyrically, it doesn’t suffer from the Jonas’ wordy lyrics, which is a perfect thing. The words get a little more emo after “Don’t Forget,” but they are your standard Disney lyrics. It just doesn’t sound like Demi. It seems like Demi is trying to be the Jonas Sister. That hurts the album because, as I mentioned above, it sounds we’ve heard them before. That hurts the replay of the album. Out of all 11 songs on the record, I’ve only listened to 4 of them on repeat: “Until You’re Mine,” “La La Land,” “Get Back,” and “The Middle.”


“Don’t Forget” is a good album, but it suffers from the first half of the album blending together. It also suffers from sounding like a Jonas Brother reject record. It might have to do with the fact that they did everything on this album, but it definitely hurts the record. I do recommend this album because it’s not a bad listen. In fact, it’s a good listen. Just one that is familiar and won’t last a long one.

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